December 2020 Funko Pop Haul

Hey welcome back for another haul post featuring your favorite Pop collector. This is me, Matthew and I am to share with you another post revealing my up to date collection Funko Pops. This post will feature Pop figures from the month of December in the last year of 2020.

Before we begin, check out my girlfriend’s fanfiction at Vocal if you love Loonatics Unleashed:

Anyway, check out my treasure!

77. Silent Knight Batman (Hot Topic Exclusive)

78. Beanstalk Mickey

79. Mickey Mouse

I bought these three figures while shopping for a Christmas gift for my brother. After buying him Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War for the PS4, I decided to treat myself for some shopping for myself. I went to Hot Topic and indulge on Pop figures. I went and grabbed three figures. The first thing I got was Batman Silent Knight. I believe it’s one of those special festive figures because on the box it shows DC characters celebrating Christmas. This Batman figure has an icy appearance along with snowflakes on his cowl and cape. The next figures I bought is two versions of Mickey Mouse. One is from the Disney classic short “Mickey and the Beanstalk” and the other is a standard Mickey Mouse figure. I am a huge fan of Mickey Mouse ever since I was a little kid. I couldn’t resist getting Mickey and I wanted to him be part of my collection.

80. Funko Box: Dragon Ball Z Only at GameStop

Since my family knows I love Dragon Ball Z and Pops, my brother got me this Mystery Box contain DBZ Pop figures and collector’s editions toys. It was one of the best Christmas gifts I got. According to the GameStop website, this is a mystery box containing some random characters, but each one has the following:

1 Funko Pop figure

1 PEZ Head

1 Keychain figure


1 set of 2-pack pins

I am not going to cover everything what the mystery box has, but I will tell what I got in my box. If you’re curious on what the box usually contains, check out the details at GameStop. In my box, I got this Majin Buu holding a lollipop figure. I got Perfect Cell PEZ head and a shiny chrome like Perfect Cell keychain. I also got a set of pins containing Perfect Cell and Final Form Frieza. The patch I got says “Frieza Force”.

This is random, but my brother also got me Domez figure from the Batman series; I got Robin. This is the third figure I got from the Domez series. The first two figures I got was a Steamboat Willie Mickey Mouse (stepping on soap) and Spider-Carnage.

I have a total of 80 figures. I can’t wait to tell what I got from January 2021!

Blogger Recognition Award by Yaoi Playground

I want to thank Mistress of Yaoi for nominating me for the Blogger Recognition Award. Feel free to check out her blog if you are interested in her content; don’t forget to read her post from her nomination. Here are the rules for this Blogger Recognition Award:

  • Post the award banner somewhere on your blog.
  • Share the reason why you started your blog.
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  • Tell your nominees about your award post so they can participate!

Matt-in-the-Hat Origin – Why I started this blog

Apple made an ad to highlight the history of MacBooks in anime - The Verge

How I started this blog was not what I expected. I signed up with WordPress for an English college class in the topic of the public and private sphere. In this class, we talked about what was the public sphere and how does people engage public information and what was considered private. In order to understand the public sphere, my professor wanted us to sign and create a blog with WordPress and write a post on anything news related around the world. Once I got done with the class, I was planning to leave and abandon this blog and move on life. However, I remembered a while back my family told me that I was a good writer and I should make use of it. I decided to use this blog again for my own purposes.

At first I was going to use this blog as a diary of my life and vent out any emotions I have been collecting. While brainstorming, I was thinking about using this blog to talk my opinions on certain topics such as anime and video games. Rather than making this a life journal blog, I decided to use this as a place where I can talk about anime. I would use this platform to share news regarding my interests. The name Matt-in-the-Hat would be a reference to Cat-in-the-Hat also a play on words towards me.

As time passed, I used this blog to review nerd content such as anime, video games and movies. I would also try and share any news I have read in regards to Japanese pop culture and media and news in the United States. On Fridays, I dedicate those days on Friday Funnies, posts I share that is filled recap news and memes I collect.

