Funimtion VA and script writer Jamie Marchi responds criticism on edited English Dubs

Even though the following video is old from 2018, apparently this is becoming new news. The full news can be read at the news site Bounding Into Comics, but apparently, it looks like it is about Jamie Marchi and her response to the criticism towards anime she has been involved, specifically, in the dubbed anime she has worked on. In case you didn’t know, Jamie Marchi is not only a voice actor who voiced characters like Rias Gremory (High School DxD), Mount Lady (Mount Lady), and Lucao (Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid), but she has worked on the script of anime when doing English Dub translations such as Prison School, Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid and My Girlfriend is a Gal. The reason why I am bring up these details is because of a video has been resurfaced online in regarding to Marchi and her position when translating English Dub anime.

A Twitter user uploaded a video featuring Jamie Marchi along with other female voice actors during 2018 Summer SacAnime convention.

During the video a fan asked a question to her about why is Funimation getting criticism when doing the scripts for English Dub. In her words, she states that the reason why Funimation is getting backlash is because it is her gender and she is a woman working in the anime industry.

“Honestly, that’s the truth,” said Marchi. “I am a funny woman. We are all talented, funny, powerful women. We are out here. It is going to happen. Deal with it.”

She also adds on to saying the reason why the fans are angry is because they are sexually frustrated.

“I’m sorry you’re not getting laid, it’s not about you, move on”, said Marchi.

On Twitter recently, Marchi commented on the video saying that the reason why she said those comments in 2018 is because she wants to stand up against these critical anime fans. She mentions she is constantly harassed and even received death threats because of her works. With the constant harassments, she mentions she wants her voiced to be heard loud enough until the online “trolls” are kept silent. That is why you see her more vocal on Twitter whenever you see her tweets.

What’s your opinion on all this? You can read the full story at Bounding Into Comics. The links are down below.


Bounding Into Comics


9 thoughts on “Funimtion VA and script writer Jamie Marchi responds criticism on edited English Dubs

  1. I never saw the specific lines that she was criticized over, just that it happened. So I can’t comment there.

    However it just shows there are fans out there that go to such extremes over so little. Nothing deserves hate mail and death threats. (Not even the end to the original Evangelion movie.) Obviously they have no life. If you don’t like the dub, watch the sub.

    I think she was being as provocative as she could manage and having some fun. Taking pleasure in stirring the pot. And grabbing some “feminist” publicity while she was at it. Oh well!

    OTOH Funimation is having serious issues with their server. I just finished season 2 of Golden Kamuy and I had to fight as hard as The Immortal Sugimoto to get through. Kept locking up, kept going to low res, kept dropping the feed entirely. If I were going to get angry, that’s what would do it.

    I also see Funimation is going down the road of Bowdlerization. That ticks me off a little. But to go after just one person for some lines in some dubs is bizarre.

    • Yeah I agree with you on the topic of not liking little things. These people who are willing to do the extreme such as writing death threats need to realize that some things are not worth it. Stuff like that is not needed especially death threats.

      I don’t use Funimation so I can’t say I know the experience from the streaming service. Sounds like Funimation is having technical issues on the quality.

      With these things going on Funimation, I am not sure what is going to happen for the future of anime with them.

  2. Marchi’s “you’re not getting laid” comments seemed kind of below the belt (literally in a sense?) and also beside the point, but if she’s getting death threats for something as minor as people not liking a dub she’s involved with, I can understand where she’s coming from.

    I don’t watch dubs, so I don’t care one way or the other — if people are that insistent on accuracy in the language, they can watch subs, or better yet learn Japanese and watch raws. But Bowdlerization as Fred says above is also a problem. I can imagine Funimation tuning down some aspects of the anime they might not be crazy about just because that sort of things happened all the time in the 90s and 00s and there’s no real reason to believe it wouldn’t keep happening in some form. But again, it’s nothing to get so heated about as some fans might get.

    • Yeah I agree. I think the death threats is totally uncalled for. Anime is not meant to be taken literal to the point where people have threaten someone’s life. I do agree that if people really want to experience anime in accurate sense, just watch it subbed.

      It would be a huge change if Funimation started to alter anime and try to make them more modern as opposed to trying to keep them close Japan’s culture. Again, I do agree and it’s not worth taking things to the extreme.

  3. First and foremost, I simply do not, and will not, EVER, condone behavior so toxic, and so irrational, as to harass and threaten her, or anyone else, over something like this. There is no excuse for that.

    Second, regarding her own comments, behavior, and attitude, I very much disagree with her. (politely, with no threats involved) I believe it has nothing whatsoever to do with her being a woman, and it has nothing to do with how laid or not someone else is getting. I can’t, and won’t, try to dictate what she or anyone else thinks or says, but she seems to be just another one of the celebrities in Hollywood and Funimation who falls back on the usual pat-answer insults. Not impressive.

    • Yeah I can’t stand people who will go as far as threat someone’s life just because they disagree. Threats are not meant for things such as anime or entertainment.

      I think most people can agree on you that. I been looking at some comments on Twitter about this and a lot of people agree. It’s not about about gender or sex. If anything from I seen, Marchi looks like she’s trying to get a reaction. She knows what she did in those anime and she’s trying to downsize the situation.

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  5. I adhere to the rule of “admire the art, not the artist.” I deeply admire Jamie Marchi’s work as a voice actress. She is Rias Gremory, and her roles in other shows, including a pitch perfect performance in Shimoneta are something you just have to see. She’s a talented voice actress, full stop.

    Frankly the whole incident has been a mess, with no real heroes or villains on either side. It’s a damn shame that it has happened, and sucks that she has responded like this. It’s stuff like that, that convinces me to never follow any of the voice actors in twitter.

    I don’t care what their opinions are, I just want to see the product.

    • I agree. It’s one of those things where part of me wishes that I would just focus on the product of someone’s work rather than the person itself. It has been tiresome with everything going on in the VA industry. Regardless of the actors, the voice performance is still good. It feels like there is a big division with the fans unfortunately.

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