Tragic News: Anime VA and Radio Host Jim White passes away

Jim and Vicki White at Dallas Arboretum

See the source image

See the source image

Cancer is the worst thing to deal with because it not only affects your health, but also the people you’re surrounded with. It has been reported that voice actor and radio hosts, Jim White has passed away on June 4th. His wife, Vicki Briley-White revealed at Dallas Morning News that her husband was diagnosed with lung cancer on April 20th and he was in the hospital for 10 days prior. According to ANN, Jim White is well known for voicing Lao G from One Piece. Igneel from Fairy Tail and Zeke’s grandfather from Attack on Titan. Besides voicing in anime, he was also a morning news anchor on KEGL-FM in 1995 and KRLD-AM 1080 from 1995 to 2004.


Anime News Network

The Dallas Morning News

Dallas Culture Map

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