Friday Funny 302: I hope you have a pleasant Friday


Thank God it’s Friday! It’s me Matthew and I’m here to give you another episode of me posting random memes. I hope everyone is staying warm and safe in this winter season. Today is the last Friday for January and let’s end the day with something funny and exciting. Before we begin, let’s go over some fast news. Legendary released the full trailer of the upcoming movie Godzilla vs Kong. This monster brawl movie will be released this year in March 31st. I hope you seen the other movies such as Kong: Skull Island and the previous Godzilla movies because it’s going to be more epic than Captain America’s Civil War and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Just this movie, but expect other Warner Bro movies to be released both in theaters and HBO Max. I did hear that we are expecting a trailer for the upcoming Mortal Kombat in February. Last but not least, Marvel’s Morbius will be released in 2022 in January.

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I hope you a pleasant morning:

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Jump Force DLC Yoruichi release date

Bleach's Yoruichi will join the Jump Force roster in 2021

Greetings otaku brother and sisters! I hope you are ready to jump back into Shonen Jump’s Jump Force because a certain beloved character from Bleach is coming to your console real soon. Announced already, DLC character Yoruichi Shihōin is coming to Jump Force as part of the Character Pass 2 pack. Yoruichi is a character that is from Tite Kubo’s series Bleach. It’s been announced online that Yoruichi is planned to out for download on February 2nd. If you bought the Character Pass 2, you will have a four day early access (Jan 29th) to her. She is going to be available in all platforms such as PS4, XB1, PC and Switch’s Deluxe Edition.

WandaVision episode 1-3 first impressions (spoiler-free)

WandaVision': Disney+'s Marvel Series Gets 2021 Premiere Date – Deadline

Rotten Tomatoes synopsis:

Marvel Studios presents “WandaVision,” a blend of classic television and the Marvel Cinematic Universe in which Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen) and Vision (Paul Bettany) — two super-powered beings living idealized suburban lives — begin to suspect that everything is not as it seems.

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Weekend Movie Recap news: Godzilla vs Kong trailer revealed! Marvel’s Morbius in 2022?

Update 1/26/21: Godzilla vs Kong will be released in theaters in March 31st, 2021 instead.

Welcome everyone, I hope everyone had a nice weekend! I got some news for you. One is good and the other is bad. Good news, movie production company Legendary has finally released a trailer for the anticipated monster brawl movie Godzilla vs Kong. This movie will be released in theaters and HBO max at the same time on March 26th, 2021. This movie will take place after Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019) and Kong: Skull Island.

Godzilla vs. Kong – Official Trailer - YouTube

Here is the bad news in a different, but related movie topic. It has been reported by IGN that Sony Marvel movie Morbius will be hit by another delay. Morbius will be in theaters in January 21st, 2022.

Morbius (2022) - IMDb

Friday Funny 301: Believe in me who believes you!


Thank God it’s Friday! Welcome back for another episode of Friday Funny! It’s me Matthew and I am here once again to give you your weekly memes in a episode of Friday Funny. Before we begin, let’s go over some brief news. It’s been announced all over the world that Joe Biden is our new president, while Kamala Harris is out vice-president. After going through some rough months in the US, it’s been officially announced that Biden will be our new leader for the next 4 years. In entertainment news, the upcoming Paramount Plus streaming service will be launched in the US and Latin America in March 4th. This new service will include channels and programs owned by ViacomCBS such as Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, MTV and BET. You can finally stream and watch your favorite Nick cartoon such as Rugrats, Hey Arnold, SpongeBob, Danny Phantom and much more. The epic monster movie Godzilla vs Kong will be in theaters in March 26th as opposed to May. Last but not least, I finally got the chance to see the first two episodes of Marvel’s WandaVision. So far it’s a good and mysterious show and I can’t wait to see where the story goes. Hopefully, I won’t count on it, but I would like to do a first impressions.

