Friday Funny 403: Seven Deadly Sins – Pride


Thank God it’s Friday! Welcome everyone for the first Friday of 2023 and Friday Funny. It’s me, Matthew, and I am here to tell it’s Friday! In case you didn’t know, I am the owner of this site and every Friday I post funny memes I find online and I share them in one post. Unless otherwise, I post new episodes every Friday. Where is the limit to my episodes? Who knows, but I do plan to keep doing these episodes until I die. How is everyone doing the first few days of 2023? For me, it’s been busy in my area since we been getting some storms and while I work, I have to deal with panic shoppers and people in their New Years vacation week. For this year, I plan to spare some time and chat with you guys and keep this site alive. What are your guy’s goals for this year?

Sin of the day is Pride., What do you take pride of and does it affect you? Are you willing to let go of what makes you, you for something greater? What’s stopping you for change?

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Let’s go!

Check out some perfect videos for the weekend:

(Warning harsh language down below)

I hope everyone has an awesome day and a fun weekend. See you next Friday!