Friday Funny 417: Fantasy and Realism can exist together


Thank God it’s Friday! Welcome back for another episode of Friday Funny. I hope everyone had a great Easter weekend. If you’re like me who had less sleep hours, but had two family events, you probably crashed in bed by the end of the weekend. Did you eat a lot of chocolate and peeps? You made any colorful eggs? Now that Easter is finished, there is no more holidays for the month of April until we get to May. In recent news, I went and saw the movie The Super Mario Bros. Movie, and I was amazed to see how much love was made into this movie. The actors did a good job on the characters and I loved the Nintendo Easter Eggs and references in the movie. I am not going to spoil the movie, but stay after the credits for some post credit scenes. Did you see this movie? Would you say it was good as the previous movie adaptations such as Sonic the Hedgehog and Detective Pikachu? This movie is already racking over $100 million dollars this past weekend and it already topped Frozen’s world record. In anime news, Demon Slayer is already streaming the new season The Swordsmith Village arc. If you’re like me and saw the first episode early in theaters, you already got a taste of what to expect for Tanjiro and Nezuko. If you seen the first episode, what did you think of the arc’s beginning? Also, speaking of anime, this weekend is Makoto Shinkai’s newest anime film release titled Suzume. If you are a fan of Weathering With You and Your Name, this is a movie you should check out.


So many questions, less memes. Let’s change it up to more memes and less chatting!

Check out the trailer of Suzume:

What do you think of these MCU trailers?

Enjoy this weekend!


4 thoughts on “Friday Funny 417: Fantasy and Realism can exist together

    • Thank you, Krystal and happy Friday! I saw that and it’s funny to see Sega have a sense of humor. If Sonic did kick the bucket, Atlus would probably take over for the mascot.

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