Two Pieces of Advice for new bloggers

Final Fantasy 7 Remake: Zack Fair Explained | Screen Rant

1. Write what interest you

When you start off on your writing adventure, make this about. Talk about who you are and what makes you unique. Write as if you are the audience and how do you want to be heard. When I started off writing here, I wanted to talk about things that would piqued my interests. If there was video game I enjoy hearing or something I played, I want to talk about it. Whether if it gets heard or not, I want to put my heart in this writing without holding back the details.

2. Your blog is yourself

Similar to my first piece of advice, how do you want to be well-known online. Everyone has their own style on how they do their blogs and you can tell even in YouTube, people has different topics in their videos. I talk about anime and video games like any other fan, but I present them in a way I try to present in person. I am very basic and I want to be known as someone who knowledge on these topics, but I want to be able to hold a casual conversations. However you want to organize your site, what kind of person do you want to be recognized?


  1. Pinkie’s Paradise
  2. Daiyamanga
  3. DReager1
  4. Two Happy Cats
  5. Mel’s Universe
  6. Wretched and Divine
  7. Scorpzgca
  8. Secluded Observations
  9. Crow’s World of Anime
  10. Denny Sinnoh
  11. Animated Observations
  12. All About Anime and Manga
  13. Al’s Manga Blog
  14. Nerd Ramble
  15. Shay Taree
  16. Anyone can join! If you are not listed here, but you want to take this blog award, go ahead and write and share!

Thank you for reading my post. After you’re done, go ahead and check out these amazing writers. God bless you all!

November 2020 Funko Pop Haul

Better late than never! Sorry for this late unhauling post. I been really busy with the holidays and with work taking up much of my energy, I haven’t had the time to share with you my updated collection. Today I share with you another haul post showcasing the new Funko Pop figures I bought in November. Sit back and observe.

71. Hulk from Avengers Endgame (Funko Insider Club edition)

Anyone remembered Avengers Endgame from 2019? I got this Hulk (or people call him Dr. Hulk or Professor Hulk) from a sale at GameStop in order to get free shipping. Based on the box, this is a different figure with different colors on his clothes. Based on pictures I seen on the figures, there is one with the Quantum spacesuits and the other with the Infinity Gauntlet. Still, I got for free shipping and I like collecting specially marked figures.

72. The Mandalorian  with The Child 10-inch figure from Star Wars The Mandalorian

I got this figure along with the Endgame Hulk figure from GameStop. I have collected many big figures before, but nothing like this. This is a 10 inch figure of the Mandalorian holding the adorable Child. Besides the size, this figure is different than the one I have because this one has a chrome helmet. Just like how the show tries to imitate the Beskar armor, the face of figure is chrome and it is very reflective.

73. The Child with the Control Knob (GameStop Exclusive)

Likewise from GameStop, I just had to get this Child. In this GameStop version, the Child is holding the control knob like a toy. It is funny gag in the show since the Child is little kid and is very amused with Mando’s stuff. I believe I got these following three in a buy 2, get 1 free deal.

74+75. Mitsuki (Sage Mode) from Boruto (Hot Topic) + Yugi Muto from Yu-Gi-Oh!

I got these two characters from spending my Hot Cash from Hot Topic. I got Mitsuki from Boruto and I got Yugi from Yu-Gi-Oh. Now that I got Yugi, Joey, Pegasus and Kaiba, the next character I want to get is Yami Yugi. What makes this MItsuki special is that in this Hot Topic edition, this figure can glow in the dark as it supposed to imitate his sage mode ability. It’s an ability where Mitsuki learns from trainning with Orochimaru.

76. Dark Magician Girl from Yu-Gi-Oh!

I actually bought this one from Walmart online. It’s always hard to get figures from different venders especially if they charge shipping for express. This Dark Magician Girl is cute and was released the same time Funko released Yami, Kaiba and Blue-Eyes White Dragon. The next target to get is her partner, the Dark Magician.