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Now for something completely random:

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December 2020 Funko Pop Haul

Hey welcome back for another haul post featuring your favorite Pop collector. This is me, Matthew and I am to share with you another post revealing my up to date collection Funko Pops. This post will feature Pop figures from the month of December in the last year of 2020.

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Anyway, check out my treasure!

77. Silent Knight Batman (Hot Topic Exclusive)

78. Beanstalk Mickey

79. Mickey Mouse

I bought these three figures while shopping for a Christmas gift for my brother. After buying him Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War for the PS4, I decided to treat myself for some shopping for myself. I went to Hot Topic and indulge on Pop figures. I went and grabbed three figures. The first thing I got was Batman Silent Knight. I believe it’s one of those special festive figures because on the box it shows DC characters celebrating Christmas. This Batman figure has an icy appearance along with snowflakes on his cowl and cape. The next figures I bought is two versions of Mickey Mouse. One is from the Disney classic short “Mickey and the Beanstalk” and the other is a standard Mickey Mouse figure. I am a huge fan of Mickey Mouse ever since I was a little kid. I couldn’t resist getting Mickey and I wanted to him be part of my collection.

80. Funko Box: Dragon Ball Z Only at GameStop

Since my family knows I love Dragon Ball Z and Pops, my brother got me this Mystery Box contain DBZ Pop figures and collector’s editions toys. It was one of the best Christmas gifts I got. According to the GameStop website, this is a mystery box containing some random characters, but each one has the following:

1 Funko Pop figure

1 PEZ Head

1 Keychain figure


1 set of 2-pack pins

I am not going to cover everything what the mystery box has, but I will tell what I got in my box. If you’re curious on what the box usually contains, check out the details at GameStop. In my box, I got this Majin Buu holding a lollipop figure. I got Perfect Cell PEZ head and a shiny chrome like Perfect Cell keychain. I also got a set of pins containing Perfect Cell and Final Form Frieza. The patch I got says “Frieza Force”.

This is random, but my brother also got me Domez figure from the Batman series; I got Robin. This is the third figure I got from the Domez series. The first two figures I got was a Steamboat Willie Mickey Mouse (stepping on soap) and Spider-Carnage.

I have a total of 80 figures. I can’t wait to tell what I got from January 2021!

Streaming News: Godzilla vs Kong, Justice League and Paramount Plus

This year is going to be busy and if you have free time to spare, I hope you don’t mind checking out times in the comforts in your own home.

Godzilla vs Kong

Godzilla vs. Kong Footage Shows Off the Clash of the Titans | CBR

According to IGN, it looks like a certain monster brawl movie is coming to theaters and on HBO sooner than you think as long as Covid-19 doesn’t play with the scheduled dates. The upcoming movie Godzilla vs Kong is coming to a nationwide theaters near you in March 26th, 2021; this also includes the HBO release too. If you’ve been anticipating this movie for quite some time, you can see this movie soon in the spring time. This movie was originally scheduled for May 21th, but now it’s March 26th.

Justice League HBO

Zack Snyder Shares Photo to Suggest 'Justice League' Director's Cut Really  Exists

Don’t get too excited to jump the gun, it looks like the Snyder Cut version of Justice League will be converted to a 4-hour long movie. According to a screenshot Synder’s Vero account, someone asked Zach Snyder if the director’s cut of Justice League will be a miniseries or one big movie. Snyder responded it will be one shot. It’s unknown if this means it will be a large movie or it just means all episodes will be released on the same day. Justice League will be released on March this year.

Paramount Plus

SpongeBob Movie: Sponge On The Run' Will Play In Homes Instead Of Movie  Theaters – Deadline

If you want a more streaming experience aside from Disney Plus and HBO Max, I hope you are ready to sign up for another streaming service. Reported by Variety, ViacomCBS announced that their streaming service Paramount Plus will be launched in March 4th for United States and Latin America. Paramount Plus will include Viacom-owned cable programs such as Nickelodeon, BET, MTV and Comedy Central. This is also where the upcoming 3rd SpongeBob movie SpongeBob SquarePants: Sponge on the Run will be streamed.

