October 2022: Funko Pop Haul

Happy belate Halloween! I hope everyone had a good holiday yesterday. While most people went out for candy, I got Pop Funko figures on October. No candy, only vinyl figures. Check it out. This time I got more figures than last haul.

150. Edward Elric (Fullmetal Alchemist)

This was a random spend at Hot Topic. I got one Pop figure along with two One Piece figures. I love Fullmetal Alchemist; it’s a good series to watch and read. Now that I got Edward, I need to collect more of the characters. Hopefully I can find his brother Alphonse. So far, I only have King Bradly (also known as Wrath), Lust and Winry.

151. Cinderella Castle and Mickey Mouse

As part of the 50th anniversary of Disney World, Funko released this large Pop replica of the Cinderella Castle along with Mickey. I didn’t open the box, but the castle looks amazingly detailed. In a way, I finally own the castle in my grasp. Maybe I will own the real castle someday.

152-153. Tanjiro Kamado and Greed (Hot Topic exclusives)

With a $5 credit, I got myself two figures again from Hot Topic. I saw these on stock and I wanted to get them. I have Tanjiro from Demon Slayers and Greed from Fullmetal Alchemist. This version of Tanjiro has his blue kimono and demon slaying mask and this was in the series where he was training to become a demon slayer. This version of Greed has him living in Ling’s body. Thanks to Father, Father took the homunculus Greed and placed it in Ling’s body. With two souls in one body, Greed took over his body and gave the invincible armor power up. At first these two took a while to get adjusted, but with this version of Greed, they learned to work together with the Elric brothers and fought against Father and the other homunculus.

That’s all the Pops this month of October.