June Funko Pop Haul 2020

Welcome everyone for another awesome Funko Pop haul post. As you know, you know me as a hardcore collector. I love collecting these Funko Pop figures. Whenever there is a sale or I need help getting free shipping, I buy one of these figures and add them to my cart. Sorry for the late haul, July has been really busy in my life. With my new job and an addition to my family, I forgot to write about what I got in June. I also got more figures in July, but that’s going to be in a different post.

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Here is what I got June:

54. Deadpool (Supper Hero)

As a late birthday gift, my best friend Ezra got me this festive Deadpool figure. This figure has Deadpool holding a turkey fest. I am not sure if he’s celebrating Thanksgiving or Christmas, but Deadpool will happily treat his friends with this delicious turkey.

55. Mysterio from Spider-Man: Far From Home (Walmart exclusive Glow in the Dark)

Thank God Walmart brought back this figure when it was on stock. This figure is pretty rare because this figure is just like my Perfect Cell figure and it can glow in the dark. Just like in the movie of Spider-Man: Far From Home, Mysterio uses his illusion special effects and shows up as spooky and mysterious. Mysterio is a master of illusions and this guy trick thinking he is strong as an Avenger. If you want this figure, you’re going have to keep your eyes peeled in sites such as Walmart or even eBay.

This is my collection from June. I have a total of 55 figures.


90’s Tag – This generation is all that!

I was tagged by Fred from his blog called This is my place. I was born in the 90s and as a kid, I thought life was simple. I was a kid who spent hours on cartoons and games and going to elementary school. All I cared about was fun and nothing much going on in the world.

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Favorite TV Show

Kenan & Kel (TV Series 1996–2000) - IMDb

Amazon.com: The Amanda Show: Season 3 (2 Discs): Movies & TV

Before we had shows like iCarly, Victorious and Henry Danger, we had some funny shows growing up. Before Drake and Josh, we had two teens named Kenan and Kel. These funny actors also appeared in the movie Good Burger. Another weird, but funny show was The Amanda Show. Hosted by Amanda Bynes, we had teens perform funny skits such as a parody of Judge Judy and fake infomercials about selling pants that cook popcorn and buying a homework in a pseudo pizza delivery service. Before we had Tom Kenny acting as Patchy the Pirate trying to meet his hero SpongeBob (also voiced by Ton Kenny), we had Amanda acting as an obsessed fan named Penelope and trying to meet Amanda Bynes (herself).

Favorite 90s song

Anytime I heard the Indigo League of Pokemon opening song, I just jump around in excitement. As a kid, I wanted to be a Pokemon trainer like Ash and have my own Pikachu and go on adventures. This song resonates within me and this series was a gateway to watching anime. At this time, I saw this and believed it was a cartoon.

Favorite commercial

As a kid in a tender age, I love playing with my N64 and playing hours of Mario Party and Super Mario 64. When I saw this commercial of Super Smash Bros 64, I thought it was funny idea to have all these characters come together and fight. I always like picking Mario or Pikachu and beating up the other characters. This was my favorite game growing up and this game made me enjoy the other Smash games from the series (excluding Smash 4 for Wii U/3DS since I never owned any of those platforms).

*NSYNC or Backstreet Boys?

I hardly paid attention to these two bands, but I vaguely remember the song Bye Bye Bye sung by *NSYNC.

Favorite Music Artist?

I didn’t have any favorites.

What did I collect?

I collected the old Pokemon cards. I didn’t know how to play them, but I did like having them.

The Retro 90s Style We Loved In Pokemon TCG Is Back!

How many Tamagotchis did you go thru?

I don’t think I ever had my own friend. I think the only I got was a kids meal toy of them.

Favorite video game and console?

I like playing both the Nintendo 64 and the Playstation 1. On the N64, I would play Super Mario 64 and on the PS1, it was both the Crash Bandicoot and Spyro the Dragon series.

Luigi has been hiding in the source code of Super Mario 64 for 24 ...

Crash Bandicoot: Warped (video game, 3D platformer, time travel ...

Retro Review - Spyro: Year of the Dragon - BagoGames

Favorite cereal toy, 90s crush growing up? Favorite Disney Channel movie?

I don’t remember my favorite cereal toy, but I do remember eating Trix, Cookie Crips and Fruit Loops. I didn’t have a crush on anyone, not I had a favorite Disney Channel movie.

Favorite cartoon show?

Likewise to Fred’s answer, this is a tough question. I used to watch Animaniacs and Pinky and the Brain; I used to watch Tiny Toons as well. The majority of the time, it was the 90s Nickelodeon cartoons like Rugrats, Ren and Stimpy, Doug, and Hey Arndold.

90s Nickelodeon Taught Us the Value of Absurdity | Consequence of ...

Weirdest fashion trend?

I never paid attention to fashion. I was just a kid at that time.

Favorite Toy?

I really enjoyed my Woody doll from Toy Story. I really loved the movie.

Disney, Nick, or Cartoon Network?

