Friday Funny 307: Ocean Man


Thank God it’s Friday! Welcome back for another fun and silly Friday! I hope everyone is staying safe and warm this week. It’s me Matthew and I am here to brighten your day with memes I found online. Before we begin, I got some entertainment news for you to explore this weekend. CBS All Access will be rebranded as Paramount Plus. With Paramount Plus, users can watch and stream Viacom owned channels and movies such as Nickelodeon. Whether you want ads or not, you can even stream movies including the new and recent third SpongeBob movie, SpongeBob SquarePants: Sponge on the Run. In this movie, SpongeBob and Patrick must go on a epic quest to find SpongeBob’s pet and friend Gary. While the group go on a road trip, we get to learn about SpongeBob’s past as a kid during his time at summer camp called Camp Coral. Speaking of SpongeBob, Paramount Plus will also be streaming exclusive shows that won’t be on public TV such as SpongeBob’s prequel series Kamp Koral: SpongeBob’s Under Years, the Rugrats’ revival series and the return of iCarly. If Nickelodeon isn’t your interest, you can trust on Disney. Besides WandaVision, get ready for the next Disney movie. Created by the people who did Frozen, Disney will release the movie Raya and the Dragon. In order to see this movie, you can watch in theaters or pay for premiere on Disney Plus. Pokemon Sinnoh fans can rejoice because it’s been announced by Nintendo that Pokemon Diamond and Pearl will be remade this year for Nintendo Switch. In sad news, the popular music group Daft Punk will be splitting up after 28 years of making music.

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Now that we are in March, you better hurry and buy these games before it’s too late. Super Mario 3D All-Stars and Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon & the Blade of Light will be available until the end of March. Once we get past this month, these games will be unavailable. What makes this Fire Emblem game special is because this is the first time it is localized in English. Anyone who remembered playing Super Smash Bros Melee will remember the first time seeing Marth and Roy. Despite these characters being well-known in the game and popular in combat, no one outside the United States ever heard of Fire Emblem and they never played the original game. However, you still have time to buy and download this Fire Emblem game and experience the game in English.

Hear are some Nick videos:


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Friday Funny 306: Jom and Terry


Thank God it’s Friday! Welcome back for another hilarious post featuring yours truly. It’s me Matthew and I am here to give you another episode of Friday Funny. I hope everyone had a good month of February because this is the last full week of the month and after this weekend, we are in March.  Personally, I am looking forward to March for reasons being. Before we begin, let’s go over some exciting news today. Today is the movie release of Tom and Jerry and this one is live action. Making the jump from TV and DVDs, Tom and Jerry will enter our world and create chaos. This movie will be in select theaters and it will be free on HBO Max for limited time. If you love cartoon violence and want to watch something silly and entertaining, go check out this movie. While you enjoy the latest episode of WandaVision, be prepared for upcoming Marvel shows. In March, we are getting The Falcon and The Winter Soldier and it’s been revealed that the Loki series will be on Disney Plus in June. This Saturday in Toonami, get ready for the return of Food Wars. Since Assassination Classroom season 1 is over and there has yet to have news on airing season 2, Food Wars will cover this time slot. Last but not least, it’s been revealed by Marvel Studios that Spider-Man 3 movie has been giving the official name. Following with the Home name series, the new movie is called Spider-Man No Way Home. This movie is planned to be released this year in Christmas and it’s part of the Phase 4 movie series.

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Check out some Tom and Jerry videos:

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Friday Funny 305: Puppy Monkey Baby


Thank God it’s Friday! How’s everyone doing today? It’s me Matthew and I am here to once again share with you another episode of Friday Funny. Before I dish out today’s memes, here is some quick news for you. I am going to be quick in this news, but it’s been five years since we got the Puppy Monkey Baby commercial from 2016’s Superbowl. Besides that, Warner Bros released a new trailer of the director’s cut of Justice League this past weekend. We got to see extended scenes and new clips that are brand new to us and we got a new and improved Joker from Jared Leto. In Disney’s side of news, they been having some rough times. First off, Disney shuts down Fox’s animation company Blue Sky Studios. This is the same company that made movies like Ice Age, The Peanuts movie and Robots. Another side of bad news, Disney and Lucasfilms fired The Mandalorian actress Gina Carano due to her posting content related to the holocaust and Nazi in her Instagram. Disney didn’t like how open she was and they decided to remove. This actress will not be involved with anime Star Wars spinoff projects and there is no plans for recasting her character Cara Dune. Last but not least, we got some Nintendo news. Nintendo announced the next DLC fighter for Super Smash Bros. If you like Xenoblade Chronicles 2, get ready to be excited because characters Pyra and Mythra will be joining the game.

