December 2021 Christmas Funko Pop Haul

Greetings and Happy New Years to everyone! As of now we are in 2022! I hope everyone had a good Christmas last month and a Happy New Year celebration. You would think with the Christmas season, I would be spending crazy on Funko Pops. However, surprisingly I will tell you what I got in the last month of December.

131+132. Sherlock Deadpool (GameStop Exclusive) and Barista Deadpool

I got these two as Christmas gifts from my best friend Ezra. He knows I like Deadpool and I collect Pops. Once again, as a way to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Deadpool, I got more variants of the red merc. In this GameStop exclusive, I have Sherlock Deadpool. I don’t know how the mind works with Deadpool, but if he is a detective, I hope he can solve the biggest crimes in Marvel. I wonder he is smarter than DC’s Batman. The other figure I got is the Barista Deadpool figure. I guess when Deadpool isn’t causing trouble in the Marvel Universe, he’s serving coffee to customers. Not sure if he got a part time job at Starbucks or he is working at the café in the Friends show. This Deadpool somehow grew a beard and moustache and got his earlobe stretched. If he ever changes his mind on those earlobes, I hope his powers can heal himself.

That’s all I got from 2021. I have a total of 132 figures.

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