Friday Funny 385: Use my promo code to get one rare level 5 star character


Thank God it’s Friday! Welcome for a brand new month and a new Friday. This weekend is Labor Day weekend and that means it’s three day weekend for the kids. No school on a Monday is good for the kids, but bad for the adults who has to work in retail; this means more extra days for work. Also coming in this weekend is the unofficial start of autumn. Autumn begins on the 21st of September, but Labor Day is when the weather will start to cool down. In California weather here, this is where summer will go all out in the heat before it leaves. Make use of your summer fun because once fall comes, it’s back to wearing pants and smelling the sweet scent of pumpkin spice. Do you guys have any plans for September? For me, I got two birthdays I need to prepare and then hopefully it’s smooth sailing. I want to do more writing on this site. The month of August has kept me busy in life. I recently went to Disney California Adventures with my girlfriend for her birthday, I been working day and night at my job and I got the chance to see the new Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie. If you seen this movie, what did you think of it? With this all Dragon Ball news, expect more to come for Goku and his friends. Dragon Ball joined Fortnite, we got this movie and the manga of Dragon Ball Super is taking a break before going to a new story arc. What did you do in the month of August?


News flash, there is no promo code. Only memes!


Check out this version of Sailor Moon:

Also, I forgot to mention this earlier. Guess who’s back the second time around. It’s Spider-Man! Coming back to theaters, it’s Spider-Man: No Way Home. For limited time, you can watch this movie on the big screen with added footage to the original movie. You can never have too much Spider-Man.

Lately, it’s been busy in my life in the day time and night shifts:

Have an awesome weekend!

4 thoughts on “Friday Funny 385: Use my promo code to get one rare level 5 star character

  1. I had to read the billboard meme twice to spot the problem, Lol! OMG, My brother is going crazy for the Stray game, and he usually plays some really graphic shooter games. He doesn’t even like cats!

    • Someone is going to get into trouble making this billboard. I don’t have any cats, but this game sounds interesting. For a simple game, I hear it’s good as The Last of Us. Lol

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