Review: Food Wars! The Fourth Plate (Spoiler-Free)

Rightstuf synopsis:

The ultimate Regimental Food War continues as the culinary rebels led by Soma and the members of Kyokusei square off against epicurean elitist Azami and the Totsuki Ten. At stake – the future of dining across Japan. Because if the rebels fail, Azami intends to impose his own tastes and techniques on the entire restaurant industry!

But the fine dining control freak has made a serious mistake in threatening the futures of Soma’s friends and family, as while the rebels may seem less experienced overall, this is ultimately a clash of skill, dedication, and, most of all, taste. That may be a recipe for disaster for the seasoned veterans! There are truffled times ahead, and it’s anyone’s guess as to whose goose will ultimately be cooked in the mind-roasting season long battle!



Food Wars! The Fourth Plate is the fourth season of the anime Food Wars. Just like the second season, this anime contains 13 episodes. Just like my previous reviews on this anime, it’s going to be spoiler-free, but it might contain spoiler details from season 3.

Story: Facing Big Daddy and the Elites

Leaving off after season 3, Soma and the rest of the resistance are facing against the Totsuki Ten and their leader Azami Nakiri. Despite the training and experience, Soma and his friends will have to pull up every trick in their recipe book if they want to beat the best cooks chosen Azami. The stakes are high in this season arc because if Soma and his team loses this Food Wars, Azami will continue be in charge of the school and all of Soma’s friends will be forced to leave the academy.

Review: All you can eat and no filler!

After watching season 4, what do I think of this anime arc? Just like season 2, The Fourth Plate consists only the action of Food Wars. If you been caught up already, you already know that Soma and his friends are in a pickle with Erina’s dad is back and wants to change the world of the culinary arts. In season 3, we got to see some character development on Erina and how she would later part of Soma’s friends. In this season, with an established plot in this arc, this anime just gives us the “action” content. Besides Soma, we do get see other characters take part of the spotlight like Kuga, Mimasaka and even Erina. It was interesting to see these characters take of the battles and face against the elites. As the plot progresses to the climax, the story raises the stakes and doesn’t back the suspense. As Erina joins the fight, she will have to use her divine tongue and defeat her father. The last episode of the season does offer an unexpecting plot twist which would continue to season 5 and bring up a new story plot.


To be honest with you, if you already made it up to this season and you remembered season 2, this anime is the same, but with more risks in the story. Unlike season 2, if Soma and his gang loses, it’s game over for everyone. Once you get all the details from season 3, season 4 is about the action moments of the characters. If season 3 was the narrative of the story, season 4 is all action and no expositions. The pacing here is faster than before and it’s a pretty short season. Fanservice here is the same as ever and you will be getting more as usual. I am not saying this season is bland, but if you are familiar with the Food Wars concept from before, this is basically another Food Wars arc. The last episode is something worth sticking around because as season 4 ends, this also begins the next phase of the series. If you love Food Wars, you will love this one. It sticks to the usual formula in this short season where you don’t feel like it drags on with more narrative content, but it gives you more of the Food Wars’ action. I enjoyed it and if you are enjoying Food Wars, I hope season 4 fills up and I hope make room for season 5.

7 thoughts on “Review: Food Wars! The Fourth Plate (Spoiler-Free)

  1. I’ve been thinking about watching Food Wars! for a while now, I just haven’t gotten around to it. I’ve heard a lot of good reviews, I really should put in on my watch list.

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