Spoiler-Free Review: Lupin the IIIrd Fujiko’s Lie

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Who needs the truth when you can believe in the lie?

There’s a secluded house in the desert where Fujiko Mine helps a man named Randy take care of his frail son Gene. It’d be idyllic, if it weren’t a lie. Randy’s embezzled a load of cash, and Fujiko couldn’t care less about the family. Or… is that the lie? When the corporation Randy stole from sends a bizarre man to kill him, Fujiko heeds Randy’s request to protect Gene, and goes beyond the pale for the boy.

Still… could that be yet another lie? Gene knows where the money is, and refuses to say until he’s avenged his father. What will Fujiko do? Will her lies spin out of control? Or was every man just playing to her tune from the start ? All things may not be what they seem in Takeshi Koike’s newest Lupin the 3rd film, Fujiko’s Lie!


*Warning: Even though this review will be spoiler-free, this review may contain spoilers from the previous movies such as Jigen’s Gravestone and Goemon’s Bloodspray. If you haven’t these movies, I highly recommend watching them first before jumping into this movie. Nonetheless, I will keep spoilers to a minimum. Check out my previous reviews:

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Hunter x Hunter creator opens up Twitter account and reveals manga chapter progress

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In case you missed it, manga creator Yoshihiro Togashi made the internet explode this week. Togashi created a Twitter account and posted some pictures and notes regarding his manga Hunter x Hunter. His Twitter account is for real when manga artist One-Punch Man confirmed it online. According to the sources, Togashi will be releasing four new chapters for the ongoing manga Hunter x Hunter; however, it’s known when will they be released. What we know is that he is working, but we have yet to know when will the story will return. Hunter x Hunter has been hiatus since November 2018.