Friday Funny 297: Have a Wonderful Christmas!

Hallelujah, let’s rejoice!


Thank God it’s Friday! This is Matthew Castillo and I am here to say Merry Christmas. There’s not much to say today except, I hope you have a blessed day today! I am going to be real quick on this news because I have one piece of news for you. Today is the movie release of DC comics Wonder Woman 1984. Check out Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman in this sequel. This is the second DC movie released this year in 2020 (the first being Birds of Prey way back in February). If you are going to watch this movie, this movie is out on theaters today and it’s on HBO Max. If you want to watch a superhero movie this Christmas, go check out this movie.

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All hail the King of kings!

I bring you some Christmas songs:


This is for you, Allie:

Merry Christmas to all and God bless you. Thank you for reading this post. Go and spend time with others.