Black Clover news: Anime returns to Toonami! Anime concluding in March! Special Tease?

Shonen Jump fans rejoice because it looks like My Hero Academia will have some competition with this anime. While we wait for the next season of My Hero Academia and while some are watching the current season of Attack on Titan, get ready for Black Clover. While the anime is in subtitled, it looks English viewers will be part of the hype.

First, it’s been announced that the anime Black Clover is coming back on TV in Toonami. Replacing Sword Art Online Alicization War of Underworld, Black Clover will be back in the schedule and join other anime such as Attack on Titan, Assassination Classroom and Fire Force. The anime will be back in Valentine’s Day weekend, specifically February 13th at 2:00 AM (depending where you live). It will premiere after Fire Force and before SSSS.Gridman.

To make the news enticing, I got another piece of news for Black Clover. According to Fandom, the anime of the series will be ending in March 30th. Despite the anime concluding, it’s been teased that there is a planned announcement; it is described as “important”. It’s unknown what is the announcement, but some believe it’s a movie. Until then, enjoy this anime until the end of March.

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