Attack on Titan Final Season Part 3 split into two

Is the anime finally done? Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 2 ending ...

As most of you already know, we are in the final acts of Attack on Titan. Part 2 of the final season ended this previous year and it was reported that the next installment will begin this year in 2023. However, this third act is going to be a big one for fans. It’s been announced that Attack on Titan Final Season Part 3 will be split into two parts. The first half of the anime will be airing on March 4th and the other half will be later this year. Are you ready for more AoT?

Source: Crunchyroll

6 thoughts on “Attack on Titan Final Season Part 3 split into two

    • I feel the pain. My coworker was asking the same thing. I haven’t read the manga, but I heard the manga wasn’t received well. My friend thinks the reason why they are taking this long because they want to do their own version of a conclusion.

      • …hmmm. Knowing what I know about the manga ending – hazards of the internet and all that, I stumbled onto major spoilers – it does not surprise me that it was not well-received, so it would make sense for them to want to craft their own. But I have no idea what they could possibly change and actually get away with it.

      • Yeah, I need to seriously read the manga and see how it ends. If it’s that bad, I can’t imagine why the anime is taking this long. I do remember a while back, the creator did added additional chapters. Still, let’s hope this series ends this year without going to 2024.

      • Considering the nature of the ending, I’m surprised there were any chapters which could be added. But yes, let’s just hope that it ends and is over and done and no longer dragged out AGAIN.

      • I don’t know the context of more chapters, but I guess the creator wanted to please the fans. This is starting to feel like Evangelion. I’ll be mad if, knock on wood, if we get another part for this final season. We been waiting for years for this series to end.

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