Yashahime: Half-Demon brings back original voice cast for Inuyasha characters

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Great news Inuyasha/Yashahime fans! If you been enjoying Yashahime: Hald-Demon and looking forward to watching the anime in English Dub, you might want to sit tight because I got some exciting news. As you all know, we already have the voice cast for the new characters of Yashahime thanks to Viz. Viz Media announced today that the voice cast for the original Inuyasha characters will be returning to their roles. If you loved the voices from the Inuyasha anime, these voice actors are back and ready to be the characters you loved.

Here is the voice actors and their roles:

  • Richard Ian Cox: Inuyasha
  • Kagome: Kira Tozer
  • Sesshomaru: David Kaye
  • Shippo: Jillian Michaels
  • Sango: Kelly Sheridan
  • Miroku will be voiced by Kirby Morrow
  • Kohaku will be voiced by Alan Lee
  • Hisui will be voiced by Aleks Le

How do you feel about this news? Are you excited to watch the anime in English Dub?

13 thoughts on “Yashahime: Half-Demon brings back original voice cast for Inuyasha characters

    • Yeah me too. I really enjoyed the cast. Too bad for the classic Kagome voice actor. I guess she wants to take a break from voice acting. At least we have the previous actors.

      • Last time I heard from her, she turned 50 years old this year. She had her birthday earlier ago. Just before her retirement, she was a girl mouse named Pandora in the first season of “Geronimo Stillson”.

      • Wow really? I guess after she did Inuyasha, she wanted to settle down with some works besides the anime. I didn’t know she was in the series. Reminds me of the time we had Matt Hill voice Bankotsu. Matt Hill was Ed in Ed, Edd’n Eddy.

      • I know who he is really. He is still in the voice acting business such as Rantaro Kiyama from this “Beyblade Burst” spinoff that I don’t like. And is still amazing in other roles in anime tv shows I did see him in. Cartoons too such as Ed, Edd & Eddy.

      • Oh, and Matt Hill was in “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer: The Movie” from 1998 as Arrow and Donner. I have a DVD copy I’m selling on Kijiji for $10 if you’re interested.

      • I didn’t know he was in Rudolph. Haha I guess these voice actors have been working long before we were just children who watched cartoons lol.

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