Friday Funny 402: 22 ended too soon!


Thank God it’s Friday! Welcome everyone for the last Friday Funny of 2022. It’s me, Matthew, and I am here to give something to laugh for this weekend. This will be the last episode for season 8 of Friday Funny. As we start season 9, the number of episodes will rise. Who knows how many episodes will I be doing and how far will I go. Maybe I will more episodes than The Simpsons or the chapters of the One Piece manga. Heck, I could go on far beyond to Sesame Street. Can you believe we are already near the endpoint of 2022? So much has happened and it felt like everything went by fast. With your best memory, what stood out to you the most of 2022? Was the highest and lowest point? The New Year begins this Sunday. It’s time to make goals and resolution for 2023. I hope everyone also had a good Christmas last weekend. I don’t have big news, but I want to say I appreciate the time we had together this year. Thank you for always visiting and leaving a like on my posts. I am hoping to be more active than ever and pay a visit to other blogs. What are hoping for 2023?

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Let’s end this year with a bang!

Cheers to 2022:

Welp, this is it. This is the last Friday of 2022. It’s been a great year. Let’s do this again next year. See you in 2023!


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