Konosuba anime projects in the works!

While it is unknown if we are getting a new season, spin-off or a movie, fans of the hilarious anime Konosuba will be getting something interesting. Announced from the official Konosuba Twitter, it is reported that a Konosuba anime is in the works. The production team and the Japanese voices of Kazuma and Megumin also revealed a brand new key image.

While it is unknown if it’s a new season or movie, but expect that Konosuba is coming back.

source: Crunchyroll

ICYMI: Loki season 2 confirmed!

Marvel's Loki series will premiere on Disney Plus on June 11th - The Verge

In case you missed it last week, Disney Plus just released the last episode of Loki on Wednesday. To those who stayed after the show, you are greeted with some exciting news. To those who don’t have Disney Plus, here is what is happening. It’s been announced by Marvel Studios that the series Loki will be receiving a season 2. Without spoiling the story, the last episode ended with a cliffhanger.