Anime Spoiler-Free Review: The Seven Heavenly Virtues

Sentai Filmworks synopsis:

When the fallen angel Lucifer starts raising hell down below, Heaven decides that it’s time to start looking for a new savior to keep humanity from succumbing to the lure of Sin. Unfortunately, the seven beautiful angels assigned to the task of finding a new Messiah may not be the best choices.

Their nominal leader, Michael, the Angel of Faith, is plagued by self-doubt. Gabriel, the Angel of Chastity, struggles to defend morality in a costume that’s sure to lead men into Temptation. Metatron (Charity) has a surprising bondage fetish while her sister, Sandalphon (Diligence), has trouble focusing. Uriel (Patience) has bladder control issues and… well, let’s just say that none of them are exactly qualified and with guardian Angels like these, Mankind is almost certain to be doomed!


A Mini Story on Angels

I don’t know about much this anime so I am just going to jump right into the plot of the series. According to the Wiki, The Seven Heavenly Virtues is ten episode series animated by Bridge and published by Hobby Japan and licensed by Sentai Filmworks. This anime serves as a spinoff for another anime series titled Seven Mortal Sins. According to the Wiki, The Seven Mortal Sins can be streamed via Funimation. Even though The Seven Heavenly Virtues has ten episodes, the home video has two OVAs.

Story: Cleansing the world… sort of

As sin entered the world, it’s up to seven powerful angels to come to Earth and combat the sins and save humanity. Led by the leader Michael, the Angel of Faith, she and and the rest of six angels will go to Earth and find a man who is believed to be “the Messiah”. This man will lead the angels and fight of sin and the demons. However, it won’t be easy when the angels try to find the one man to lead especially when he is struggling with his own problems. These girls are here for a mission to save the world and help their “Messiah” on their daily task.

Review: A Titillating Series about Seven Angels

After watching all ten episodes and two OVAs, I am the one who will judge this anime. Just by jumping into the plot and having no knowledge on the other anime Seven Mortal Sins, The Seven Heavenly Virtues is a fun, ecchi anime that is surprisingly short and it doesn’t take itself serious even when it tries to be. When you first start the first episode, you immediately thrown into the story thinking that you are about to enter a story where good will prepare for battle against evil. However, the serious tone quickly ends when you first meet the first angel, Michael and her attempt to train what she believes is “the Messiah”. The main male characters are unknown and random, so they aren’t the main focus and the show’s main cast is the angels. The anime. As you watch the anime, the girls try their best to choose the man to lead them in fight, however, due to the plot and theme of the anime, it goes from a pseudo serious action anime to pure ecchi, fanservice.

The anime tone is light-hearted, comedical and sensual. You’ll see the girls dressed in risqué outfits and performing suggestive moments despite doing simple tasks such as nursing one of the men with their bodies and getting messy from serving desserts. Their motives are pure, but their appearances could make any man fall into their temptations. The characters and animation looks really good and I enjoyed seeing the girls get into mishaps and having fun. I like the English Dub in this anime and I haven’t heard the subbed and I can’t say if it’s better or worse.

Despite the anime’s tone and plot, don’t get heavily invested this anime, because this is the shortest series. Like mentioned, there’s twelve episodes and each episode consists of five minutes. While the plot does keeping bringing the mission, “find the Messiah”, the series is all ecchi and no actual plot. I actually don’t mind the fanservice and honestly, I would love to see more crazy adventures with the angels. Unfortunately, this anime is really short and if you do binge watch the whole thing, you could finish this less an hour.


Would I recommend this anime? Honestly, if you don’t mind the suggestive themes and the silliness of the story, I say yes. If you want to something to laugh or if you like ecchi, go check it out. Don’t expect this anime to be all serious like other ecchi anime with an actual plot. This anime doesn’t hold back in nudity and it’s not a Hentai anime either so don’t expect any sexual moments. However, if you really want to watch this anime, I would recommend subscribing to HIDIVE. If you want to own the DVD and see the OVA episodes, wait until Sentai Filmworks do a mega sale and buy this anime. For twelve episodes and five minutes each, I would rather buy it if you need free shipping on your big orders. Overall, this is a fun anime to watch, but I wish the episodes was longer than five minutes.

What do you think of this anime?

2 thoughts on “Anime Spoiler-Free Review: The Seven Heavenly Virtues

  1. Hadn’t heard of this one before but the premise is interesting. I think the fanservice would be enough for me to have to skip out on it this time but always good to see anime coming out with new ideas. It’s why the medium is so much fun

    • Yeah this anime feels like something that went hidden underneath the radar. It’s not much talked about and it’s nothing grand. However, if you need a good laugh or something to give yourself a break from long anime, check this out.

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