Friday Funny 382: Forget Evil Superman, be afraid of Evil Flash!


Thank God it’s Friday! Welcome everyone for an episode of Friday Funny. I hope everyone is staying cool in the heat and away from trouble. Here’s another Friday for memes and news. In big and not really new news, Ezra Miller is charged for felony. At this point, I feel like he can be Reverse Flash instead of Barry Allen Flash. In other news, it’s been revealed that Sony will be absorbing another big company on their plate. Not only they bought Funimation and merged with Crunchyroll, they recently got the rights to the shopping site Right Stuf. Whether you like it or not, Sony will be having full control on the anime content and where your money is going. Besides anime, Disney and Marvel will be dishing out new content this month of August. We have the short series called I Am Groot. Focusing on the wooden baby hero, Groot, Disney released a collection of short episodes featuring Groot and his adventures. On August 17, get ready for She-Hulk. Watch as Bruce’s cousin take on the justice system and show off her Hulk-ish strength. If that doesn’t get your attention, maybe you will watch it for Daredevil. If you have Disney Plus, you can watch the movie Lightyear. Going off topic and into my life, I saw the movie DC League of Super-Pets with my girlfriend. It was funny and cute movie and I recommend it if you love your dog very much. One more thing, it’s been announced that the next Sonic movie has a release date. Sonic the Hedgehog 3 is coming to theaters in December 2024!


Let’s do this!

As a way to celebrate the release date announcement for the Sonic the Hedgehog 3 movie, here is some theme songs from the movies.

Gotta go fast!

I can’t wait to see the Justice League fight against the Injustice League.

Bye! God bless you all!

[Spoiler Review] Dragon Ball: That Time I Got Reincarnated as Yamcha

Barnes and Noble synopsis:

Dragon Ball: That Time I Got Reincarnated as Yamcha! features story and art by dragongarow LEE.

A Japanese high school student is on his way to a Dragon Ball event and makes a detour to hit on a cute girl. Unfortunately, he meets with an unfortunate and fatal accident before he reaches her and, to his great surprise, wakes up in the Dragon Ball universe as Yamcha! Being a Dragon Ball fan, he knows exactly what misery awaits him as Yamcha, so he takes matters into his own hands and vows to make Yamcha the strongest Dragon Ball character ever!

*This is a spoiler review. I will be talking about this manga’s story, art and characters assuming you read this story. If you want to read the review without spoilers, I’ll leave the link to the spoiler-free review down below.


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Friday Funny 381: Poor Unfortunate Souls


Thank God it’s Friday! Welcome back for another episode of Friday Funny! We made it through July and here we are in in the month of August. It’s me Matt and I am to give you both memes and news. A lot has happened in July. What was your favorite moment in July? Now that we’re in August, get ready for some new events coming up. In anime news, get ready for the upcoming movie Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. If you live in the United States, you can watch this movie starting at August 19th. In other anime/manga news, looks like Square Enix got into trouble in the manga business. Recently, Square Enix released their digital manga on an app service called Manga Up! in which subscribers can pay to read their favorite chapters such as Soul Eater and My Dress-Up Darling. However, after launch, fans got frustrated when Square Enix started to add uncensored black bars on the chapters. Even in scenes where the women are fully clothed, black bar censors are still apparent. Hopefully, they get this patched up otherwise, ditch the service. Last but not least, I bring some sad news. Recently, we lost an actress named Pat Carroll this week. Pat Carrol is iconic for her voice acting as Ursula in the Little Mermaid movie as well as the sequel villain Morgana. Even though we’re getting DC’s Black Adam and Shazam 2 movies, the anticipated Batgirl movie has unfortunately been shelved. Don’t expect to see Batgirl on the big screen or in HBO Max anytime soon. In my own news, I finally got the chance to read all the volumes of the classic Dragon Ball manga. It was both a silly and action pack series. From the first appearance with Goku and Bulma to the Red Ribbon Army and to the epic finale with Goku vs Piccolo, the classic Dragon Ball series is a ton of fun. I also got to see the movie Your Name. with my girlfriend. It was a great and cute movie.


Let’s start this Friday!

Rest in peace, Pat Carroll

See you next time!


Anime News: Crunchyroll acquires anime shopping site Right Stuf!

