Friday Funny 205: Hosted by the 2,000 year old hot villain and Ifrit


Thank God it’s Friday! Welcome my brethren and welcome my fellow strangers. I, Matthew, is here to bring you good tidings and some whimsical humor for your day. Today is Friday and I will share you with some quick recap news to refresh your memory and I will then share you some memes. This week we got some video games news from anime such as Dragon Ball and Kill la Kill. Dragon Ball FighterZ fans will be able to play as GT Goku from Dragon Ball GT as the next character. So many Gokus and so little space for DLC. Kill la Kill IF: the game has just revealed that the game will be released not only in Japan, but also in North America and Europe. If you like Kill la Kill and you like both dubs, you should go on financial budget and save up for this game for you PS4, Switch or PC. The game is expected to be released on July. For Jump Force fans, get ready for a certain duelist and his dragon to join the fight. It’s been announced that Seto Kaiba will be joining Jump Force later this spring. Speaking of spring, we are officially in spring! I am hoping the weather will warm up and give us comfortable weather with a mix of hot and cold. Last but not least, we have the upcoming (and possibly the last) DLC for Final Fantasy XV. On March 26th on Tuesday, we have the Episode Ardyn. Ardyn is Final Fantasy XV’s main villain and in this DLC, players will be Ardyn Lucis Caelum and seek vengeance on his own kind. With the power of his daemon powers and the astral Ifrit, he is going to show his wrath upon Crown City. This game will take place years before Noctis was born, but you will face against King Regis and his servants. Please be sure to check out the prologue anime as well to see a glimpse of Ardyn’s past and his brother Somnus and his love Aera. If you have Final Fantasy XV, I hope you are ready for another story and you want to play as this charming character, go and buy this exciting tale. For the record, Ardyn did not threaten me to write those adjectives about him.

Check out the anime

Gameplay only trailer

Anyway, let’s begin this Friday!

To conclude this post, here are some catchy songs which I made as a playlist to describe Ardyn. You can check out the other playlist for the Final Fantasy XV characters: Gladiolus, Prompto, Ignis.

Ardyn’s playlist:

That is everything. It is done!


Friday Funny 204: I seek the world!


TGIF! Welcome everyone for another thrilling episode of Friday Funny! I hope everyone is having a great week and is getting adjusted to the time change. Before we begin, I will give you a quick dose of recap and new news. I recently saw Captain Marvel last week and in my opinion, it was a fun movie and I treated this as an appetizer for the upcoming MCU movie Avengers: Endgame which will be coming out on April 26th. Speaking of movies, Disney dished out new trailers of upcoming movies like the live action movie Aladdin and we got a new trailer of Avengers: Endgame. April and May are looking good for Disney movies. If you guys want more anime video games, I got something for you today. Bandai Namco is back again with a new One Piece called One Piece World Seeker. In this game, you get to play as Monkey D. Luffy and explore Jail Island in this open world game. You can use Luffy’s abilities to sneak around the island and fight the marines and do quests. If you’re a One Piece fan, you are going to like this game. Also, if you plan to go on vacation and you like a particular anime voice actor, this is good news for certain fans but not all them. HawaiiCon is coming and will be hosting on Sept 26-29th and fans will be able to meet voice actor Vic Migogna. If you want to meet this voice actor, make sure you save your money for Hawaii.

With this said, let’s go!



Disney Trailers:

Here is something for One Piece fans:

That is all my peeps! Thank you and come again!

Friday Funny 203: The Cosmic 90’s Heroine


Thank God it’s Friday! Wassup my peeps! Welcome back  to another Friday special. Today is the second Friday of March and we are still in winter. I hope nobody got washed away from floods and/or got buried in snow in these harsh cold weathers. I got some news to share for you this weekend. Saturday midnight/Sunday early morning we have Daylight Savings. We spring forward and we lose an hour; we get more daylight in a day but we lose an hour of sleep. Next on the news, we have the first MCU marvel of 2019 and it’s the debut solo movie Captain Marvel. Taking place before the Avengers formed together and being in the 90’s, Caorl Denvers is equipped with Kree blood and powers in which she becomes an unstoppable warrior who must stop the evil shapeshifting aliens the Skrulls. Joining her is the young Nick Fury and a small and a cute cat named Moose. Get to know this character before we get to Avengers: Endgame. Last but not least, Capcom fans can rejoice of the anticipated sequel of Devil May Cry. Today is the release of Devil May Cry V. Players can play as Dante, Nero and V and fight against demons. According to my blogger friend Mallow, this game takes after Devil May Cry 2

So put down your keyblades and take a break from fighting ninja girls and strap on your devil breakers because Capcom is giving fans what they want. With this said, let’s begin this awesome Friday!