I have a total of 76 figures.

How it started vs How it’s going – Episode of Allie *Special 1,337 Post*

Iron Man Helmet Avengers Endgame GIF by Ricky Bobby | Gfycat

As a way to celebrate this awesome achievement of reaching over 1,337 posts on my site, I have a story I want to tell you and it’s a personal one. Rather than talking about how I been through 2020 with the pandemic or anything nerd related stuff I been doing like games or anime, this one will be about me and my girlfriend Allie and how much this relationship has affected me in 2020. Originally, I was going to expand on this title and add The tale of a gutsy knight in a love quest (After rethinking this title, I am glad I didn’t choose it because I didn’t want to make a reference to a certain someone online) or how it started vs how it’s going, but I will stick with something simple. This is the story of how I started 2020 and where it’s going and hoping what to expect for the future. It’s basically an abridged tale of me and my time with my girlfriend Allie.

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October 2020 Funko Pop Haul

Hello Pop fans! It’s me, Matthew and I am here to do another haul post involving my hobbies of collecting Pop Funko figures. As you all know, I adore Funko Pops and I go out of my way to collect them as if I was a Pokemon trainer catching Pokemon. Here is my Pops I collected in October:

65. Obelisk the Tormentor from Yu-Gi-Oh! (GameStop Exclusive)

I got myself another huge figure. Not only I bought the new Crash Bandicoot game, but I also grabbed this Egyptian God Monster from the classic Yu-Gi-Oh! series. Obelisk is one of the three Egyptain God cards in the series and whoever has at least one of them will be a powerful duelist. Originally, Seto Kaiba was given this monster by Ishizu Ishtar, but Yugi defeats him in the Battle City Tournaments and receives the monster as a prize.

66-68. Gohan, Maximillian Pegasus, Kagome Higurashi

On the same day, at the same mall where I got Obelisk, I got three figures from Hot Topic. I got Gohan from the Dragon Ball Super series, Pegasus from Yu-Gi-Oh!, and Kagome from Inuyasha. Did you know that Gohan is one of my favorite characters in the Dragon Ball series besides Goku? Did you also know that I had a crush on Kagome as a kid?

65-68 back story

I got these four figures when I went with my mom and brother to the mall. While my mom went with my brother to get glasses, my dad met up with us and we went shopping around the stores. The first thing I went was GameStop and I was hoping to get the new Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time. While I was at it, I got the game and my eyes got stuck on that Obelisk figure. Just like a character who wanted power in Yu-Gi-Oh!, I went and bought Obelisk and added it to my collection. The next place was Hot Topic. GameStop was having a buy 3 for $27 for Pop figures so I decided to get three figures and a Dragon Ball Z fleece blanket. I scored with the help of coupons.

69. Sora with the Ultima Weapon from Kingdom Hearts III

Nice! I got him in a Walmart order to get free shipping when I ordered for the soundtrack of Skillet – Victorious. This Sora has him with the most powerful keyblade in the game. It’s called the Ultima Weapon. If the player equips it, it gives the player enhanced abilities in physical and magic attacks. With enough time and energy, the player can unlock the ability to transform in Final Form. The Ultima Weapon has different appearances from the first game to all the way to the third and getting is quite the challenge.

70. The Mandalorian with the Child [Television Moment]

Just like my Jack Skeleton figure from September, I got another moment figure set based on a TV/movie moment. This is from the Disney Plus exclusive show The Mandalorian. This figure has the Mandalorian (also called Mando) walking along with the Child in his space pod. I got this figure from Barnes and Noble in my movie date with Allison. After we went shopping, we went and watched the movie Lupin III The First in theaters.

