Friday Funny 365: Revolution


Thank God it’s Friday! I hope everyone is having a blessed week. It’s me, Matthew and I am here to give you memes. Unfortunately, I don’t have any Easter eggs for you to have in your basket, but I do have some news and memes fir your weekend. In case you didn’t know, Sonic the hedgehog 2 is in theaters and it’s becoming the most watched movie in theaters. This is the second time Sonic has taken number one when competing against the comic book movies. In 2020, the first film came out the same month as DC’s Birds of Prey. Recently this year, it already got more numbers and views than Marvel’s Morbius movie. I saw this movie with my girlfriend and she and I enjoyed Sonic 2. I highly recommend watching this movie and make sure you stay after the credits for a big reveal.

In other news, Square Enix just revealed online the 20th anniversary for Kingdom Hearts and released new game news. First, Kingdom Hearts Union X Dark Road will be coming to mobile apps as a free game in August. Originally, this game was part of another game called Kingdom Hearts Union x Cross, but now you’ll be able to experience the story of Xehanort without having to pay for in-app purchases. Next, Square Enix is going to be working on another app game called Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link. Players will be able to experience 3D fighting and story telling in the palm of your hand. Lastly, but not least, Kingdom Hearts 4 has been announced. With the The Dark Seeker arc concluded way back in Kingdom Hearts 3 and Melody of Memory, Sora is back in this new story arc called The Lost Master arc. Taking place after the defeat of Xehanort, Sora wakes up in a new world in what appears to be called Quadratum. In this new world and story, Sora is back in action and ready to embark more adventures. His friends Donald and Goofy are on the quest to find Sora.


Let’s have fun! In case you didn’t noticed, this episode 365 which resembles 365 days it takes the Earth to make one rotation around the Sun. One rotation is called a revolution!

Enjoy the Kingdom Hearts video:


Here is an Aladdin song sang by Gilbert Gottfried. You will be missed. Thanks for voicing Iago:

Happy Easter!

2 thoughts on “Friday Funny 365: Revolution

  1. Happy Easter! Hope you have a good holiday weekend!

    Was surprised to hear KH4 has been announced. I’m trying to avoid too much spoilers since I’m still waiting on a KH3 Complete with Re;mind and then play Melody of Memories. At least announce a PS5 version of KH3 so I can have an excuse as to why I need one! Maybe also they can add cinematic movies covering all of the app games. *crosses fingers*

    • Happy Easter to you too ☺️ 🐇

      I have yet to finish Melody of Memories. I been wondering when they were going to announce KH4. I just hope we don’t wait another 10 years for the game to come out like how we waited for kh3.

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