Twitter News: VA Amanda Winn Lee writes controversial tweet about Russia takeover on Ukraine and Trump

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I hope everyone is doing okay. It has come to my attention that this tweet made by voice actress Amanda Winn Lee has been stirring up quote a mess in the world of Twitter. In case you didn’t know in politics, Russian President Vladimir Putin has been invading the country of the Ukraine. This news has raised concerns all over the world and some are praying for the people getting caught up in the Ukraine. While others are trying to help each other, some is causing more hurt than healing. Like mentioned, voice actress Amanda Lee Winn took it upon herself and tweeted the situation and then added her opinion in regards to the Ukraine invasion and something about Donald Trump. Amanda Winn Lee is an Ehglish voice actress who voices many iconic anime and video game characters. She voices Rei Ayanami in the anime Neon Genesis Evangelion and Yukiko Amagi in Persona 4.

Here is what was originally posted, since she recently deleted the second tweet. This is a screenshot and someone posted the thread:

According to anime fans and non-anime fans, Twitter users are in an outrage because of her tweet. Some claim are saying that it’s better for Putin to invade Ukraine and have the people suffer than having Donald Trump come back to the White House. In the second tweet, she said she embraced the fact anything to keep former president Trump away from the White House is better. That tweet is later deleted and it was released recently that AWL would tweet an apology tweet. She regretted using the word “embrace” and then later told everyone that couldn’t care less if you accepted her apology or not.

This is basically what I been seeing in my Twitter feed. Whether you are political or not, we have to be careful on what we put out online. Doesn’t matter if a tweet is deleted, it will always be remembered.

source: Bounding into Comics