Friday Funny 414: Anybody else owned the Fisher-Price Corn Popper?


Thank God it’s Friday! Welcome everyone for the second to last Friday of March. Can you believe we’re halfway near the end of March? Also to add to the fact that winter is over and we are officially in spring. I hope everyone is doing well this week and surviving the cold leftovers. Not tomorrow, but next Saturday is going to be April 1st. Who knows what will April give us. In recent news, I went and saw the anime movie special Demon Slayer: To the Swordsmith Village this past week. In case you been sleeping under a rock, this movie is actually just three episodes molded into one consisting the last two episodes of season 2’s The Entertainment District arc and the first episode of the Swordsmith Village arc. I hope you guys ready for April. I hope you guys had a good St. Patrick’s Day. Did you wear green today? Anyone remembered Sonic Frontiers? If you still have this game, you might want to go back to this game, because Sega announced of a free update DLC. Players will be able to take snapshots while playing the game in photo mode and players can collect musical notes and listen to classic Sonic songs. Install this free DLC and run around in the Starfall Islands!


Let’s go and kick start this weekend!

Who would win in a fight?

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[Spoiler/Spoiler-Free Review] Demon Slayer: To the Swordsmith Village movie

Harkins synopsis:

“Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba -To the Swordsmith Village-” will show Entertainment District Arc Episodes 10 and 11 featuring the fierce battle between Tanjiro, Sound Hashira, Tengen Uzui, and their comrades against Upper Six, Daki and Gyutaro in theaters for the first time. Swordsmith Village Arc Episode 1, featuring the encounter of Mist Hashira, Muichiro Tokito and Love Hashira, Mitsuri Kanroji at their newly assigned dispatch location and Upper Rank Demons assembled at the Infinity Castle, will also be shown for the first time.

*This will be a special spoiler and spoiler-free review article. This review will contains spoilers for the last two episodes of season 2; however, I’ll keep the details for season 3 to a minimum.


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Friday Funny 413: Even Superheroes need a day off


Thank God it’s Friday! Welcome everyone for another episode of Friday Funny! Today is your lucky day, because not only today is Friday, but you will be getting aa fresh delivery of memes. Today is Saint Patrick’s Day! Make sure you wear green or you will be pinched. You don’t have to be Irish to have fun. I hope everyone is doing well this week. Today is the official movie release of Shazam! Fury of the Gods. This is a sequel to the 2019 movie with the returning actors playing as their characters. Billy Batson and his brothers and sisters will work together with their powers to the new god like villains known as the Daughters of Atlas. If you like the first movie, check out this new one. Speaking of movie news, depending where you are located, some theaters are still showing the recent Demon Slayer movie, Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba Swordsmith Village Arc. In case you didn’t know this movie will feature the last two episodes of the previous arc, The Entertainment District, along with the first episode of the new upcoming Swordsmith Village arc. Be the first to taste the brand new arc before the official anime season begins this April. In anime news, if you been watching Toonami get ready for the return of Food Wars. Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma: The Fifth Plate will be joining with the other anime titles such as My Hero Academia, One Piece and Naruto Shippuden this Saturday night. Not sure if I told you or you found out this piece of news earlier, but it’s been confirmed that Bandai Namco is in the works of a brand new Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi game. There is no official title, release date, or any further information, but stay tuned! On the topic of Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is officially released for home video and digital release. In case you missed it in theaters, you can now watch and witness the awesome new powers of Gohan and Piccolo.


Say the name.

Who’s hungry?

See you next week. Shazam!

Friday Funny 412: Budokai Tenkaichi killed Xenoverse


Thank God it’s Friday! Welcome back for another episode of Friday Funny. It’s Matthew and I am alive and not frozen to death. I hope everyone is doing well and surviving the cold weather. Life can be busy, but I have free time to share some hearty memes for your Friday. Before we begin this weekend, here is some quick news. Mandalorian season 3 is currently streaming on Disney Plus. If you are caught up on the series, what do you think of the season so far? If you are one of the few who watches anime on Toonami on Saturday Night/Sunday Morning get ready for the return of Food Wars. According to Anime News Network, on March 18, Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma: The Fifth Plate (season 5) will be joining Toonami. Speaking of anime, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is available to purchase in digital retail. If you loved the movie or you missed out on seeing in theaters, you have the chance to buy or rent this movie via streaming. Speaking of Dragon Ball, Bandai Namco teased that a Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi game was in the works. There is no further details yet, but the fact this news was announced made fans rejoice. Did you ever play the previous titles? there are a total of four games and I played Budokai Tenkaichi 1 through 3. I never played the PSP game Dragon Ball Z: Tag-Team Tenkaichi. Last but not least, did anyone see the latest Demon Slayer “movie”? In case you don’t know what I mean, there was a Demon Slayer movie in select theaters. The movie wasn’t like Mugen Train more or less. The movie was actually a combination of the last two episodes of the Entertainment District arc and the first episode of the Swordsmith Village arc.


Let’s go Z-Warriors!



In case you missed it, check out Seth Rogen’s animated movie of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem. The movie comes out on August 4 this year.




A new Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi video game is in the works?!

Bandai Namco confirms Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 4 - Xfire

If Bandai Namco could surprise us with the new Naruto x Boruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Connections game, they can do it again, but with Dragon Ball Z. Step aside Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, FighterZ and The Breakers, because the king has return. Bandai Namco released a video on Sunday during the Dragon Ball Games Battle House 2023 event and during the video, it is teased that a Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi game is in development. There is no news on the release date, title or platform details.

The first Budokai Tenkaichi game was released in 2005 for the PS2. There is a total of four Budokai Tenkaichi games and the recent game Dragon Ball Z: Tenkaichi Tag-Team was released for PSP on August 2010.

How do you feel about the news? I will keep you posted.




Friday Funny 411: This is the way


Thank God it’s Friday! Welcome back for another episode of Friday Funny. I hope everyone is doing well in this cold winter week. I will be honest, it’s been a struggle over, but I am doing okay. My health is fine and my family are healthy. I hope my memes will bring you joy and give you a good laugh. Life can be cold, but good humor and positive vibes will help make a rainy day feel like sunshine. Before we begin, let’s go over some news. Mandalorian season 3 is already out! If you already caught up with the show and even watched The Book of Boba Fett, you are ready to see some Mando and Grogu teamwork. After the events of the previous adventures, Mando plans to go to Mandalore and atone for his actions. However, there are some dangerous people who wants his head and Grogu. Bo-Katan will be back in this show and she wants the Darksaber in which Mando (Din Djarin) came in possession from season 2. This season will be about survival and redemption. It’s been announced that the upcoming movie The Super Mario Bros. Movie will be airing the new movie in the US earlier than usual. The movie will be airing in theaters on April 5 for US viewers while some places around the world will be later April and May. I hope everyone had a good month in February. For 28 days, it felt like it was both a fast and slow month. What did you like about the month of February? Are you ready for March?


Let’s go, Mandalorians!

Here is something completely random and irrelevant for today:


[Video Game News] Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Cloud version temp delisted

Guardians of the Galaxy PS5 Upgrade Path Explained By Developer

Anybody remembered Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy the video game? In case if you didn’t know, Square Enix and Eido Montreal made this Marvel game be part of the Switch library, but as a cloud version. Meaning, you need online to play this game in single player mode. I recently found out today that the Switch version of the game got delisted in the Nintendo eShop. The game got delisted on February 27th. The game is expected to come back to the market possibly on April 1st of this year. As long as you bought the game when it was available, you can still archive it and download it on your Switch.