Friday Funny 298: Redo the Damage


Happy New Years!

Thank God it’s Friday and thank God 2020 is over! Can you believe 2020 is over and we are in 2021? I hope everyone had an awesome Christmas last week. My Christmas was fun because I got to spend time with my girlfriend and my family. We saw the movie Wonder Woman 1984. Santa Claus came to my house and he gave me the Infinity Gauntlet based on the Marvel movie Avengers: Infinity War. Now that the holidays is over, we are back to square one. Here we in January of 2021 and let’s start the year on the right foot. I don’t have much news except for recap news. In January, Toonami will be adding some anime in the schedule such as the final season of Attack on Titan and the anime SSSS.Gridman will be a new addition along with Fire Force and Sword Art Online Alicization. While The Mandalorian will take a break until 2022, Disney Plus is going to be busy with other works in Marvel shows such as WandaVision. In manga, One Piece will be entering its 1,000 chapter mark. Have you been reading the manga up to the main arc?


Instead of a Thanos Snap, let’s do a flashpoint and fix 2020!

Goodbye 2020. Thanks for the memories. Let’s start with a new slate. New year, new me.

Goodbye everyone!