Banished From The Heroe’s Party reveals second season’s key teaser visual


2nd season ティザービジュアル

If you enjoyed this anime from 2021, get ready to see your favorite characters once again this exciting (or quiet) adventure. In case you didn’t know, the anime series Banished from the Hero’s Party, I Decided to Live a Quiet Life in the Countryside, got the green light and will be getting a new season. The official key visual was released online showing the main characters, Red, Rit and Ruti, in the center of the image. The first season of the anime was aired in Japan in 2021 on October and then later Crunchyroll streamed the series to the world. So far there is no release date yet, but the anime’s new season is in the works. The anime series is based on the light novel created by Zappon (author) and Yasumo (illustrator). According to Crunchyroll news, the anime was directed by Makoto Hoshino at WolfsBane and Studio Flad. The show’s series composition was led by Megumi Shimizu, the music was composed by Yukari Hashimoto and the anime’s character designer was done by Ruriko Watanabe.

anime synopsis:

After being betrayed by the Hero’s party, Red hopes to start anew by opening an apothecary in a small town. He wants to keep his past life secret, but it won’t be easy…especially when a beautiful adventurer from his past asks to move in.

Are you guys excited for the new season? If you haven’t seen this anime, do you want to start the series?


Crunchyroll – key visual reveal

Crunchyroll – Green Light

Anime News Network

Official Site


2 thoughts on “Banished From The Heroe’s Party reveals second season’s key teaser visual

    • I recently watched this anime and I totally agree with you. I really like the connection with these two. They work together just fine and make a good team.

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