Sad News: VA Chris Ayres passes away

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It has come to my attention that I bring you tragic news for the anime community. Yesterday, it was reported online that anime voice actor Chris Ayres has passed away due to fighting years with COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease). It was first announced by his wife Krystal LaPorte in which she revealed the news on Twitter. He was only 56 of age.

He voiced Frieza starting from 2009 to all the way to 2019, from Dragon Ball Z Kai to all the way to the movie Dragon Ball Super Broly. According to Bounding Into Comics, he also voiced other anime characters in different anime such as Kei Kurano in Gantz and Ushio in Saint Seiya.


Bounding Into Comics

10 thoughts on “Sad News: VA Chris Ayres passes away

  1. I was surprised that before he died, he was smoking a lot as how Leonard Nimoy did. Voice actors should never get into that as well as alcohol intoxication. Otherwise, they’d end up dead too soon like for what happened to Kirby Morrow and Chadwick Boseman.

  2. Hey there. Despite this guy, and that female actress you’ve mentioned, another celebrity committed suicide. Q: Do you ever hear of Peter Robbins? The very first actor to voice Charlie Brown? In that Christmas story, Great Pumpkin, and those early adventures on the Peanuts? He committed suicide cause he was suffering from mental illness after released from prison.

      • I know right? His mental illness was way beyond the limit to make him do it. Not to mention on what happened to Anthony Bourdain and Robin Williams when they committed suicide.

      • It’s pretty sad. Mental illness is very serious. They are going through a lot and we can’t comprehend the struggles they are going through in their head.

      • Yeah. It really gets inside one’s head. I don’t suppose you were ever a fan of Charlie Brown, were you? I was a little bit until I gave up watching them. The Family Guy and Robot Chicken skits were really funny to make fun out of them. Especially that Pumpkinhead skit in Robot Chicken, and that Family Guy skit where Peter Griffin makes Lucy to hold down that football until Charlie Brown kicks it.

      • I am aware of the Peanuts. I used to watch the Christmas special every year. I always loved the speech Linus gave when Charlie asked what Christmas was about. Charlie Brown is so iconic, there is references in different TV shows.

      • Back where I come from, when I was in middle school, my friends and I did see that and that Great Pumpkin special too much. The older students even did a school play on that Christmas special while I and three more friends did the original cartoon Grinch play.

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