Friday Funny 352: Wake up, San Francisco 2022


Thank God it’s Friday! Welcome everyone for another Friday Funny episode. I hope everyone is doing okay in the second week of January. A lot has happened these past few days and some were good and bad. In the good of news, Attack on Titan final season, part 2 has been started and fans are exceedingly enjoying the anime. The anime has been so anticipated that reports from Crunchyroll that the site had some crashes because of the online activity. It doesn’t help too since fans are watching Attack on Titan and a new episode of Demon Slayer. In bad news, we lost another celebrity and he was a former host for America’s Funniest Home Videos and in both series Full House and Fuller House. Comedian and actor Bob Saget died this past weekend. First we lost Betty White in the end of 2021 and now we lost Bob Saget in the first few days of 2022. I hear it’s been a tough few days for some since people are getting sick from Covid and dealing with the cold and the flu. I may not have the cure for these sick ailments, but I can at least prove you some memes to laugh and share.


I think we need a good laugh.

Here is some TV intros. Cheers to Betty White and Bob Saget:

See you next week!