Here is a Captain Marvel trailer and some 90’s nostagia!

Where are my 90’s fans?

90’s cartoon intros:

Let’s end this with nostalgia overload!

Goodbye 90’s fans!

Friday Funny 202: Stop Singing Let it Go!


Thank God It’s Friday! Yes, thank God it’s Friday! Welcome everyone for another episode of Friday Funny. Today is the official day of March and this means we are getting close to the season of Spring. Let’s move on from February, my least favorite month of the year. February was one of heck of a month for me personally. I didn’t care about the snow because I had to deal with snow storms and trying to get to work. Shoveling snow is not fun either when you have to shovel the steps outside. Also to add on to the stress, we have that controversial news about Vic Migogna. If you don’t know what I am talking about, it happened right around after the movie release of Dragon Ball Super: Broly. Once the movie was out, many fans made accusations on for the voice actor Vic who is accused of harassing his fans by hugging and kissing without consent. It got to the point where Rooster Teeth and Funimation fired him and will be recasted on the characters he done. So far, I don’t know the status right now on the situation, but I really wish this drama will pass on soon. I am tired of seeing fans divided and even resort to hate and violence to reach their goals for the argument. On a small positive note, I saw the movie Alita Battle Angel and it was awesome! Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse won an Oscar and defeated Disney’s movies such as Ralph Breaks the Internet and Incredibles 2. Nintendo released the trailer of the upcoming games Pokemon Sword and Shield for Switch. Overall, February was a mess in my opinion, but I guess that’s from mostly from the internet. We’re in March and I hope this month gets better for us. We have spring coming up to warm us against summer, we have Captain Marvel and Dumbo and we’re getting Episode Ardyn for Final Fantasy XV.

With this said, let’s try and warm up winter!

Since yesterday was Wednesday was Pokemon Day, here are some anime openings to Pokemon according to their generation and the recent trailer of Detective Pikachu!

That’s all folks!

Friday Funny 201: Time for some memes!


Thank God it’s Friday! Welcome back for another Friday. I hope everyone is safe and warm inside rather than being in the rain and the snow. There’s nothing new I have to share so this is going to be really short, it’s mostly going to be a recap. Alita: Battle Angel, from I heard, it’s doing pretty well and it’s a good adaptation to the manga. Someone said online that Alita is a great female lead to the movie and it might even do better than the upcoming Captain Marvel movie in regards to character. Jump Force is already out and the reviews are mixed. Some people say it’s a really fun game where you can play as your favorite anime and fight other characters, but the game suffers from flaws such as connecting attacks and animation in the story. Final Fantasy XV fans can rejoice in new upcoming content for this year. Episode Ardyn is coming out this March and the cancelled DLC are coming back in novel format. This is the last Friday of February and next week is my favorite month, March. It’s only a matter of time before the winter is over and spring will give us warmth.

Shall we begin the memes if you have time?


Check out this funny Valentines Day video made by my aniblogger Lita 🙂

To end this post, I am going to do something fun similar to last week’s Friday post. Last week, I added anime opening songs that were Shonen Jump in dedication to the new game Jump Force. This week, I am going to be adding non-Shonen Jump OP songs. Which characters should join Jump Force regardless if they are from Jump or not? Who can take on someone strong as Goku? These are the series that should save the world, Jump World and game review. This is all just a joke lol!

Just a bonus and it doesn’t count, but I will add this. If Dai from Dragon Quest can join Jump Force, then add these four bois!

Friday Funny 200: I love anime and android girls!


Thank God it’s Friday! Welcome everyone for another fun Friday of Friday Funny. I hope you all are doing well in this winter month. I will admit, February is probably at its worst in winter because some people have snow, rain or even both with a hint of hail. Either way, I hope you guys are warm and safe. To those who have to deal with this climate and go places like school and work, I pray for your safety. Today is an interesting day because today it involves otaku related news. Besides February being home of Valentines Day, we also have this month of anime month! Today is the official release of the anime crossover fighting game Jump Force. Jump Force is now on PS4, X1 and PC. The last Jump game we had was J-Stars Victory Vs+ and it was only for PS3, PS4 and PS Vita. Now in this new game, you can play on X1 and PC with over 40 characters from Shonen Jump titles. You can stick with the classics like One Piece, Dragon Ball or go straight to the new generation like Black Clover and My Hero Academia. You can even create your original character and have them team up with the Jump Heroes and save the real world and Jump World. Let me know what’s your opinion towards this game. If I get this game, I’m making the original Big Three which has Luffy, Naruto and Ichigo. I can’t wait to defeat Goku with my Yugi. Let’s hope it doesn’t become like Dissidia Final Fantasy NT. Also, today is the movie release of the live action movie Battle Angel Alita is based on the cyberpunk manga series created by Yukito Kishiro. There was an anime OVA version of this licensed by ADV which consists of two episodes. Now in 2019, James Cameron, the director of well known movies like Titanic and Avatar, takes the helm of this movie and give us live action movie based on the manga. With this news, I hope your anime month is going great. Go watch anime, read manga or even buy anime/manga related merchandise and be proud of your hobbies. Do you like mech series like Gundam or Gurren Lagann? Drill through the heavens and be proud! Do you like Shonen series with characters that inspire you take challenges? Enjoy them and believe it! Do you still cry when watching a romantic anime series? Let those feelings out and grab a case of tissues!

