One Piece Episode of Chopper released via digital

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Thanks to Funimation, it looks like you can continue to expand your One Piece anime movie/special collections. One Piece fans can watch their movies like Strong World, Z, and specials such as Episode of Skypiea and 3D2Y. However, it seems like even though Funimation holds the rights to One Piece, they haven’t done any English Dub for the other One Piece titles. It could be possible that Toei Animation will be releasing some past One Piece movies through digital outlets. It’s been announced on Twitter that the 9th One Piece movie One Piece: Episode of Chopper: The Miracle Winter Cherry Blossom is available to purchase and watch through the digital outlets iTunes and Windows. This movie is currently subbed and Funimation has not done a dub, nor released the movie in DVD. This is the 9th movie and it is an alternate retelling of the Drum Island arc where Luffy and his friends meet Chopper. However, unlike other the Episodes series, this abridged version is an alternate story telling where Robin and Franky joins the crew first rather having Chopper join before them. This also introduces Wapol’s older brother Musshuru who serves as the movie’s second antagonist.

Are you going to watch it? What other One Piece movies you want Toei Animation to release?

4 thoughts on “One Piece Episode of Chopper released via digital

  1. Tbh with, I like the 4Kids Entertainment version of One Piece when it comes to having this blue nosed reindeer to join the crew. Where I come from, I saw One Piece on TV channel YTV in Canada.

    • After rewatching some 4kids dub, I miss it. It had cheesy dialogue, but it was fun to watch. I used to watch the 4Kids of One Piece in Saturday mornings or evenings.

      • Yeah I agree. As far as I know, I think 4Kids only made the DVDs up to the part where they meet Chopper. I think the rest of the anime stopped at Alabasta.

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