Funimation gets sued for violating Disability Act?

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This news was unexpected. Just to clarify, this has nothing to do with the whole Vic Mignogna debacle, it is something else. According to Anime News Network, someone is suing the Funimation company for violating the Disability Act. A legally blind person named Jenise Angeles filed a lawsuit on January 13th towards Funimation alleging that the company violates the American Disability Act. The lawsuit claims that Funimation failed to construct and create a website that can benefit herself and others who have impaired vision. The lawsuit in which she is targeting is the “” website. Jenise is a legally blind who needs assistance when accessing the web. Jenise reported to Funimation at the shop site whenever she wanted to shop for sales, but due to Funimation lacking of features and accommodations, she misses out on experiencing shopping from them. These accommodating features include alt texts and other label elements which helps pinpoint on certain products and see the details.

There is more details in Anime News Network and in which explains more details on the situation with Funimation. Recently updated, Funimation has yet to comment on this lawsuit.


Anime News Network

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4 thoughts on “Funimation gets sued for violating Disability Act?

  1. I don’t think Funimation’s shop is at all different from any others. I imagine they use a standard store template that is in use by thousands of other sites. I went there and saw nothing more difficult to see than anywhere else. I don’t see much hope in the suit.

    What she needs is a 3rd party ap that reads the text or magnifies an image when she mouses over it.

    • Yeah I went there and doesn’t seem too bad. Looks fairly easy to explore. An app could help. Maybe if possible, zoom in and see things up close. We will have to see what happens next and how far will she go in this case.

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