Toonami news: Blade Runner anime joins Toonami in November; Shenmue arrives in 2022

I hope everyone is enjoying the Crunchyroll/Adult Swim anime Fena: Pirate Princess because we’re going to be getting more original anime like this in the future. Revealed at New York Comic-Con, Adult Swim announced that the Crunchyroll original anime Blade Runner: Black Lotus will be joining Toonami on November 13th. Blade Runner: Black Lotus take over once Fena: Pirate Princess is finished and it will consist of 13 episodes. This Blade Runner anime takes place 10 years after Blade Runner Blackout 2022.

Another anime that got revealed was a trailer for the upcoming anime Shenmue the Animation. Based on the Sega game, Crunchyroll will be in charge of making this Shenmue anime. While the game had players explore lands Yokosuka, Hong Kong, & Kowloon, the anime will still have a linear story. There is no release date, but Shenmue the Animation will be joining Adult Swim and Crunchyroll in 2022.


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