[Anime News] Pokemon voice actor James Carter Cathcart retires due to cancer

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If you been a fan of the Pokémon anime, you might heard of James Carter Cathcart. Cathcart is well-known for voicing Pokémon characters such as Professor Oak, Gary Oak Team Rocket’s James and Meowth. He’s also well-known for voicing other characters from different anime like Vector the Crocodile from Sonic X and Weevil Underwood from the classic Yu-Gi-Oh! series. After 25 years of voicing characters in anime, Cathcrart is retiring from his job. Reason why is because it was confirmed by his wife, Martha Cathcart, who wrote in a health journal at the CaringBridge site stating that her husband has cancer. According to the journal, Cathcraft has been going through treatments for his cancer; however, the treatments wasn’t responding to the cancer. Medical reports stated that he has a tumor on his tongue and it’s developing around the neck. As of now, the journal mentioned that the medical team will be undergoing an aggressive chemotherapy for Cathcraft. The procedure will begin on May 1st. Cathcart last role in the Pokémon anime was in season 25 in Pokémon: Ultimate Journeys. His wife wrote about this news in correlation to the upcoming Pokémon anime Pokémon: Horizons, “He has been with the series since the 1st episode, so it is a timely decision as the series transitions to new characters and storylines.”


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2 thoughts on “[Anime News] Pokemon voice actor James Carter Cathcart retires due to cancer

  1. It’s a good idea for him to retire anyway. Besides, I don’t think he’ll be in that new Pokémon: Horizons tv show. Once he is done on portraying Prof. Oak, Gary Oak too, James and Meowth, no more Pokémon ever again.

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