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Time to reopen some memories:

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Friday Funny 304: Let’s Taco About It


Thank God it’s Friday! Welcome back everyone for another exciting episode of Friday Funny! I hope everyone is doing well and staying safe. It’s me Matthew and I am here to share some memes to help kickstart the weekend and put you in the right mood. In case you missed the Super Bowl from last weekend, Tampa Bay Buccaneers won the game. Tom Brady who joined the team as a free agent got himself a 7th Super Bowl ring. On March 4th, Disney Plus will meet its match when CBS Access becomes Paramount Plus. Paramount Plus will allow users to stream and watch movies and shows that are owned by Viacom. This also means that you can even watch all your favorite Nickelodeon owned shows from SpongeBob, Dora, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Also coming in March, Disney will be adding the TV series The Falcon and Winter Soldier. While we don’t have The Mandalorian this year, we have two Marvel shows to keep us entertained. In other news, it has been revealed that most of the characters from Sonic the Hedgehog will be replaced with other voice actors; however, Mike Pollock who voices Dr. Eggman will still retain his roles.

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Major throwbacks to these trailers. Both movies came out on Valentines Day last year:

Friday Funny 303: Remember where you came from


Thank God It’s Friday! Welcome back to another episode of Friday Funny! I hope everyone is doing and surviving the first week of February. Since 2020 was a leap year, this year we have only 28 days of February. As we enter the new month, here what’s the buzz. Besides Valentines Day in next week, later in this month we have the upcoming live action movie Tom and Jerry. It’s been announced from DC comics that the upcoming movie Justice League directed by Zach Snyder will be streamed in March 18th of this year. According to sources, this new version of Justice League will be four hours long and it will be rated R. If you have HBO Max, you need to stock up on movie snacks and hold that bladder because it’s going to be longer Avengers Endgame which was three hours long. Last but not least, it’s been reported unexpectedly that voice actor Roger Craig Smith will no longer be voicing Sonic the Hedgehog. Roger voiced Sonic in 2010 and throughout the years he has played as this hedgehog in games and even cameos, it is time for him to retire and let someone else take over. He’s not retiring his voice acting career; he is going to be active and still be in works in other projects.

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To end this post, here is some Sonic the Hedgehog voices:


Friday Funny 302: I hope you have a pleasant Friday


Thank God it’s Friday! It’s me Matthew and I’m here to give you another episode of me posting random memes. I hope everyone is staying warm and safe in this winter season. Today is the last Friday for January and let’s end the day with something funny and exciting. Before we begin, let’s go over some fast news. Legendary released the full trailer of the upcoming movie Godzilla vs Kong. This monster brawl movie will be released this year in March 31st. I hope you seen the other movies such as Kong: Skull Island and the previous Godzilla movies because it’s going to be more epic than Captain America’s Civil War and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Just this movie, but expect other Warner Bro movies to be released both in theaters and HBO Max. I did hear that we are expecting a trailer for the upcoming Mortal Kombat in February. Last but not least, Marvel’s Morbius will be released in 2022 in January.

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I hope you a pleasant morning:

Have a pleasant afternoon:

Have a pleasant evening.

Friday Funny 301: Believe in me who believes you!


Thank God it’s Friday! Welcome back for another episode of Friday Funny! It’s me Matthew and I am here once again to give you your weekly memes in a episode of Friday Funny. Before we begin, let’s go over some brief news. It’s been announced all over the world that Joe Biden is our new president, while Kamala Harris is out vice-president. After going through some rough months in the US, it’s been officially announced that Biden will be our new leader for the next 4 years. In entertainment news, the upcoming Paramount Plus streaming service will be launched in the US and Latin America in March 4th. This new service will include channels and programs owned by ViacomCBS such as Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, MTV and BET. You can finally stream and watch your favorite Nick cartoon such as Rugrats, Hey Arnold, SpongeBob, Danny Phantom and much more. The epic monster movie Godzilla vs Kong will be in theaters in March 26th as opposed to May. Last but not least, I finally got the chance to see the first two episodes of Marvel’s WandaVision. So far it’s a good and mysterious show and I can’t wait to see where the story goes. Hopefully, I won’t count on it, but I would like to do a first impressions.