Crunchyroll and

Looks like this is either good news or bad news depending if you like some merger news. Recently announced today, the anime streaming service platform Crunchyroll has purchased the anime shopping site, Right Stuf. Now that Sony owns Crunchyroll and they recently merged with Funimation, they now have anime’s biggest shopping sites.

Here is what Shawne Kleckner, CEO of Right Stuf had to say about this merging news:

“For 35 years, Right Stuf’s mission has been to connect anime fans with the products they love. Joining forces with Crunchyroll allows us to accelerate and scale this effort more than ever before. There has never been a more exciting time to be an anime fan than today!”

While this maybe good news for some since this means that Sony wants to expand anime to a wide audience, this news may also be bad for some. With Sony taking over, it’s also been revealed that Sony will be removing erotica items from Rightstuf. You will no longer buy any erotic manga, anime or figures with this merge news. However, according to the FAQ on Removed Items, there might be a way to still buy these items. In one of the questions asked, if you recently placed an order for an 18+ item, your item will be transferred to a separate website called According to the site, the president of the site stated that despite the new changes with the Crunchyroll and Right Stuf acquisition taking place, they want to make sure fans can still buy their erotic products. The site is still in construction, but this is the place where you will do business from now on if you want your erotic goods.

What do you guys think of this news?


Right Stuf

Crunchyroll – Crunchyroll acquires Right Stuf – Crunchyroll phases out Erotica Content

Right Stuf – Removed Items FAQ

Sword Art Online Progressive sequel trailer reveal!

Sword Art Online -Progressive- Scherzo of Deep Night anime film main visual

Ever since the first movie, Aniplex has teased a sequel to the first movie Sword Art Online Progressive. Today, Square Enix released a visual image and trailer for the next Sword Art Online Progressive movie. The new movie is titled Sword Art Online -Progressive- Scherzo of Deep Night. This movie is planned to be released in Japanese theaters on Sept 10th. Singer Eir Aoi will perform the movie’s main song “Shinzo” (“Heart”) and it will be produced by n-buna from rock duo Yorushika.

Movie synopsis according to YenPress:

It’s been just two months since they were trapped in the game of death that is Sword Art Online, and Kirito and Asuna continue their struggle at the vanguard of progress through the game. The fifth floor of Aincrad is a mazelike ruin, and the two dare to take pleasure in raiding it for the treasure it contains. Upon returning to the fourth floor, it’s time to do some questing on behalf of the Elf Lord Yofilis–but here begins Asuna’s discontent, for in doing so they will have to face her least favorite monster ever…

source: Crunchyroll

July 2022 Funko Pop Haul

Hey everyone! As you all know, this is another Funko haul post. It’s nothing too grand, but as always, I have to keep you guys updated on my collection.

149: Pharaoh Atem from Yu-Gi-Oh!

I got this figure from BoxLunch in one of my dates. This figure is big and it has the character Pharaoh Atem/Yami Yugi on the throne from the Yu-Gi-Oh! series. In case you don’t know who this is, in Yu-Gi-Oh!, the young Yugi Muto solved the Millennium Puzzle and awakened the soul of the Pharaoh. The unnamed Pharaoh took refuge in Yugi’s heart and together, they fought against ancient evil who wants bring destruction to the world. As the series came to the climax of the story, the Pharaoh’s name was revealed as Atem and he ruled ancient Egypt centuries ago.

Thank you Kazuki Takahashi for giving us Yu-Gi-Oh!

I also bought this manga anthology from Barnes and Noble. Akira Toriyama’s Manga Theater is a collection of short stories he wrote besides Dragon Ball and Dr. Slump.

ICYMI: Censorship in Square Enix manga app?

See the source image

I know I’m late to the news, but I feel like bringing it up. When it comes manga, we want to experience whatever Japan is getting. That’s why most of us either pay for it like Shonen Jump or some read from the scan sites. However, according to fans, fans are not liking the tactics Square Enix is doing with their manga. Recently released, Square Enix started this global digital manga service app called Manga UP!. With this app service, fans can pay to read their favorite Square Enix manga such as Soul Eater, My Dress-Up Darling and Fullmetal Achemist. Unfortunately, according to fan’s experiences, the service is off to a bad start. Fans have shown that Manga Up has releasing censored pages of the manga. Characters revealing skin or even full clothed are censored with black bars. Even if a woman is wearing suitable bottom clothes like pants/jeans, black bars will appear around their genitalia area. Fans were enraged to see the over the top censors.

How do you feel about this news?