Let’s get this started you weebs!

Here is the recent movie trailer for Alita: Battle Angel. If you’re interested to watching this movie, go check it out!

To end this Friday post, here is some Shonen Jump Op songs to hype you for Jump Force!


Marvel Hulu plans to make animated series called “The Offenders”

Imagery for “Marvel’s M.O.D.O.K.,” “Marvel’s Hit Monkey,” “Marvel’s Tigra & Dazzler Show,” and “Marvel’s Howard the Duck," who will all team up in "Marvel's The Offenders"

It may not be like the cancelled Deadpool animated series or Netflix Marvel, but it looks like Hulu wants to make a Marvel series exclusively in Hulu. Announced at Television Critics Association Press Tour, Hulu announced that they are teaming up with Marvel and wants to create four animated series based on the Marvel characters M.O.D.O.K., Hit Monkey, Dazzler, Tigra, and Howard the Duck. All four series will also lead to a TV event called Marvel’s “The Offenders”. Here is the four animated series and their synopsis:

Marvel’s M.O.D.O.K.

n “Marvel’s M.O.D.O.K.,” M.O.D.O.K, an egomaniacal Super Villain with a really big head and a really little body, struggles to maintain control of his evil organization and his demanding family. “Marvel’s M.O.D.O.K.” comes from writers Jordan Blum and Patton Oswalt, with Blum, Oswalt and Jeph Loeb serving as Executive Producers.

Marvel’s Hit Monkey

“Marvel’s Hit Monkey” tells the tale of a wronged Japanese snow monkey, mentored by the ghost of an American assassin, as he cuts a wide swath through the Tokyo underworld in this darkly cinematic and brutally funny revenge saga. “Marvel’s Hit Monkey” comes from writers Josh Gordon and Will Speck, with Gordon, Speck and Jeph Loeb serving as Executive Producers.

Marvel’s Tigra and Dazzler Show

In “Marvel’s Tigra & Dazzler Show,” two woke Super Heroes and best friends, Tigra and Dazzler, fight for recognition among powered people who make up the eight million stories in Los Angeles. “Marvel’s Tigra & Dazzler Show” comes from writers Erica Rivinoja and Chelsea Handler, with Rivinoja, Handler, and Jeph Loeb serving as Executive Producers.

Marvel’s Howard the Duck

Trapped in a world he never made, America’s favorite fighting fowl Howard the Duck hopes to return home with the help of his unstoppable gal pal Beverly before the evil Dr. Bong can turn him the crispiest dish on the menu, in “Marvel’s Howard the Duck.” “Marvel’s Howard the Duck” comes from writers Kevin Smith and Dave Willis, with Smith, Willis, and Jeph Loeb serving as Executive Producers.


So far there is no expected release date for these four series, but if you got Hulu and you want to laugh at some Marvel characters, you might want to keep your eyes peeled for this one.


Hit Monkey



Howard the Duck



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Friday Funny 199: Shaggy, Destroyer of Realities!


Thank God for Friday! Welcome back guys for another funny post of Matthew’s Friday Funny! I hope everyone is doing okay in the cold. We are in February and we are getting hit by the coldest climate. Over here where I am at, it’s tough leaving the house because of inches of snow. If you think the weather has been rough, you should have seen the Super Bowl this Sunday. This past Sunday premiered the Super Bowl with Patriots against the Rams. The Patriots won again and this means Tom Brady get’s another ring for his collection. Not mention, one of the most disappointment moment of the Super Bowl is that NFL didn’t give us Sweet Victory from SpongeBob SquarePants. If you don’t know what I am talking about, it was mentioned a while back that Sweet Victory was going to be performed at the Pepsi Super Bowl Halftime along with singers like Maroon 5. Unfortunately, we only got a SpongeBob clip and no song! Instead, the singers performing was Maroon 5 and Sicko Mode. It’s pretty sad when the NFL fails to entertain us but the NHL gave us Sweet Victory. Thumbs up and thank you NHL. I wish Ultra Instinct Shaggy was here to punish NFL. Lately I have been seeing Shaggy memes and I have to admit, it’s pretty funny to see people post pictures of him being stronger than Goku from Dragon Ball. Unfortunately, Shaggy is too powerful to be in Mortal Kombat 11 and he is unable to be a guest character. I am enjoying my Kingdom Hearts III game and even though I am not finished, this game feels like I am watching a Disney and Pixar movie and I love it.

