WandaVision episode 1-3 first impressions (spoiler-free)

WandaVision': Disney+'s Marvel Series Gets 2021 Premiere Date – Deadline

Rotten Tomatoes synopsis:

Marvel Studios presents “WandaVision,” a blend of classic television and the Marvel Cinematic Universe in which Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen) and Vision (Paul Bettany) — two super-powered beings living idealized suburban lives — begin to suspect that everything is not as it seems.

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*No spoilers

Phase 4 begins

Where do we go from here after the events with the mad titan Thanos? The last movies MCU films gave us was in 2019 with Avengers Endgame and Sony’s Spider-Man: Far From Home. Originally, as a way to start the next phase of MCU films, Disney wanted to kick start phase 4 with the movie Black Widow in 2020, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this movie got ultimately pushed back and also halted all projects. With the success of Disney+ TV show The Mandalorian, it was time for Marvel to step up their game and release some projects for their streaming service. Besides working on movies, Disney announced that they would be working on Disney Plus TV shows focusing on the MCU characters. First to be released of 2021, we have the Marvel couple Scarlet Witch and Vision in their TV show WandaVision. While the show is still going and barely released, I have seen the first three episodes and I have words for this show thus far. I won’t go into too much details on the story, because I don’t want to spoil the series. WandaVision takes place after Avengers: Endgame and I will try to minimize the details to avoid giving away details on the characters.

Story: A sitcom featuring the two superhero couples

Episodes 1-2.

The show begins with Wanda Maximoff (played by Elizabeth Olsen) and her newly wedded husband Vision (played by Paul Bettany) moving into a peaceful suburban neighborhood in a life represented as a sitcom. In this new life, Wanda and Vision tries to live life as normal humans such as Wanda trying to not expose her powers to the neighbors and Vision acting more human than appearing as an android. As a superhero couple trying to act normal, they must go through many trials in order to please their neighbors and coworkers such as impressing a boss for dinner and helping the community in a magic act. Not only these two must work together to hide their identities, the world becomes complicated when obscurities occur within the neighborhood.

Episode 3.

As the family adjust from black and white to in living color, Wanda and Vision prepares the next hardship in life; starting a family. Despite these characters facing earth threats like robots and aliens, they haven’t faced parenthood and dealing with issues such as naming the child and what to do when the wife goes to labor. With everything happening fast for the two, the world around them is constantly changing. Vision, an android equipped with vast knowledge and power, questions on handling children.


Having a MCU title has a TV series as opposed to a movie is a huge jump and risky, but if handled well, it can be something grand. Star Wars took this route when creating the Mandalorian and it became the most successful series in Disney Plus. Marvel WandaVision feels like a combination of a Twilight Zone episode mixed with every sitcom. The first two episodes has Wanda and Vision in a world where everything is black and white and the time setting looking as if it was released in 1950s. Third episode gives their world color as if they went on to another decade for sitcoms. We have the audience track and a couple resembling shows like I Love Lucy. Odd as it seems to have a superhero couple satirizing sitcom shows, it actually makes it fun to watch. I found myself laughing as I watched Vision and Wanda trying their best to look like a normal happy couple. As an added bonus to those watching the show, WandaVision even includes a commercial where each commercial tries to pretend to sell you something. I actually like seeing the commercials because he gave an authentic feel of watching a TV from many years ago. While the show has its light-hearted and suspenseful moments, just like how I mention WandaVision felt like The Twilight Zone, it has some mysterious and obscure moments. I won’t go into details, but each episode feels like it’s “too good be true.” There isn’t a huge threat at the moment, but while things are happening around the couple, you feel like Vision and start to wonder if everything what is seems or is there something going in the background. While I do plan to watch more of the show, I am going to stick around and learn about the perfect world of WandaVision.

What do you guys think about WandaVision thus far?

3 thoughts on “WandaVision episode 1-3 first impressions (spoiler-free)

  1. I am unsure how I feel about this show, on the one hand I like the concept, on the other hand I dont feel like it works. Episode 1 and 2 feel like random episodes of Bewitched for me with just a droplet of twilight zone, however the mystery is not really a mystery since we know whats going on more or less. Its in the show synopsis.

    Since the first two episodes are so much like bewitched, it really doesnt do anything new, if I like it, bewitched kinda does the sitcom hiding your a witch better.
    For the mystery Twilight zone is better. I do not dislike it, but in spoofing others I mostly realise I enjoy Twilight Zone and Bewitched and the Era of filmmaking rather then enjoying the show specifically.

    Episode 3 has a more interesting mix and stands a bit more on its own feet, feeling more like it’s own show, with what we know , pre-series tough I find a few choices “odd”. If this world is what it seems to be, and what the creators told it would be, I find it odd that Vision seems to be the focus of discovering discrepansies, I feel it should be Wanda and perhaps anyone else BUT Vision.

    Maybe there will be an answer that convinces me but for now I cant help the feeling they are telling this wrong, things dont line up. That may be a sensation they are aiming for..but I find myself not enjoying this much for now

    • It does seem weird. Like you said, it feels like it’s like trying to combine and switch from Bewitched and The Twilight Zone. I predict that as the show progresses, we’ll probably see more of Wanda and how is she manipulating everything. I haven’t wrote an impression post of episode 4, but things are starting unwrap itself; slowly but surely.

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