New Pokemon Mewtwo movie goes to Netflix

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Hey Pokemon fans! If you have Netflix and you are in the mood for some Pokemon fun, I got some news for you this upcoming February. Coming to Netflix, the movie Pokemon Mewtwo Strikes Back: Evolution will be added to the Netflix library on February 27th. If you don’t about this movie, this movie is a CGI animation version of the very first movie way back in 1999. This is the 22nd Pokemon movie and based on the English Dub trailer, this movie will bring back memories for classic Pokemon fans.

Friday Funny 249: A shell of a former shelf


Thank God it’s Friday! Welcome back everyone for another Friday Funny episode. I hope everyone is doing well this week. I am sorry I haven’t been writing much here this week because I been busy at work most of the time. If you thought I was stuck on gaming, I wish that was true, but when life comes along, I got have focus on priorities. On the plus side, the more work I do in my life, the more is going to pay off such as getting more hours and more pay in my bank. Before we begin this Friday Funny episode, I am going to be talking about quick recap news that should only take a few minutes. Last week, Dragon Ball Z Kakarot was released and if you are a DBZ fan, you might be enjoying this game. From the same developer from Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm series, players can relieve the epic adventures of Dragon Ball Z in a open world Action RPG game. From fighting enemies to driving cars and flying through the nimbus, this game will make you feel like you are part of the Dragon Ball world. If you haven’t gotten this game, you can always play Kingdom Hearts III Re:Mind. Re Mind is a DLC where players will be able to play more content in the already released game of Kingdom Hearts III. Based on the trailers and clips, this DLC will allow you to play the game with characters besides Sora such as Riku, Aqua and Kairi. The game will also allow players to play against data versions of bosses, see cut cutscenes and even make frames to share with people online. Also as free update, players will finally be able to get the two keyblades Oathkeeper and Oblivion. Good news, the DLC is our for PS4 fans but the bad news is that Xbox fans will have to wait until February for the DLC to be out. If you didn’t know what happened on Wednesday, the iconic food mascot Mr. Peanut has died for trying to save his friends; he was 104 years of age. In serious news, we did get news of a voice actor passing away this month. Voice actor Brice Armstrong passed away this month and if you don’t know who this person, he voiced Captain Ginyu and Lord Slug in Dragon Ball Z.

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Rest in Peace, Mr. Peanut:

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Project Xehanort? A new Kingdom Hearts mobile game?

With the news of the release Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind, you think you would have enough Kingdom Hearts fun. Well, Square Enix has some plans in the future for us. Tease yesterday, the Kingdom Hearts Twitter shared an account on their page of called “Project Xehanort”. There is no full details yet, but according to the page and website, there is plans of a Kingdom Hearts mobile focusing on the game’s antagonist Xehanort. Fans can submit the name of the project tile and hope to win a prize. Besides the contest, the tagline in the website states this: Why did  he become the seeker of Darkness? It’s unknown what is the plans of this mobile game but it is planned to be out for iOS, Android and Amazon devices in Spring 2020.


Kingdom Hearts 


Star Wars: The Clone Wars final season release date

Anybody remember the 2008 TV show that was in Cartoon NImage result for star wars the clone warsetwork Star Wars: The Clone Wars? This show was a popular show that always premiered in Cartoon Network. This show had up to six seasons but it eventually got cancelled when Disney bought Star Wars. Now, Disney is planning to give us something to dig in besides the Mandalorian. Announced yesterday, Disney announced that the final season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars will begin in February 21 through Disney Plus. This series will reach the finale and it will tie everything from Episode II: Attack of the Clones and Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. Watch as Anakin and Obi-Wan team up with Ashoka and take on the droids and the dark side including Darth Maul.

Weathering With You made over $5 million from weekend

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Box Office Mojo

How many of you have seen the anime movie Weathering With You last week? To those who missed it, GKIDS released the anime movie Weathering With You in select theaters for limited time. Wednesday brought fans the English Dub while the Thursday gave us the Subbed version; Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Birthday weekend gave us both versions.  Weathering With You is an anime movie directed by Your Name director Makoto Shinkai. According to Crunchyroll and Box Office Mojo, the anime movie Weathering With You became the most highest grossing movie within two days after Wednesday and made over $3 million dollars. During the holiday weekend (Dr. MLK Jr. Day), this movie was also premiered again and it earned an additional $2 million dollars. In results, Weathering With You has made more money than 2018 anime movie Mary and the Witch’s Flower. Unfortunately, according to Crunchyroll, the movie didn’t reach top 10 movies in the weekend due to its limited running.

Sad news: voice actor Brice Armstrong passes away

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I have come to tell you some terrible news in the world of the anime community. According to Anime News Network, voice actor Brice Armstrong has passed away. According to a Facebook page from Mary Collins Agency, Brice died on January 10, 2020 from natural causes and he was 84 years of age. If you don’t know who Brice voiced, he was well-known for voicing Dragon Ball characters such as Captain Ginyu, Lord Slug and was also Douglas in Lupin III: Farewell to Nostradamus.




Friday Funny 248: Friday Funny Z

Rock the Dragon!


