Game news: Jump Force joins the Switch! Season pass 2 reveals MHA Todoroki!

Jump Force Announced for Nintendo Switch & Shoto Todoroki Kicks ...

The crossover anime fighting game is back and Bandai Namco is bringing in two amazing news for new and returning fans.

The intense anime fighting game Jump Force was originally exclusive for PS4, XB1 and PC owners and was released in 2019. Today is has been revealed by Bandai Namco that the game will be joining the Nintendo Switch library. In a trailer, the players can buy the exclusive Jump Force Deluxe Edition. This version comes with the full game along with the added DLC characters from the first season pass. You can play on the go or play with up to 6 players and compete with your favorite anime characters. This version will come out sometime in 2020. Will you be buying this game?

Speaking of DLC, it was originally announced that Jump Force will continue to release new DLC characters after the first season pass. The second season pass will include 5 characters. The first confirmed character that will be joining the fight is Shoto Todoroki from the series My Hero Academia. You can freeze and burn your foes in Spring 2020 and this character will be in all versions of Jump Force. According to the trailer, it is been hinted that the next four characters will be from the series Hunter x Hunter, YuYu Hakusho, Bleach and JoJo Bizarre Adventures. Who do you think will be included?

Demon Slayer video game news! A PS4 and Mobile game in the works!

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Hello gamers, I got some interesting news I just found out this weekend. The popular demon-slaying, Shonen anime Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba will be getting some video game titles for the PS4 and mobile devices. According to Crunchyroll, this news broke out in the recent Japanese issue of Weekly Shonen Jump magazine revealing that the series is the Anime of the Year Winner.

The PS4 game will be called Kimetsu no Yaiba: Hinokami Kepputan and this game will be developed by CyberConnect2 (well-known for creating the games Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot and Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm series.)

The mobile game is called Kimetsu no Yaiba: Keppu Kengeki Royale and it will be for Japanese Androids and iOS devices. This game will be played as a “battle royale” where players will be placed in one, big arena and fight each other for last man standing. This game will be released later this year. This game will also be developed by Soleil Game Studios (same company who is currently working on Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time).

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba video games

So far, there is no news for the game to be released outside of Japan. These games will be worked on by the same company which is Aniplex and the animation team Ufotable and Shueisha.

Crunchyroll – PS4 and mobile

Crunchyroll – PS4

Super Saiyan God is coming to DBZ: Kakarot

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Besides Doom: Eternal and Animal Crossing: New Horizon, I hope everyone is having fun with their video games. If you still play Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, be prepared for new content coming in the spring. Game company Bandai Namco released a tweet announcing that Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot will be receiving DLC content for the upcoming update. This DLC will give players the ability to play as Super Saiyan GOd Goku and Vegeta. Characters Beerus and Whis will be added to the game along with new moves and music. This update will be coming this spring.

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Official news: Bleach and Burn the Witch anime details! Bleach is coming back!

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With all the buzz going on, people have been hearing the news of Tite Kubo’s manga series Bleach and how it is coming back and will adapt the final arc. Today as part of the Bleach 20th Anniversary project announcement, a livestream revealed that it is official that the final arc of Bleach, Thousand-Year Blood Arc, will finally get an anime adaptation. According to the livestream, Bleach will be coming back in 2021.

Burn the Witch

Also revealed in the livestream presentation, Tite Kubo’s one-shot manga Burn the Witch will also get the anime treatment. According to Crunchyroll, the anime will be an anime film and it will be done by Studio Colorido (well-known for doing Pokemon: Twilight Wings and Penguin Highway). In charge of this project will be Tatsuro Kawano who worked on the storyboard of Penguin Highway and key animator for Boruto: Naruto the Movie and Kill la Kill. The voice for the protagonists has already been confirmed:

Yuina Yamada voicing Noel Niihashi

Asami Tano voicing Spangle Ninii

Burn the Witch will be released as an anime film in fall 2020. According to Crunchyroll, the story is centered around two witches, Noel Niihashi and Spangle Ninii, who work in Reverse London as part of the Soul Society West Branch. It takes place 12 years after the events of The Thousand-Year Blood War.

Shonen Jump has provided this link if you want to read Burn the Witch. The Thousand-Year Blood War begins on chapter 480 in the Bleach manga.



Burn the Witch

Manga news: The Seven Deadly Sins is ending! Samurai 8 getting cancelled?

Despite the news of Bleach returning and the one-shot Burn the Witch getting an OVA, there is some good and bad news in the manga world. According to Crunchyroll, the Shonen series The Seven Deadly Sins manga is going to be concluding next week in Japan’s next issue of Weekly Shonen Jump. The manga was created by Nakaba Suzuki and first appeared in October 2012. The final chapter will be released in issue 17 in Japan’s newsstands on March 25th.

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Whether you been following the story or not, Naruto creator Masashi Kishimoto’s sci-fi manga Samurai 8: The Tale of Hachimaru is going to be ending pretty soon. According to scan in recent Weekly Shonen Jump, the series Samurai 8 is in the lowest rank in the issue and it is been announced that the series will be ending in issue 17 of the magazine. The series will have a total of 48 chapters.

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Anime news: Bleach anime is returning and Burn the Witch OVA announcement?!

Great news Bleach fans, I hope you guys are still fans of Tite Kubo’s amazing manga series Bleach. Today I woke up with some amazing news regarding this Shonen series. Put down your My Hero Academia show or put away your Demon Slayer manga because one of the big three is coming back.

