Friday Funny 387: We all have two sides


Thank God it’s Friday! Welcome everyone for another grand episode of Friday Funny! I hope everyone is doing well in these last few days of summer. Over where I live, it feels like fall came early. Plus, after Labor Day weekend I just got over a bad cold for a few days. Don’t worry it’s not Covid. I got vaccinated a while back. I hope everyone is doing well and fighting off any colds. How’s the weather over there at your area? Before we begin, Let’s go over some quick news. Anime is going to be taking over the internet this fall. Step aside Dragon Ball Super, because One Piece is going to dominate the cinema world. One Piece Film Red is coming to theaters in November. While Japan got dibs on the movie, we were left in the dust and had to watch people react to the movie. October is going to be a blast if you plan to stream the fall season anime. We’re getting Chainsaw Man, My Hero Academia season 6 and Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War. I hope you’re ready for your Twitter feed to be filled with anime fans hyping the anime series. We recently got some video game livestream events such as Nintendo Direct, State of Play, and Ubisoft Forward. What games are you looking forward this year and next year?


Let’s kick this weekend right! I have the cure of the common cold!

If you like Nintendo and Sony, check out this video.

See you next Friday. Stay cool! (or warm)

4 thoughts on “Friday Funny 387: We all have two sides

    • Happy Friday to you too, Krystal! This is a rare occasion to see the Donkey Kong rap go with One Winged Angel. Donkey Kong is the chosen one who will lead every Kong to the promised land.

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