Manga News: Berserk manga will return and continue on

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I got some exciting news for Berserk fans. It’s been a while since we got any news related to Berserk ever since the manga creator Kentarou Miura passed away, the manga stopped running and it was forced to end. Fans mourned the loss for Miura and knew the fact that Berserk will not have any new chapters. However, released online from sources and the official Berserk Twitter, the story of Berserk will be continuing once more. With Miura passed away, his longtime friend Kouji Mori will be taking over the story along with the Studio Gaga (Miura’s team of assistance). Kouji Mori is the manga author of a manga called Holyland and he is a close friend of Miura. He and the rest of the team will do their best to continue the story of Berserk as close to Miura’s vision. The manga will be releasing new chapters in the 13th issue of Young Animal on June 24th. The manga will release 6 chapters and it’s going to conclude the “Fantasia Arc/Elf Island Chapter” along with a brand new upcoming arc.

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Manga News: One Piece manga will go on one month break for preparations for final arc and other anime projects

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The internet is exploding with some manga news and it involves with a pirate manga named One Piece. If you been reading the manga, you will understand what happened in the current arc of Wano and what this means for Luffy and his friends. Revealed on Twitter and sources, One Piece creator revealed his big plans for his manga.

It’s been announced that starting on June 27th, the manga One Piece will be taking a month break from the Shonen Jump magazine. The series will be back in July 25th. Reason why is because Oda announced he is going to be busy with some major projects and his schedule is going to be tight. During the break, he wants to be prepared for the manga’s 25th anniversary in July. First, the upcoming movie One Piece Film: Red is going to be released this in Japanese theaters. Another reason is because he wants to go to Africa and oversee the production of the Netflix live-action series One Piece. Last but not least, Oda wants time to rest and prepare for the upcoming new story for the One Piece arc. It is been revealed that One Piece will be entering the final arc and Oda is going to need this break.

 “Four weeks! Give me time to steady my breathing!”

Eiichiro Oda

How do you feel about this news? If sources are true, One Piece is going to be ending.