It’s been years since the anime has ended, but it ended with a cliffhanger and we never got to see an animated version of the last arc, Thousand-Year Blood War. The anime ended in 2012, but the manga ended in 2016. Now, according to Twitter anime news A.I.R. (Anime Intelligence Research), they found a recent issue of Japanese Shonen Jump magazine with a transcript regarding Bleach. While translating it is been announced that long awaited finale of Bleach will finally get the anime adaptation treatment. To make things even more exciting, the Bleach spin-off one-shot manga Burn the Witch will also get an OVA anime adaption. Originally, this news was going to be announced on March 23rd at AnimeJapan2020 event, but due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the event has been cancelled and thr announcement will be made on March 20th, 8:45 PM.

If you want to read the one-shot, I will leave the link where you can read at Weekly Shonen Jump:

Shonen Jump



Bleach 20th Project

Mystery Blogger Award by Keiko Anime Blog

I want to thank Keiko from Keiko’s Anime Blog for nominating me for the Mystery Blogger Award. This is the second award I got nominated from Keiko. Go check out her post at her blog for her answers.

Here is the rules:

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3 things about me

  1. I originally was going to use this blog for my life journal before thinking about becoming a writer for anime, video games and other entertainment content.
  2. I am a fan of classic Disney animation movies and other cartoons.
  3. When it comes to gaming, I really like classic games like Sonic the Hedgehog, Super Mario Bros, Crash Bandicoot and Spyro the Dragon.

5 questions for me:

  1. Who is your favourite anime villain?
  2. What type of posts do you enjoy reading the most?
  3. If you could get a witch/wizard to brew you one potion, what would it be?
  4. You are trapped in an elevator with three of the most annoying characters. Who are you trapped with?
  5. What is the worst song you’ve heard recently?

5 answers 

1. My favorite anime villain would be Gild Tesoro from the One Piece movie One Piece Film Gold.

Image result for gild tesoro

2. I like reading news in regards to anime and video games. I also like spoiler-free reviews.

3. If a wizard/witch was to make me a potion, I would want them make me a potion to give me superhuman strength like Captain America.

4. If I was trapped in a elevator with three annoying anime characters, these would be my three:

  • Chi-Chi from Dragon Ball
  • Mineta Minoru from My Hero Academia
  • Asta from Black Clover

5.The worst song is any song from Cardi B. I never cared about her music.

Two of my best posts

My Dragon Ball game experience from 2002-2019

My Final Fantasy Legacy: Happy 30th Anniversary #FFLegacies

10 nominees:

  1. Peach Fuzz Critic
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My five questions for my nominees

1. What is your favorite anime opening song?

2. What anime gave you a great impact in your life?

3. If you could spend a whole day with an anime character, who would it be and what would you do?

4. What was the first manga you ever read?

5. What is your least favorite anime genre?

The End

My Hero Academia fandom attacks manga creator over villain’s name and WWII birthdays

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Even though My Hero Academia is considered one of the most popular series in the anime and manga community, the fandom can make the community a dangerous place. In case you missed what has happened last week, Bounding Into Comics has been writing some disturbing news in regards to the manga author and the fandom. (Minor spoilers ahead!)

Reported last week, My Hero Academia released chapter 259 and revealed a scientist named Maruta Shiga. This character is a scientist that created the Nomu monsters, the All for One quirk and experimenting on Tomura Shigaraki. This character’s name has sparked an outrage from the My Hero Academia fandom due. According to Bounding Into Comics, fans believe that Maruta is a reference to a World War II war crime in which a Japanese military unit would test biological experiments on political prisoners, prisoners of war and other human victims. This experiment group was called Unit 731 facility and they would treat humans as less. In results, they were sometimes called Maruta since they were treated as falling down trees with no human value.

Fans from China and Korea believed Kohei Horikoshi made a reference to a horrific WWII war crime and the fans has expressed great anger to the point of asking the creator apologize. Horikoshi responded to the hate and anger and wrote an apology and he and the team told fans that they will change the villain’s name.

However, despite Horikoshi trying to amend his actions, the fans are still showing anger towards him. The fans believe his apology wasn’t enough and they are willing to throw away their entire collection of My Hero Academia manga. To add more hate to the flames, fans have also started to hate the My Hero Academia characters because of the birthdays. Some of these characters share the same birthday as Germany Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler and Imperial Japanese officer Kenji Doihara. The fans are beyond furious.

What do you guys think about this news?


My Hero Academia issues apology for villain name

My Hero Academia fans destroy manga collection

Fandom continues to show backlash and make references to WWII birth dates

Dragon Ball FighterZ season pass 3 announced

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Howdy Dragon Balls! I hope you haven’t stopped playing the fighting game Dragon Ball FighterZ because the company Bandai Namco and Arc System Works are giving us more fun in this game. Announced today, Bandai Namco announced that Dragon Ball FighterZ will be receiving a third season pass.

Based on the trailer, the third season pass will include five DLC characters. The first two characters announced for this DLC is Ultra Instinct Goku and Kefla. Kefla will be the first DLC character to come out and she will be available for download on February 28th. Ultra Instinct Goku will be released in Spring 2020.

Fairy Tail video game delayed to June

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I got some good news and bad news for Fairy Tail fans, so I am going to tell you the bad news first. According to a tweet by Koei Tecmo, the upcoming RPG video game Fairy Tail will be delayed.

According to the game producer, Keisuke Kikuchi states that the reason why this game is delayed because he and the rest of the team wants to polish the game and give fans the highest quality of gaming such as enhancing the game’s engine and fight system. Originally, the game was going to be released on March of this year. Now, depending where you live, Fairy Tail will be released for Europe and Japan on June 25th and North America will get this game on June 26th for PS4 and Switch. Are you planning to get this game?