How it started vs How it’s going – Episode of Allie *Special 1,337 Post*

Iron Man Helmet Avengers Endgame GIF by Ricky Bobby | Gfycat

As a way to celebrate this awesome achievement of reaching over 1,337 posts on my site, I have a story I want to tell you and it’s a personal one. Rather than talking about how I been through 2020 with the pandemic or anything nerd related stuff I been doing like games or anime, this one will be about me and my girlfriend Allie and how much this relationship has affected me in 2020. Originally, I was going to expand on this title and add The tale of a gutsy knight in a love quest (After rethinking this title, I am glad I didn’t choose it because I didn’t want to make a reference to a certain someone online) or how it started vs how it’s going, but I will stick with something simple. This is the story of how I started 2020 and where it’s going and hoping what to expect for the future. It’s basically an abridged tale of me and my time with my girlfriend Allie.

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