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Now for something completely random:

That’s the end of that. No doubt about that!


Friday Funny 300: Fact or Fiction? As seen on TV!


Thank God it’s Friday! Welcome back for another episode of Friday Funny! It’s me, Matthew and I am here to help kickstart the weekend with some cheesy memes! Before we begin, let’s talk about some quick news from Marvel. Marvel is coming back in the movie and TV genre this year and with some anticipating projects. Today is the TV series debut of WandaVision for DisneyPlus. Since Star Wars is taking a break from The Mandalorian until next, Disney is going to be providing us some Marvel superhero TV shows. WandaVision will be focusing on the lovely couple Wanda (Scarlet Witch) and her android husband Vision in a reality based on some sitcoms. This will be the first of the TV shows that will be released this year. MCU president stated that the iconic potty mouth merc with the mouth Deadpool will be joining the MCU in the third movie of Deadpool and yes, it will be rated R. Sony announced that the upcoming Spider-Man villain/anti-hero Morbius will be pushed back from March to October. Make sure you have your Disney Plus and your Marvel comic books because this year, Marvel is coming back strong and kickstarting the Phase 4 of the MCU and another round for Sony. So far there is no news yet for Black Widow for being released on Disney Plus; it’s still planned to be released on May 7th, 2021 in theaters.

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Here is a trailer for WandaVision and see if this is worth the hype:

If you remembered playing this game on the Wii U or you missed out, you wouldn’t want to miss this Switch port. Super Mario 3D World is coming back with an all-new expansion pack called Bowser’s Fury.

Let’s a go!

Friday Funny 299: Stop, Rewind and Skip!


Thank God it’s Friday! Welcome back for another episode of Friday Funny from yours truly, Matthew. I hope everyone had an awesome New Years day. I had a nice time being at home at New Years Eve, but I had to work the next day. It doesn’t help when you have to work the next day and it’s vacation time for others. Before we begin, I am going to do some fast news. The pirate Shonen Jump series One Piece has reached the 1,000 chapter mark in the series. If you been reading One Piece from the beginning, you made it this far and I hope you continue to hang on just a bit more until the end. In My Hero Academia, I heard there’s a big spoiler moment involved with one of the main characters. I haven’t been reading the manga much, but I don’t want to get spoiled. If you already been caught up in the manga, don’t spoil it for the others! Besides My Hero Academia news, if you like Black Clover, the anime is back. In this anime’s return, Asta and his friends are ready to rumble and fight the Spade Kingdom. This kingdom is very dangerous as they depend on the powers of the devil. Once again, if you been reading the manga of Black Clover, don’t spoil the story for anime viewers! Get ready for the next couple of Saturdays because Toonami will be adding new anime shows on TV. We’re getting the final season of Attack on Titan along with the debut of the anime mecha series SSSS.Gridman.

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Let’s start this Friday on the right foot… or left foot!


Here are some JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure songs with some minor alterations:

Let’s hope we get an anime version of Part 6: Stone Ocean this year!

Friday Funny 298: Redo the Damage


Happy New Years!

Thank God it’s Friday and thank God 2020 is over! Can you believe 2020 is over and we are in 2021? I hope everyone had an awesome Christmas last week. My Christmas was fun because I got to spend time with my girlfriend and my family. We saw the movie Wonder Woman 1984. Santa Claus came to my house and he gave me the Infinity Gauntlet based on the Marvel movie Avengers: Infinity War. Now that the holidays is over, we are back to square one. Here we in January of 2021 and let’s start the year on the right foot. I don’t have much news except for recap news. In January, Toonami will be adding some anime in the schedule such as the final season of Attack on Titan and the anime SSSS.Gridman will be a new addition along with Fire Force and Sword Art Online Alicization. While The Mandalorian will take a break until 2022, Disney Plus is going to be busy with other works in Marvel shows such as WandaVision. In manga, One Piece will be entering its 1,000 chapter mark. Have you been reading the manga up to the main arc?


Instead of a Thanos Snap, let’s do a flashpoint and fix 2020!

Goodbye 2020. Thanks for the memories. Let’s start with a new slate. New year, new me.

Goodbye everyone!