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Friday Funny 380: Superhero 22


Thank God it’s Friday! Welcome everyone for an awesome and hot day today. It’s me, Matthew from Matt-in-the-Hat and I am going to be sharing memes today. Before we begin, let’s go over some San Diego Comic Con news. Marvel been dishing out some major news so you better write these down either on your calendar or renew your Disney Plus account. As of now from Phase 4 to 6, the MCU movies and TV shows from Black Widow to movies in 2025 is known as the Multiverse Saga. If you been watching the movies after Endgame and watch the TV shows, you’ll understand. For this year, get ready for the upcoming TV show, She-Hulk which will air in August 17 this year (same day as my girlfriend). The last MCU movie for this year is going to be Black Panther: Wakanda Forever which will be in theaters in November of this year. Marvel did reveal details on TV shows such as Spider-Man: Freshman Year. Taking place in Spider-Man’s younger years in high school, Peter learns how to be a hero by teaming up with billionaire scientist Norman Osborn. The series will begin in 2024. X-Men ’97 also been announced too and we get to see a new Magneto who will be in charge of leading the X-Men. Marvel Zombies has been revealed too and according to sources, this new show is going to be really dark and gruesome for the young audience. Speaking of X-Men, Marvel announced that you can now watch all episodes of X-Men The Animated Series in chronological order. If you want to watch the series in order by story, you can do it now. I wish Disney did this with Star Wars The Clone Wars.

DC also revealed some movie trailers as well. Besides the upcoming animated movie DC League of Superpets, get ready for some Black Adam and Shazam. Black Adam will be in theaters on October 21, 2022 and the new Shazam sequel, “Shazam!: Fury of the Gods”, is coming to theaters on December 21 this year. DC is dishing out two movies in the last half of 2022 and Marvel is releasing one.


Let’s go heroes (and anti-heroes)!

Are you ready for fall and winter comic book movies?

Before I say goodbye, check out John Wick 4 which is coming on March 24, 2023!

Enjoy the weekend!


Friday Funny 379: You’re the chosen one


Thank God it’s Friday! Welcome everyone for a hot and brand day. It’s Friday and I hope everyone is staying cool and drinking water. It’s me Matthew and I am here to give you the memes and any news I might have missed or just for recap purposes. Surprisingly enough, I didn’t get the chance to write a lot of news so today, I am going to keep it short today. I can tell you that I been busy these past days with my work and me dealing with power outages in my area. I did get to see Paws of Fury this past weekend. It was funny cheesy movie. Something I expect to see on TV on Nick. In my manga readings, I am currently reading the classic Dragon Ball manga. In my anime time, I been watching Chivalry of a Failed Knight. Speaking of anime news, I did hear that Bleach creator Tite Kubo was going to be involved with the upcoming final arc of the Bleach anime. Fans are speculating that this means we’re going to be getting some extended scenes that wasn’t part of the original manga. In video game news, Platnium Games announced that if anyone wants to play Bayonetta 3 without the hardcore rated M content, there’s going to be an Angel mode where you can play as Bayonetta without having to see a sensitive content. This will be good if you are streaming or don’t want anyone walking in a particular scene.


Let’s do this! It’s my day off today!

Cheers to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge for selling 1 million copies in the first week of launch.

Have fun this weekend!

Anime News: Bleach creator will be involved with final arc of Bleach anime

See the source image

I got some great news for anyone who is pumped for the return of Bleach. Despite the manga being finished a while back, there is still so much going on that not even the manga could contain. Revealed at Anime Expo, Tite Kubo revealed in a video that he will be involved with the anime project. According to Viz Media, Bleach creator Tite Kubo revealed that he he’ll be involved with Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War.

“I think it’s safe to say I’m involved in every step of the process,” Kubo began. “Usually, I’m not one for sticking my nose too far into other adaptations. It kind of feels like I’m taking jobs away from their side. But this time around, I think my involvement, my input will contribute to the fans’ enjoyment, so I’m helping out whenever possible. But the director [Tomohisa Taniguchi] and scenario writer [Masaki] Hiramatsu both have a deep understanding of the series. Thanks to them, my job has been incredibly smooth sailing.”

  • Tite Kubo according to

In short, while the anime is in works, Tite Kubo is hoping to add more content that wasn’t in the manga, but he will also want to make sure he let other people in the anime studio will still be involved.


The anime will be back on October of this year. How do you feel about Kubo involvement?


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