September 2021 Funko Pop Haul

Greetings Pop fanatics! I bring you another Pop haul from the month of September. As my collection grows, my bank balance shrinks, but not too bad. Sit back and relax because here is what I got in this first fall season.

124. Leafa from Sword Art Online

Just like Kirito and Asuna figures from my August post, Leafa is another new addition to the Sword Art Online Funko Pop lineup. Just like how I got Kirito and Asuna, I preordered Leafa. However, for unknown reason, Leafa was delayed and pushed back. While I got the first two on August, Leafa came in later in September. Leafa is from the Sword Art Online series and is actually Kirito’s cousin. Despite being cousins, Kirito treats her like a little sister and her real name is actually Suguha Kirigaya.

125+126. Roman Senator Deadpool and LARP Deadpool 

I grabbed these two Deadpool variations in one of my dates. I bought these two figures and a GameStop bag and a Venom t-shirt. With Deadpool being a popular Marvel character, it’s no surprise he will be entertaining the crowd with his random humor. We have here Deadpool dressed up as a Roman Senator. Can you imagine Deadpool being in charge of an ancient government? Finally we have LARP Deadpool. LARP stands for Live Action Role Playing. I guess Deadpool wanted to take a break from killing for real and wants to indulge in some fake killing. Deadpool ditches the real weapons for a handmade cardboard sword and overalls with a belt for a headband.

I have a total of 126 figures