Friday Funny 367: A Matthew movie made by Sony is announced!


Thank God it’s Friday! Welcome back for another episode of Friday Funny. This is going to be the last Friday for April and next week is going to be May. Before we begin, Let me give you the daily news. The Shonen Jump manga series Black Clover will be taking a three month break. Reason why is because the manga creator announced that he and his team are preparing for the story’s final arc of the story and they want to prepare for the grand finale and get some rest. In the video game world, we are already been told about he upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog game Sonic Origins. Sega announced that on May 20th, the individual Sonic games. Sonic 1+2, 3 and Knuckles and CD will be removed in the digital outlets which will make gamers only get the Sonic Origins games. For now, the Sega Ages version of Sonic 1 and 2 and the on the Sega Genesis app expansion version will remain the same. Last but not least, Sony made some announcements for their future Spider-Man related movie titles. Rapper Bad Bunny will be in a Spider-Man movie featuring the character El Muerto. The name of the next Spider-Verse movie will be titled Spider-Man: Beyond the Spider-Verse and that movie will be released in March 29th, 2024. A Venom 3 is also in the works too. Kraven the Hunter is also getting his own movie in January 23rd, 2023. So many Sony Marvel movies within the 2 years.


Let’s get dangerous!

Here are some past Sony Marvel trailers to remind you that Sony is going to be busy for next couple of years:

So when are getting a Spider-Man Noir movie? How about Spider-Man 2099? Where’s our Amazing Spider-Man 3 movie? Anyway, have a nice weekend!

4 thoughts on “Friday Funny 367: A Matthew movie made by Sony is announced!

    • I think my knowledge of Spider-Man is not that big like that book, but I have somewhat knowledge. That’s cool. I remembered seeing tiny Bible keychains. It’s cool that they make tiny books.

  1. Happy Friday!

    Man, I want to take a class where I could write a paper about cartoons instead of a classic novel, make a bunch of errors, and still manage to get a D. I know how to spell Pepe Le Pew, so I can surely get at least a C with no effort!

    • Happy Friday Krystal!

      After looking at that assignment, I really want to read it. I bet this person took the time to analyze the characters. Despite the errors, I bet this paper was worth the effort.

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