Friday Funny 360: What’s going on in there?


Thank God it’s Friday! Welcome back for another episode of Friday Funny! I hope everyone has heaving a good week. In case if you didn’t know, The Batman is currently in theaters and many fans are pleased to see this movie and enjoying the dark undertones of the caped crusader. If you need a break from Spider-Man: No Way Home, switch to the dark side and enter the world of DC. This weekend on Disney Plus, we have the new Pixar movie Turning Red. What happens when a girl transforms into a giant red panda when triggered by emotions? Find out in this movie online. If you still want to walk on the wild side of superheroes, be prepared for next week. Next week, Disney Plus will be adding all the Marvel Netflix shows on their channel. Which Netflix show did you enjoy the most?


Time to laugh!

Enjoy some videos:

Here is something unrelated and totally random:

That’s all folks!

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