I have a total of 70 figures

The Mystery Blogger award by Mara

Special shout-out to Mara from Looking for Regot. Go check out her blog and her answers for the Mystery Blogger Award. Thank you for nominating me for this award post. Here is another mention Okoto Enigma for creating this award post. The creator of the Mystery Blogger is Okoto Enigma from Okoto Enigma’s Blog. Here is the rules:

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  • Nominate 10 – 20 bloggers.
  • Notify your nominees by leaving a comment on their blog.
  • Ask your nominees 5 questions of your choice, including 1 weird or funny question.
  • Share the link to your best post.

3 things about me

  1. When watching anime, I like to take my time and watch a few episodes. If I have free time to kill, I will binge watch maybe 3 or 4 episodes in one sitting.
  2. I enjoy the Mandalorian more than the Sequel Trilogy. I like The Child more than Rey and Kylo Ren.
  3. Spider-Man is my favorite Marvel hero. Venom is my favorite anti-hero and sometimes villain.

Mara’s questions

1. I’ve mentioned what I don’t find cute about characters. What do you think could be lovely of someone?

I think it depends on the character’s personality and actions. Someone can look lovely and cute, but can be a jerk and cold-hearted. Even a strong and able-bodied person can be cute. It’s not about the physical appearance, it’s about their inward personality.

2. If you could choose only one hobby, what would that be?

I would choose gaming. Besides writing, I like to play video games for fun. I love a game that empowers me and entertain me.

3. Past or future?

I am not sure what I am being asked in this question. I am going to assume you mean do I want to go back to the past or fast forward to the future. I think I would go back to the past and enjoy the simple things of the 90s.

4. I’ll take this idea from Irina’s post because it’s lovely: if you were to spend the quarantine with anime/manga/movie characters, who would you choose and why?

I think I would choose Yugi Muto from Yu-Gi-Oh!. If I am going to stuck in quarantine, I would like to play some games to pass the time. It would be cool to learn how to play Duel Monsters and I would love to play video games with him.

5. What advise would you give a baby, if they could remember it?

If I could tell a baby one thing, I would tell them that no matter how old you get, never loose your childhood. Appreciate the fun things in life that makes you happy. Don’t grow up too fast and appreciate the fun moments. If you still like toys, games and cartoons, hold on tight to those things. Keep your fun and happiness close. I guess this was more than one advice.

My best post

One of my favorite posts is when I was talking about escaping reality and entering a world where I wish I could be better than being an average self. I got this idea from my girlfriend in one our conversations and I mentioned I wish I could go anywhere besides this world and feel like I can be super or amazing than my usual self.

Escape to the Great World of Anime!

10 Nominees

  1. Anketsu
  2. Chizurue (Elle)
  3. alsmangablog
  4. Yasumo
  5. TigerAnime
  6. The Anime Spellbook
  7. Shokamoka’s Blog of Wonder
  8. Wore her sweater
  9. AnimeTrend
  10. Secluded Observations

My 5 questions

  1. How did you get into anime?
  2. Besides watching anime, what other shows do you like to watch?
  3. What was the last movie you seen before the pandemic happened?
  4. What is your favorite type of Cheetos?
  5. Favorite Halloween special on TV?

See you next time and I hoped you enjoyed this award post!

September 2020 Funko Pop Haul

Welcome back for another haul post on my collection of Funko Pops. If you been following me, anytime I collect Pops within a month, I do a special haul post about my recent collection and explain how and where I got them. In this post, I am going to share with you with my figures I collected in the month of September.

60. Fused Zamasu from Dragon Ball Super (Hot Topic Exclusive)

I got this version of Zamasu from shopping Hot Topic online. Honestly, I got him because I need something to add in my cart for free shipping.  I bought this along with a windbreaker jacket of Venom from Marvel. Zamasu is from the anime Dragon Ball Super. This version of Zamasu is when he and Goku Black (a version of Goku where a different Zamasu took over Goku) fused together. Together with the combined powers of a Kai and a mortal Saiyan, they become a dangerous enemy of the dark future of Trunks. However, after dealing with some brutal beatings from Vegito (a fused Potara form of Goku and Vegeta), Zamasu immortal body was unstable and it couldn’t match with Goku Black’s mortal body. The fused body of an immortal and mortal body has made Zamasu a hideous villain.