Disney came first because I always watched the movies like The Lion King, Aladdin and Snow White. My love of animation came from Disney. Nick came along much later and I used to watch cartoons on the old TV in the living room, Cartoon Network didn’t appear in my life until much later in elementary school. Once I got into CN, I watched Powerpuff Girls, Ed, Edd’n Eddy and Johnny Bravo.

Early morning/weekend shows would you watch?

Anyone remember the Kids WB? I probably watched shows like Batman Beyond, Tiny Toons and Animaniacs.

Favorite McDonald’s Happy Meal toy? What would you watch when you got home from school?

There is one toy I still have and it’s my treasure. I have a Pokemon keychain of Sandslash from Burger King. I used to carry it around when I was in elementary school, high school and college.

Vintage 1999 Pokémon Burger King Ball Lot Toys Pikachu Togepi ...

I got the Sandslash Pokemon on the bottom left.

Favorite Book?

It would probably be Dr. Seuss books like Cat-in-the Hat and Are You My Mother.

Favorite thing from the 90s that is not around today?

The candy treat Wonder Ball.

A treat from the past – Made in the 90's


I tag these three people. Anyone not listed can join in the fun! Any other 90s peeps?


Shay Taree


OWLS MiniCon – Dragon Ball: Comparing the Big Three Series

It started with one man and his imagination. His ideas would later create an epic story that would spawn billions of fans across the globe. That man is Akira Toriyama and he created Dragon Ball. Whether you watched this anime as a kid on Toonami, read the manga or played the games, Dragon Ball is a pivotal anime that most anime fans has witnessed and know about its presence. Dragon Ball has become so mainstream that you can its name at stores and seen parodies on Western animated series and people can recognize its popularity. From the foundation of the classic Dragon Ball, to the turning point of Z, to the black sheep of GT and to tending Super, Dragon Ball has made its mark in the anime community. As a Dragon Ball fan, I have some research on these four different Dragon Ball series. In the manga, Akira Toriyama created Dragon Ball and it took 42 volumes of the tankōbon to complete it. In America, the manga was split into two due to the anime and we have Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z. Dragon Ball GT, however, was created by Toriyama and it a sequel to the anime of Z with an original story. In 2015, the original Dragon Ball got a sequel called Dragon Ball Super and it was worked by the series creator himself. There is also a manga version of Super, but it the art was done by Toyotarou while Toriyama helm the plot. Excluding the classic Dragon Ball, I find DBZ, DBGT and DBS really interesting since some of them share similar themes and characters despite looking different. Whether they are canon or noncanon, they both share a similarity. In this article, I want to talk about these similar differences. These three anime may have appeared on TV in different years and each one has their own plot, but they also hold some key concepts that make them feel not so different whether it is about characters or concepts. I won’t cover everything, but I will talk about topics like characters with similar names and concept idea, but also how are they used in different medias.

Warning: This will contain spoilers for Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball GT and Dragon Ball Super. I will only be covering the anime version of Dragon Ball Super. The manga version differs than the anime and it is currently still running.

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Isaiah 49:1 (NIV and NKJV)

NIV – The Servant of the Lord

Listen to me, you islands;
    hear this, you distant nations:
Before I was born the Lord called me;
    from my mother’s womb he has spoken my name.

NKJV – The Servant, the Light to the Gentiles

“Listen, O coastlands, to Me,
And take heed, you peoples from afar!
The Lord has called Me from the womb;
From the matrix of My mother He has made mention of My name.

May 2020: Funko Pop Mega May haul

This maybe the biggest haul I ever gotten from this May month. If you know me, I am a huge Funko Pop collector and I do my best to collect the hard to get figures and add them in my collection. I sometimes get them from Walmart, eBay, Hot Topic and GameStop. Before I share my collection, I want to thank Michael Kelly for donating again for my website. Thank you Michael for your support! If you want to support them, go to their Ko-fi.

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Top 5 “new” anime that should join Toonami

Toonami - December 21st 2019 Intro "TOM 6" - YouTube

Almost like my top 10 post about Toonami and previously aired anime, I have another top post to share with all of you. Last time, I talked about what anime should return to Toonami. Today, I want to talk about “new” anime that has yet to join this Saturday night block. When I say new, I don’t mean new as in current year/season anime that was made in this current year. I say new as in anime that never showed up on Toonami. For example, the anime Hunter x Hunter joined Toonami with an English Dub on 2016, but the anime original aired on 2011-14 in subbed online. Even though anime wasn’t brand new to most viewers, this anime was new and fresh for TV users. We also got some new anime joined Saturdays such as Dr. Stone, Mob Psycho 100 and The Promised Neverland. In this post, I want to list my top 5 new anime that could join Toonami.

5. Fairy Tail

Fairy Tale': Final Season Will Bring Overdue Reunions and Epic ...

