Friday Funny 330: I Wish…


Thank God it’s Friday! Welcome everyone for the second week of August. It’s me, Matthew and I am here to give you news and memes. I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying this summer week. Unless you’re like me who is working at nights, make sure you drink enough water and sports drinks because we’re still in summer. Next month we will be entering the fall season after get through Labor Day. In case you forgot, Warner Bros released the movie The Suicide Squad this past weekend. According to reviews and fans, this movie is a fun and graphic experience compared to the 2016 version directed by David Ayer. If you want something brutal and hardcore than Marvel’s Black Widow, go check out what DC has for us. Speaking of Marvel, Disney has just released the first episode of Marvel’s What If…? TV series on Disney Plus. Last but not least, this weekend I will be busy for reasons. On Sunday, I’ll be working but tomorrow this Saturday, I am going to Disneyland! My girlfriend’s birthday is after this weekend, but she invited me to come and celebrate early by going to Disneyland with her. Just in case if I am quiet online, it’s because I will be busy in real life. Still, I hope you guys have a nice and enjoyable weekend!


Let the magic of memes being!

Here is some songs for Allie for her birthday:

I wish for everyone to have a blessed weekend. I wish for Allie to have a blessed birthday. I hope if you are reading this, I hope your day will be fun and all your birthday wishes will come true!


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