[Video Game News] One Piece Odyssey new DLC announcement

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If you enjoyed the RPG game One Piece Odyssey, there is more adventure for the Straw Hat crew in this upcoming DLC.  On May 25th, Bandai Namco will launch the post-game DLC titled “Reunion of Memories”. Taking place after the events of the main story, Luffy and his friends return to Waford and must fight new enemies such as Whitebeard, Mihawk and Enel.

Release Date trailer:


DLC Synopsis:

After completing ONE PIECE ODYSSEY’s main storyline, Reunion of Memories will send Luffy and the Straw Hat Crew back into the depths of Waford. As players embark on a new journey, they will encounter familiar and renowned figures rooted in ONE PIECE canon such as Mihawk, Perona, Enel, and Whitebeard, who will help or hinder the Straw Hat Crew from truly escaping Memoria, the world made from their memories. 

DLC will be released on May 25 and it’s going to be taking place after the main game. Be sure you complete the story.


Bandai Namco

Crunchyroll – reveal date

Crunchyroll – teaser


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