We had many long-going anime before such as Dragon Ball, One Piece, Bleach and even the current Naruto Shippuden. Now joining along these titles is these Funimation titles Black Clover and My Hero Academia. I never watched Fairy Tail. but I heard from people that this is a great Shonen anime that is fun to get into if you like anime like One Piece and Naruto. Oddly enough, despite this anime having a huge fanbase, this anime has not appeared on Toonami. One of these days, I do want to get into this series. With this COVID-19 going on, Funimation has been dealing with the dub for the anime My Hero Academia . I feel like once they are done with recording the English Dub of season 4 of the anime, I think it would be nice to see them take a break and give fans something different that is already recorded and will keep people wanting more Saturday nights.

4. Sword Art Online Alternative Gun Gale Online

Sword Art Online: Alternative Gun Gale Online (2018-)

Just like My Hero Academia, Sword Art Online Alicization next arc is hit by the COVID-19 delay. I feel like until things get busy again, I think it would be cool if Toonami includes this spinoff anime, Sword Art Online Alternative Gun Gale Online. In this anime, taking place in the same world of SAO, the story focuses on new characters besides Kirito and the group and the anime centers on Gun Gale Online, which was a game introduced in season 2 of the main SAO story. This anime does have Kirito, but this anime does have cute and likeable characters and it will be a breather from the main story’s “serious tone” in plot. I seen this anime and I like it.

3. Blue Exorcist Kyoto Saga

Blue Exorcist: Kyoto Saga Review | Brutal Gamer

Anybody remember Blue Exorcist joining Toonami? This is not a sequel to the main anime that aired in 2012. According to sources, Blue Exorcist Kyoto Saga focuses the Kyoto Impure Arc from the manga; specifically, according to Otaku Magazine, this anime takes place after episode 17 where the story sticks to source material. In short, this new version of the anime replaces the second half of the old version. I really like the anime and if you like themes like exorcism and fighting demonic evil, this is something to watch. I would like to see Toonami add this anime on TV. Similar to One-Punch Man season 2, this anime can be streamed anywhere, but last time I checked, the English Dub is exclusive in Hulu.

2. Accel World

VIZ | The Official Website for Accel World

Made by the same creators of Sword Art Online, Reki Kawahara created this series called Accel World. Unfortunately in the community, this anime doesn’t get much attention like SAO. I seen some of the anime, but I say it’s a good and fun series to watch. If you like Sword Art Online and video games, this something to watch. This anime about 24 episodes and I think it will keep viewers entertain.

1. The Rising of the Shield Hero

Amazon.com: Skinhub 12" x 15" Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari The ...

I haven’t seen this anime, but I have others saying this anime is really good, while others say controversial stuff about it. Despite this anime getting bad reviews from ANN and this series dealing with controversial themes, fans have said this anime hits the nail and it’s a great isekai anime. With an anime popular and having the green light for more seasons, I wouldn’t be surprised if Toonami adds this title on Saturdays.

These are just suggestions. What about you guys? What kind of anime you want to see on TV? What new anime deserves a chance for public?

Final Fantasy VII Remake Deluxe Edition Gamestop exclusive unboxing

Final Fantasy VII Remake | Game Preorders

FINAL FANTASY VII Remake Deluxe Edition | PlayStation 4 | GameStop

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I been wanting to do this unboxing post way back in April, but due to work, coronavirus and family stuff, my life has been busy. I also got preoccupied in the recent game of Final Fantasy VII Remake. Besides this, I am here to talk about the game’s package and what version I got. If you have been keeping up with the news I been writing, Square Enix released information on the pre-order bonuses of Final Fantasy VII Remake. There are three versions in which fans can either get the standard, deluxe or the expensive 1st Class Edition. Knowing that I wanted this game when it was first announced, I settled for the deluxe edition; it had many goodies than the standard, but it was also affordable than getting the game over $100. The deluxe edition comes with the game and standard case, a steelbook case with Sephiroth on the cover, a mini soundtrack from the game, DLC such as a Chocobo Chick and Cactuar and an artbook. Depending where you buy it from a retailer, you also get some exclusives. I went ahead and pre-ordered at my GameStop which a tin box and a Shinra keycard replica.

I don’t collect steelbooks often, but they are pretty cool to have. I have a Kingdom Hearts III, Final Fantasy XV, Dissidia Final Fantasy NT and God of War. When you get the case for Final Fantasy VII Remake, you get to have Sephiroth on the cover and on this inside, there are two slots in which you can put you game discs in it. The inside has a picture of Cloud staring at the Shinra Reactor.

The artbook is pretty cool since it does show the designs on the characters and enemies. I am not going to show everything since I don’t want to take up space on the memory. The soundtrack is pretty small. It only comes with 12 tracks from the game.

Last but not least, we have the keycard. The tin box is small, but pretty shiny. The front of the card has the title and logo of Final Fantasy VII Remake and on the back has the ID number and the Shinra logo. If you are wondering, the ID card number does nothing. I was curious and I tried to see if I can use it for an exclusive DLC code since it has the same number digits as a PSN code. However, it doesn’t do anything. This is just something to have and pretend as if you are either a Shinra worker or an Avalanche member trying to sneak into the base.

So this what it looks like if you get the deluxe edition. Did you get this edition too or did you get something else?