Friday Funny 342: Chris Pratt is an Eternal


Thank God it’s Friday! Welcome everyone for Friday Funny and the first Friday of November. I hope everyone had a safe and fun Halloween this past weekend. Now that we’re in November, we are in the second to last month of 2021. I can’t believe this year happened so fast and here I thought we were just in summer. As always, let me cover you some news. This weekend is the theaterical release of MCU’s film Eternals. Taking place after the events with Thanos in Endgame, fans will experience who are the Eternals and what was their purpose of coming to Earth. This is the third MCU movie of this year and the final one for 2021 is going to be Spider-Man: No Way Home in December. Besides this, we also have an anime movie that came out this weekend called My Hero Academia: World Heroes, Mission. This is the third movie from the series and after seeing this with my girlfriend, it was an epic experience. Speaking of movies, it has been reported that actor Chris Pratt will be voicing another iconic character in an animated movie. This time he will be voicing Garfield from the comic book series, Garfield. The Star-Lord will be voicing the Italian Plumber Mario and now a lazy lasagna loving cat, Garfield.


Let’s go, Eternals!

Check out the Eternals:

Check out these Sony movies like Spider-Man and Morbius:

See you next Friday!

2 thoughts on “Friday Funny 342: Chris Pratt is an Eternal

    • Happy Friday Krystal! It’s funny that they didn’t bother helping the Avengers against Thanos or Ultron. Maybe they will finally take action in their movie. XD

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