Sonic Central News Recap

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In case you missed it, Sega recently did a Sonic video game presentation titled Sonic Central and released some Sonic the Hedgehog news. This video presentation is to dedicate the 30th anniversary of the beloved Sonic the Hedgehog franchise. I won’t cover every single detail, but I will go over some highlights from the Sonic news.


Sonic content in games

In Sega’s sports game Olympics Games Tokyo 2020, players will be able to dress up their character as Sonic and compete in the games. This will be released for all systems including Stadia and Steam on June 22nd.

If you own this hospital simulator game, Two Point Hospital will be receiving some Sonic content. On July 30th, a Sonic Pack will be released and this will allow gamers to customize their hospital with Sonic goods and have the doctor staffs will be able to dress up to Sonic characters.

Serving as a sequel to the 2018’s title, Sega is releasing the game Lost Judgement in September 2021 for both Playstation and Xbox systems. Revealed in the presentation, players can literally play the arcade game Sonic the Fighters in the arcades. If you want to take a break from the main game, go to the arcades and play some Sonic.

Sonic Colors: Ultimate

This 2010’s Wii game is getting an upgrade this year. Sega announced an enhanced version of Sonic Colors and it will be called Sonic Colors: Ultimate. This game will be released for all platforms and Epic Games on September 7th, 2021. Those who preorder will recieve a Baby Sonic keychain from the Sonic the Hedgehog movie. Digital owners who preorder will get early access and other digital goods.

Sonic Origins

Sega is planning to launch a compilation game collection called Sonic Origins. This will include Sonic 1, 2, 3, and Knuckles, and CD. It will be released next year.

New Sonic 2022 game

Even though it’s brief, Sega teased of an upcoming brand new Sonic game title. This teaser ended with Sonic running through the woods with a mysterious message. Fans specualate that this could be an Sonic Adventure reboot, Sonic Colors 2 sequel or something brand new. Either way, this game will be released for 2022.

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18 thoughts on “Sonic Central News Recap

  1. I was dead happy with all the news apart from the Origins Collection. Honestly, I don’t think another re-release of 1,2, 3&K, and CD is needed. I’d have rather some lesser known titles bundled together. Or they could have at least thrown Chaotix in to give it something new.

    • Me too. I spent my morning rewatching the video presentation. To me, it was interesting to see Sonic 3 and Sonic and Knuckles in Sonic Origins. I feel like they don’t get much attention. Honestly, I wouldn’t mind if Sega included the Knuckles Chaotix game in the collection. I never played it, but it’s cool that Sega created a game focusing on Knuckles and the Chaotix.

      • S3&K is still my pick for greatest game of all time, I just feel like the originals have been re-released so many times over now they really need to add something extra to make buying again worthwhile. I know they’ve said there will be extra features, but I suspect that’ll just be widescreen view and online time attack.

        I never got to play Chaotix either, but I loved the concept.

      • Yeah me too. I never completed Sonic and Knuckles, but I did enjoy the game. I mostly liked Sonic 3 because I remembered beating this game before. I think that’s what they plan to do. They might give the games new screen formats and maybe online mode to play against other gamers.

        It would be nice if Sega brought back other past titles like Chaotix. The gameplay looked appealing. I miss the Sonic Advance games.

      • That would be cool. I heard Sonic Advance 3 is basically Knuckles Chaotix, but without the Chaotix. I never played Sonic Advance 2, but I did play 1 and 3. I could never collect those Chaos Emeralds in SA1.

      • It looks amazing. I have been told by others that the action is good and so is the animation. I am not a fan of the game, but I am curious about checking it out the series.

      • Interesting. How many seasons does it have? I heard they have four seasons, but the fourth season is the finale. Or are there five seasons?

  2. I’m hyped for the new game but was a little disappointed by the Central overall. I was hoping for more new stuff since I’ve already played Colors and the original a whole lot. Still, from what I’ve heard Sonic Rangers may be an open world game which sounds like a lot of fun

    • Yeah I heard about that from fans. I was optimistic a little bit. I had a feeling they would mention Sonic Colors, but I was hoping they would go into details between the Ultimate version and the Wii version. I did hear rumors that Sonic Rangers was going to be open world. I just wish we got more details. It reminds me of the time they did this with Sonic Forces.

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