61-63. Joey Wheeler/Red-Eyes Black Dragon/Jack on angel statue

On a different day, I went shopping at Hot Topic in person and I did some shopping. In my visit, I bought Joey Wheeler and Red-Eyes Black Dragon from the Yu-Gi-Oh! series. If I was going to buy Joey, I had to get his iconic dragon. In the Japanese version Joey’s real name was Jonouchi Katsuya. At the same store, I also got this really big figure of this movie moment Funko figure of a scene from The Nightmare Before Christmas. This movie moment features a sad Jack Skellington with his ripped Santa suit on a statue. This is from a scene where Jack’s plan to take over Christmas fails and he was almost killed by the humans wanting to celebrate Christmas. Jack laments on his failures on this statue that holds him in sadness. This figure is really big and pricy. It cost almost the same price of 2-3 figures.

64. Cara Dune from The Mandalorion

I guess you can’t win some. I order this figure from Walmart online along with another giant figure from the same series. It’s currently delayed, but I placed an order for a giant metallic version of the Mandalorian with the Child. While I wait for this, I got this character, Cara Dune. First introduced in the 4th episode of the series, Mando meets a mercenary named Cara who was once a Rebel Shock Trooper. Together, these two make a great team and they know how to kick butt when fighting the stormtroopers. The actress who plays her is Gina Carano and according to fans, she plays the character quite well and she is also a mixed martial artist. She’s a really awesome character in the show.

I have a total of 64 figures.

Mystery Blogger Award by Animated Observations

Better than never I always say. I was nominated by Jack Scheibelein of Animated Observations for this Mystery Blogger Award. Go ahead and check out his post and feel free to see his blog. The creator of the Mystery Blogger Award was a blogger named Okoto Enigma. I been quite behind on this and other projects, but hopefully I will be able to complete everything before these projects get lost in time.

The Rules:

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  • Share the link to your best post.

Big 3 things about me

1. Ice-cream is my favorite treat. I love buying cookies and cream and serving a bowl for myself in a hot sunny day. I have a major sweet tooth for cold delicacy.

Kh Axel GIF - Kh Axel KingdomHearts - Discover & Share GIFs

2. Kingdom Hearts is my all time favorite video game series. I am sucker for crossover adventures and the themes of light vs darkness. I am the kind of gamer who wouldn’t mind buying the same game just to relieve some Kingdom Hearts moments.

no13roxas: “ Face My Fears KINGDOM HEARTS III – Opening Movie Trailer ” |  Roxas kingdom hearts, Kingdom hearts, Kingdom hearts wallpaper

3. I am nostalgic fan when watching anime. I don’t mind watching brand new anime, but sometimes I like to go back and watch anime that I used to watch on TV as a kid. I like to enjoy a slow pace, but awesome fight in Dragon Ball Z or watch a journey between the lovers of Inuyasha and Kagome in Inuyasha.

Inuyasha GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHY

My best post

I think my best posts would be one of the OWLS blog tours. I choose [OWLS March Blog Tour] Sword Art Online: Kirito the One Man Squad. I pick this post, because I feel like this post describes how I relate to Kirito from Sword Art Online and I talk about what is like to be alone.

5 Questions, where are you? I must improvise!

Unless I missed something, it looks like Jack didn’t give me any questions to do. Instead, I will share with you art pictures that was used for the Final Fantasy XV launch day countdown from 2016. I also added the artist names in the captions. If you hang out with me long enough, you would know I am a huge fan of Final Fantasy XV.

Credit to the artists in the link at Siliconera.

