Movie news: Warner Bros screens future movies in theaters and HBO Max!

Gal Gadot Shares New Look at 'Wonder Woman 1984' at MTV Movie & TV Awards:  Greatest of All Time | Entertainment Tonight

2020 has not been the best year for anyone especially when dealing with a pandemic that can not only take lives, but also kills any source of fun. In case you didn’t know, Warner Bros announced that the upcoming DC comics movie Wonder Woman 1984 will be in theaters and HBO max for Christmas this year, December 25th, 2020.

Besides this movie, Warner Bros also made an announcement for the future as we prepare for 2021. As we continue to fight Covid-19, some people wants to go back to enjoying life such as going to places and others want to do the same, but at the comfort at home. According to the news at IGN, Warner Bros made a statement that wants to keep their audiences entertained whether they are at home or public places. Rather than waiting for all theaters to open up, Warner Bros announced that starting in 2021, they are planning to release their movies in theaters AND in HBO Max. In short, if you want to see upcoming movies like Wonder Woman 1984, Tom and Jerry or the new Mortal Kombat movie, you have options. If you are subscribed to the streaming service HBO Max, viewers can watch these movies at home. If you choose not or you don’t have a subscription, fans can still watch these movies at theaters.

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