With this said, let’s get this party started, man.

Here is the half time we deserve!

Here are some Shaggy clips:



Like, that’s it man! Please like this post to help an abused Sasuke.

Friday Funny 198: Superhero Super Bowl


Thank God it’s Friday! Welcome back to another fun Friday! I hope everyone is still active online or unless you’re stuck on playing video games. Before we get started, here is some recap news I will share. Two brand new games were released days ago one from Square Enix and the other is Capcom. After 13/14 years of waiting, Kingdom Hearts III is finally released for PS4 and X1. Even though it’s a remake, the game is still new; Resident Evil 2 is out and players who played the classic game can relieve those moments on glorious graphics for PS4 and X1. For DLC news, if you registered you Super Smash Bros Ultimate game to your My Nintendo account before Jan 31st, players will be able to receive a free DLC character of Piranha Plant. Dragon Ball FighterZ is also releasing a new season pass and the first two fighters released is Jiren and Videl. In today’s news, it’s the Super Bowl weekend. The Super Bowl will be on Sunday, February 3rd with the Patriots against the Rams. Who will win? I don’t know, I gotta work on that day so I am going to be late to see the news. I just care about commercials, trailers and potential memes. Last but not least, get ready for DC movies for 2021! We’re getting movies like a Batman solo movie, Super Pets and a reboot Suicide Squad movie.

The weekend is going to be a blast and let’s ignite this Friday!

To end this post, let’s look back at all the superhero movies of 2018. Marvel and DC gave us some good, bad and some decent movies. Did you see Aquaman? Infinity War or the PG-13 Deadpool movie? Which movies won out of 2018? I am going to start off with the very first superhero movie of 2018 and all the way to December.

Black Panther – February 16

Avengers: Infinity War – April 27

Deadpool 2 – May 18

Ant-Man and the Wasp – July 6

Teen Titans Go! to the Movies

Venom – October 5

Once Upon a Deadpool – December 12-24

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse – December 14

Aquaman – December 21

Are you guys ready for some superhero movies of 2019? See you next week!

Friday Funny 197: Simple and Clean heart, Sanctuary in the light, Face your Fears of the darkness, Don’t Think Twice about the future

Don’t assume your dreams are just fantasy.

If you can imagine a world, believe in it… and dive in.

  • Kingdom Hearts III Orchestra Trailer + D23 2017 Toy Story Trailer

The Light is gathering together.

Hearts driven by one oath, one purpose.

  • Kingdom Hearts III E3 2018 Frozen Trailer


Thank God it’s Friday! Hello everyone and welcome back to another funny Friday. I hope everyone is healthy and didn’t get struck by a cold or flu. Today is the last Friday of January and next week is February. Before I get started on today’s funny post, I will do a  real brief recap of the past few days. Recently being played at some theaters, Dragon Ball Super: Broly is becoming one of the most successful anime movies that even surpassed other blockbuster movies like Pokemon the 1st Movie and Pokemon 2000. At this point, this movie is even better than the previous movies like Battle of Gods and Resurrection ‘F’. This movie was made especially for Dragon Ball fans. If you like the movie or haven’t seen it but want to watch it, Funimation and Rightstuf are now accepting pre-order orders for the movie. The placeholder says December 31, 2019, but who knows when it will come out. Released today is the classic remake of Resident Evil 2. If you remember playing this game 1998, get ready to play this game for PS4 and X1. Last but not least, Kingdom Hearts III is coming out soon! In Japan, this game is already in January 25th, but for the rest of the world, it’s coming out this Tuesday Jan 29th. This game was in development for years and now the story of Sora’s adventure and his battle against the forces of evil are coming to a close. Sora with his friends will be facing Xehanort and his servants as they fight for the balance of light and darkness. Get ready to experience the Disney worlds as if you are in the movies such as Frozen, Big Hero 6 and Toy Story. I pre-ordered my copy and I already promised that once I get the game, I will not be spoiling the game. I won’t be sharing pictures here or Twitter unless I make it private. In Twitter, I will be vague and won’t give out details. In a nutshell, I will be quiet in public but if you speak to me privately, I will give you my response. Don’t forget to take the personality quiz to see which KHIII character are you.

Are you one of the 7 lights or 13 seekers of darkness?

To end this post, here is a collection of Kingdom Hearts cinematic intros.

Kingdom Hearts 1.5

Kingdom Hearts 2.5

Kingdom Hearts 2.8

Kingdom Hearts III

This is the end. Goodbye! ❤