10 Nominees

  1. Irina from I drink and watch anime
  2. Merlin from Merlin’s Musing
  3. Pinkie from Pinkie’s Paradise
  4. Marina from Anime B&B
  5. Shoujo from Shoujo’s Thoughts and Ramblings
  6. Pokeninja90 from Blerdy Otome
  7. Yon Nyan from BiblioNyan
  8. Remy Fool from The Lily Garden
  9. Tcrow from Crow’s World of Anime
  10. Raistlin0930 from Raistlin0930 Blog

My 5 Questions

  1. What was the last anime you watched?
  2. Do you play visual novels? If so, what was your favorite?
  3. What is one anime you think everyone should watch in their life time?
  4. What anime/manga character do you relate the most?
  5. What’s your favorite genre in anime/manga?

Sunshine Blogger Award by LofZ Odyssey Anime Reviews

Sorry for the delay, I want to thank LofZOdyssey for nominating me for the Sunshine Blogger Award. Feel free to check out their blog and give them a follow. Also check out their answers. Here are the rules:

  • Thank the blogger or bloggers who nominated you and link back to their blog.
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  • Nominate 11 other blogs for the award and ask them 11 new questions
  • List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award in your post and/or on your blog.

LofZOdyssey 11 questions

1) What’s the thing you want to do when the pandemic is over?

I probably want to go out and enjoy having dates with my girlfriend. I want to sit down go to the movies and dine without worrying about masks.

2) What was the biggest thing you took for granted before quarantines, social distancing, and mask-wearing?

I think I took advantage of not exploring my world. I always lived in a point A to point B world where I go to work and home everyday. With everything locked down, I sometimes feel trapped and I yearn for freedom.

3) What are you currently watching?

I am watching the Sonic X on my Blu-Ray disc. I recently finished watching The Rise of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I also got started on watching Assassination Classroom.

4) What is an upcoming movie, series, game, or book that is getting you excited?

I am looking forward to the second season of The Mandolarion which will be coming out in October. I am also looking forward to the video game Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory. In movies, I am looking forward to watching Black Widow and Wonder Woman 1984.

5) What has four fingers and a thumb, but is not alive?

It’s a glove.

6) What comes once in a minute, twice in a moment, but never in a thousand years?

It’s the letter M (I had to look it up lol)

7) I have two coins that add up to 30 cents. One is not a nickel. What are the two coins?

This is tough question. I was going to say a quarter and nickel, but this question is asking no nickels.

8) If you have me, you will want to share me. If you share me, you will no longer have me. What am I?

I thought it was love, but the answer is a secret. (I had to cheat again lol)

9) It is greater than god. It is more evil than the devil. The poor have it. The rich need it. And if you eat it, you will die. What is it?

I think the answer is nothing. I honestly thought it was information

10) What five-letter word becomes shorter when you add two letters to it?

Short and you can add “er” to it.

11) What begins with T ends with T and has T in it?

Easy. Teapot!

I nominate these 11

  1. Seasons As Our Teacher
  2. Daiyamanga
  3. Looking for Regot
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  6. An Introverted World
  7. I Drink and Watch Anime
  8. Everything is bad for you
  9. Super Shock Gaming Zone
  10. Perditus
  11. Renxkyoto’s Space

My 11 questions to them:

  1. What are your plans for the rest of 2020?
  2. What was your favorite moment from 2020?
  3. What is your comfort food?
  4. What movie do you think is overrated?
  5. What’s your favorite season?
  6. I got a riddle: I begin and have no end. And I end all that begins.  Who am I?
  7. riddle 2: What question can you never answer “yes” to?
  8. riddle 3: What starts off with four legs, two legs and then three legs?
  9. Who is your favorite Spider-Man actor?
  10. What’s your guilty pleasure movie?
  11. All time favorite quote?

See you next time! Shout out to Mike Kelly for always donating at my Ko-fi:

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