Friday Funny 300: Fact or Fiction? As seen on TV!


Thank God it’s Friday! Welcome back for another episode of Friday Funny! It’s me, Matthew and I am here to help kickstart the weekend with some cheesy memes! Before we begin, let’s talk about some quick news from Marvel. Marvel is coming back in the movie and TV genre this year and with some anticipating projects. Today is the TV series debut of WandaVision for DisneyPlus. Since Star Wars is taking a break from The Mandalorian until next, Disney is going to be providing us some Marvel superhero TV shows. WandaVision will be focusing on the lovely couple Wanda (Scarlet Witch) and her android husband Vision in a reality based on some sitcoms. This will be the first of the TV shows that will be released this year. MCU president stated that the iconic potty mouth merc with the mouth Deadpool will be joining the MCU in the third movie of Deadpool and yes, it will be rated R. Sony announced that the upcoming Spider-Man villain/anti-hero Morbius will be pushed back from March to October. Make sure you have your Disney Plus and your Marvel comic books because this year, Marvel is coming back strong and kickstarting the Phase 4 of the MCU and another round for Sony. So far there is no news yet for Black Widow for being released on Disney Plus; it’s still planned to be released on May 7th, 2021 in theaters.

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Here is a trailer for WandaVision and see if this is worth the hype:

If you remembered playing this game on the Wii U or you missed out, you wouldn’t want to miss this Switch port. Super Mario 3D World is coming back with an all-new expansion pack called Bowser’s Fury.

Let’s a go!

Marvel movie news: Deadpool 3 will remain rated R! Morbius pushed back for Oct!

Deadpool 3

3 Things I Learned from Deadpool. The Art of Living and Dying | by Glen  Binger | Betterism | Medium

Remember when Disney bought the Marvel characters from Fox? This includes characters from X-Men, Deadpool, Blade and the Fantastic Four. This is both good and shocking news for Marvel fans. It’s good because that means Disney is able to bring more movie projects in the MCU world along with characters such as the Avengers. However it also means that since MCU is owned by Disney, it also means content will be made for an audience recommended for families. Fans worry thinking if characters such as Deadpool joined the MCU, the future movies will be tamed to a PG-13 rating.

However, the president of Marvel Studios made an announcement recently. While talking to news site Collider, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige revealed that the upcoming Deadpool 3 film will remain to be rated R and it will fit within the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

There has been a total of three Deadpool movies in which one and two are rated R and there is a PG-13 version retelling of Deadpool 2 titled Once Upon a Deadpool. Deadpool 3 will be filming in early in 2022.




Sony Marvel Movie 'Morbius' Moves To The Fall – Deadline

Looks like the upcoming Sony-Marvel movie Morbius will be pushed back to the Halloween season. Previous, the movie Morbius was going to be released on March 19th of this year, but now it will be released on October 8th due to Covid-19.

Morbius will be part of Sony’s own Marvel universe in which tie into other projects such as Spider-Man and Venom, but no plans for being part of Disney’s movie universe.



Weekend Recap news: Voice Actor Brad Venable passes away

Devil May Cry 5 Griffon: Who is Griffon? | dbltap

Brad Venable Was The Voice Of Venom In Venom (2018), But Was Uncredited

I have some unfortunate news to share with you in the world of anime and video games. It has been reported this weekend that a well respected voice actor has passed away. Prolific voice actor Brad Venable passed away this weekend; with permission from his friends and family, his death was reported on January 8th. Brad Venable was the age of 43. Venable is well known in many works such as voicing Griffon in Devil May Cry V, Scratchman Apoo in One Piece and even the voice of Marvel’s 2018 film Venom. While Tom Hardy played as Eddie Brock and Venom, Venable was the one who provided the voice of Venom, but Hollywood discredited him and left him out of the credits.



Dual Shockers

The Gamer (Venom news)