Manga News: Assassination Classroom manga removed from Florida and Wisconsin Schools

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Anybody remembered the time where the series Death Note caused trouble for students for bringing a fake Death Note notebook in school? It looks like this Florida school is not going to let kids read this alien comedy book series. It’s been reported by The Florida Standard news site that numerous members from a conservative advocacy group are removing Yusei Matsui’s manga series Assassination Classroom from Gifford Middle School, located in eastern Florida. Similarly to Florida, The Elmbrook School District has also removed the series from their digital library due to parent complaints. Reason being why the call of action is due to the manga displaying “violent and sexual content”. Jennifer Pippin, chair of the Indian River County chapter of Moms for Liberty, commented that the manga contain images of students obtaining firearms and using them to kill their teacher. “We don’t want students to think it’s OK to kill their teachers,” Jennifer Pippin said while describing the manga. A group named Citizens Defending Freedom organization commented that the violence and the sexual themes in the series should be glorified or promoted in school.

What do you think of the news?


4 thoughts on “Manga News: Assassination Classroom manga removed from Florida and Wisconsin Schools

  1. That’s taking a quick glance at the premise, or maybe a single image, and freaking out about it without understanding the context. Also, what sexual content are they referring to, because I can’t remember any. (of course, I do have to wonder if this was in elementary, middle, or high school, as I wouldn’t peddle it to the youngest, but I have no problems with high schoolers reading it) I’m all for Florida’s recent trend of protecting children from much of what the Left has put in schools, but it *can* easily be taken too far. Balance. Balance is key.

    • It’s been a while since I saw the anime, but the only sexual tone I can recall is the one female teacher. Other than that, I agree that it does feel like it’s too far. Knowing the story, the series is a lot more than kids going against an alien teacher.

  2. Considering that I worked for a public library for years, for me the idea that any reading material would be banned or censored sounds horrible. There’s an age rating on the back of almost all manga that says what age group the material is meant for. As long as the schools weren’t forcing students to read books that were very far out of there intended reading group (and I’m pretty sure Assassination Class Room is okay for the middle school age group) than they should not have restricted access of that reading material. And do I need to point out that the schools weren’t forcing kids to read this manga? If a middle schooler didn’t want to read the manga or if they though their parents wouldn’t approve, they could just not read it. (Warning Rant Ahead!) People that are all for books being banned, censored, or burned love talking about how they are “Saving” children or how they are “Protecting” their community from an evil influence. But books are not the same as an annoying ad that suddenly pops up on your TV screen or computer without warning or your permission. You have to put effort out to go to a library or bookstore to get the physical copy, you have to put effort out to read it, and at any point you can just put it down and not read it! The only thing banning books does is block access to information or content that someone was actively looking for and wanted.

    • Yeah and if I remembered correctly, Assassination Classroom is recommended for 16+ and higher. I also agree that it’s not like the school were forcing kids to read this manga. I totally agree with you! I never liked it when people try to ban books because like you said, it blocks out information which is censorship. The purpose of the manga is for entertainment and a sense of escapism.

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