Thank God it’s Friday! Welcome followers for a fun-filled Friday where you can spend the morning, afternoon or evening looking at memes. Before we start this episode, let’s talk about some recap news of this week. It’s been announced that the DC rated-R movie Joker got about 11 Oscar Nominations which surpassed movies like The Dark Knight. Speaking of DC, Warner Bros revealed a trailer for the upcoming Harley Quinn movie Birds of Prey. This will be the first DCEU rated-R movie focusing on Harley and other powerful women taking on the notorious gangster Black Mask. In Marvel, Marvel has released two trailers from different companies. Disney revealed another trailer of Black Widow and it is going to be in theaters in May 1st. Sony has just released the trailer for the upcoming vampire movie Morbius; this movie will be coming out this summer and it will more than likely appear in June. In video game news, the video games Final Fantasy VII Remake and Marvel’s Avengers will be pushed back in further months for final touches. FFVII Remake is coming out on April and Avengers is on September. Today, the official release of Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is already out for purchase. Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is an RPG, adventure fighting game where players will play through the eyes of Goku and other characters and relieve epic moments of the sagas. The game will also offer fun side missions in which players never got to experience while watching the anime. Are you going to get this game? If you are interesting on DB games I have played, check out this post I wrote of my experience with DB games.

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Super Smash Bros 5th DLC character revealed! New Fighter Pass announcement and Mii Fighter costumes!

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Today, we finally got news on who is the last DLC character for the game Super Smash Bros Ultimate for this Fighters Pass. Some of may have requested characters like Dante, Sora or even Shantae but now get ready for this character. Joining Super Smash Bros Ultimate, we have Byleth from the Fire Emblem series. Byleth can be played as either a male or female character and this character is from Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Byleth will be available for download in Jan 28th.

Besides this news and also coming out on Jan 28th, fans can also pre-purchase on that day for Fighters Pass Vol. 2. There will be a total of 6 DLC characters in this pass and if you buy the pass, you’ll get a bonus Mii outfight called the Ancient Soldier Gear.

Last but not least, get ready for some more Mii outfits. Players will be able to purchase costumes such as Altair (Assassin’s Creed) Rabidds (Raving Rabbids series), X (Megaman X series), MegaMan.EXE, and Cuphead.

Joker joins Mortal Kombat 11 in Jan and Feb

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If you own Mortal Kombat 11, you probably heard about that MK11 was going to be adding many characters in its season pass. Some of these characters is the Terminator, Joker and Spawn. Today, Mortal Kombat has just released a gameplay trailer of the Clown Prince himself. Reprising his voice, we have Richard Epcar  who will provide the Joker once again. According to IGN, Joker will be available to play in Jan 28th if players have purchased the game in Early Access. For general players who didn’t pay for Early Access, Joker is coming out on Feb 4th.

Richard Epcar is a voice actor who is well-known for voicing Joker in both Injustice games, Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe and this Joker in MK11. He has also appeared in anime such as Jigen from Lupin the 3rd in most recent titles, Zangetsu in Bleach and old man Joseph Joestar in JoJo Bizarre Adventures. Besides Joker, he also appeared as Ansem, Seeker of Darkness in Kingdom Hearts.

mobile game Final Fantasy Mobius is ending service this year

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If you like Final Fantasy games, you might have played some of the mobile games such as Record Keeper, Mobius and Brave Exvius. If you’re a fan especially to Mobius, I got bad news concerning for Japanese and also global fans. According to Kotaku, Final Fantasy Mobius will be shutting down. In Japan, this game will shut down its service on March 31st while it will also shut down for world wide players on June 30th. In Japan players can no longer purchase any in-app purchases. Global players will have until March 31st to buy anything from the store. If you enjoy this game and you have it, play it and make these lasting memories as possible.

Here is the official statement:

Greetings, Warriors of Light.


Thank you for playing and supporting MOBIUS FINAL FANTASY throughout the years.


After many difficult discussions, Square Enix ended service for the Japanese version of MOBIUS FINAL FANTASY in December 2019, after the Warrior of Despair story concluded.


Service for the global version of the game will continue until the Warrior of Despair story has concluded on June 30, 2020, at 6:00 pm PDT (UTC-7), at which time service for it, too, will end.


The schedule until end of service is as follows.


[Future Schedule]

■Jan. 15, 2020 at 7:00 pm PST (UTC-8)

・End-of-service notification (this notice)

■Mar. 31, 2020 at 8:00 pm PDT (UTC-7)

・End of “Magicite” sales in the global version of the game

* Any purchased “Magicite” can be used until the end of service.

■ Jun. 30, 2020 at 6:00 pm PDT (UTC-7)

・End of service



We would like to express our deepest gratitude to all our players who have supported us since service began back on August 3, 2016.  It is with heavy heart that we must now bring you this sad news.


We will continue to implement updates to in-game events, including the conclusion of the Warrior of Despair story, until the end of service, so it is our fondest hope that you will see our adventurers’ fates out to the very last.


Thank you for fighting alongside the Warriors of Light and for being a part of the world of Mobius Final Fantasy. May you continue to bring the light of hope to those around you.


January 15, 2020