Friday Funny 299: Stop, Rewind and Skip!


Thank God it’s Friday! Welcome back for another episode of Friday Funny from yours truly, Matthew. I hope everyone had an awesome New Years day. I had a nice time being at home at New Years Eve, but I had to work the next day. It doesn’t help when you have to work the next day and it’s vacation time for others. Before we begin, I am going to do some fast news. The pirate Shonen Jump series One Piece has reached the 1,000 chapter mark in the series. If you been reading One Piece from the beginning, you made it this far and I hope you continue to hang on just a bit more until the end. In My Hero Academia, I heard there’s a big spoiler moment involved with one of the main characters. I haven’t been reading the manga much, but I don’t want to get spoiled. If you already been caught up in the manga, don’t spoil it for the others! Besides My Hero Academia news, if you like Black Clover, the anime is back. In this anime’s return, Asta and his friends are ready to rumble and fight the Spade Kingdom. This kingdom is very dangerous as they depend on the powers of the devil. Once again, if you been reading the manga of Black Clover, don’t spoil the story for anime viewers! Get ready for the next couple of Saturdays because Toonami will be adding new anime shows on TV. We’re getting the final season of Attack on Titan along with the debut of the anime mecha series SSSS.Gridman.

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Let’s start this Friday on the right foot… or left foot!


Here are some JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure songs with some minor alterations:

Let’s hope we get an anime version of Part 6: Stone Ocean this year!

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