ICYMI: Mortal Kombat 11 and Dragon Ball game news!

Mortal Kombat 11

Revealed last year in a teaser trailer, the team behind Mortal Kombat 11 revealed that more game information will be released on January 17th. Now with a trailer, we finally get some awesome and violent news on the game. Mortal Kombat 11 revealed some interesting news such as a new story plot involving with returning and new characters. Based on the trailers, characters such as Raiden, Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Liu Kang, Sonya, Baraka and Skarlet. Speaking of Sonya, professional wrestler Ronda Rousey will be voicing this tough special force agent. Mortal Kombat 11 will also be having a Kollector’s Edition of MK11 in which if players pre-order the game for about $300 from GameStop, players will get a copy of the game, beta access where players can play the game on March 28th a month before the game’s initial release and a statue of Scorpion’s mask. In Kollector’s, premium or standard, players will be able to play as Shao Khan. The game is set to be released on April 23rd this year for PS4, X1, Switch and PC.

Dragon Ball Heroes

If you guys are not satisfy with the Dragon Ball hype from the Broly movie, I have some news for you from Bandai Namco. If you are a Switch owner, get ready to fight with your favorite Dragon Ball character in any version. Coming in April 5th, get ready for Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission. Dragon Ball Heroes is based on the Japanese arcade card game where players uses cards to summon and fight characters from all versions from Dragon Ball. Characters from the classic, Z, Super, GT and even Xenoverse are pitted together in the DBH game series.

Dragon Ball RPG Project?

If you guys really love DBFZ, you might want to mark your calendars for more upcoming news. On Jan 26-27, get ready for more information because it looks like Dragon Ball FighterZ is going to have more content than what you are experiencing today. Besides having more characters join this awesome fighting game, Bandai Namco announced that a project Dragon Ball is in the works. The project is called Dragon Ball Game Project Z: Action RPG. So far, we don’t know what’s the game is about, but this could mean that we will be getting a Dragon Ball game but mostly focused on RPG-action based gameplay.


Choose your starter! Kingdom Hearts III showcases pre-order keyblades

Kingdom Hearts III is getting close and we are less than 2 weeks away from the official release. With the game coming out, get ready to determine where to pre-order the game. Depending where you pre-order, players will be given some exclusive DLC weapons to help players start off the adventure.

If you pre-order any of Kingdom Hearts III for PS4 or Xbox One from Amazon, players will be given the Dawn to Dusk keyblade. The Dawn to Dusk keyblade is a keyblade that increase the fire magic powers and will instantly give players the Firagan situation command.

If you own a PS4 and you plan to pre-order through the Playstation Store, you can get your hands on this blue keyblade called the Midnight Blue. Almost like Dawn to Dusk, this has some powerful magic attacks that is specifically made for blizzard attacks and even triggers the command attack Blizzagan.

Xbox users who pre-orders this game through their store will be given the Phantom Green keyblade. Just like the previous two, this one is focused on thunder based attacks and can perform the Thundagan.

So what you guys think about the keyblades DLC? If you are planing to get this game, which retail are you going to get?



Kingdom Hearts III scheduled updates


With Kingdom Hearts III getting close, we are getting a lot of new updates and news in regards to this game. It has been confirmed yesterday that Kingdom Hearts III will be receiving some free game updates prior to the game’s official release. In a series of tweets, Kingdom Hearts III will have an update on the day of release and another one a day after which involve’s the game’s epilogue and secret ending. On day one, the game will get a Memory Archive’s option in which it is described as a digest of the entire Kingdom Hearts story. In Jan 30th, the game will get an update and will include the game’s epilogue. The epilogue can only be seen if you play the game’s story and watched the ending. Last and final patch is the secret ending and that won’t be in the game until Jan 31st. The Secret Ending is unlocked when you complete game by playing the story in a certain requirement like playing in a high difficult setting. Here is the recap schedule:

Jan 29th: The game is released. Memory Archive is unlocked.

Jan 30th: Epilogue. You have to beat the game and see the game’s regular ending.

Jan 31st: Secret Ending. You have to beat the game, see the regular ending in the high difficult setting.


FFXV Ardyn anime teaser trailer reveal!


Hello from your favorite Final Fantasy XV fan. I got some exciting news to share with you. Coming in February, Square Enix and Final Fantasy XV are teaming up again to make an anime special focusing on FFXV villain Ardyn. The anime is called Final Fantasy XV Episode Ardyn Prologue. This will be a prologue focusing on Ardyn’s past from years ago before meeting Noctis. The anime will be premiering on February.

The video game DLC Episode Ardyn will be available to be purchased and played on March this year.

Anime Movie News: Dragon Ball Super movie in IMAX and Hunter x Hunter in Jan 30th

January is going to be busy with two anime movies based on Shonen Jump titles.

The anticipated movie Dragon Ball Super will be premiering in January 16th and for the first time, you can watch this movie in IMAX theaters in the U.S. The movie was released in Japan in theaters at Jan 14th while U.S. fans was able to see it on Jan 13th at Hollywood. This Wednesday only, fans will be able to watch Dragon Ball Super: Broly in select theaters and will watch in IMAX screenings.


If you can’t watch the DBS movie, here’s another movie you can watch. Coming to theaters only at Jan 30th, the anime movie Hunter x Hunter: The Last Mission will be premiering in theaters with English subbed and dubbed screenings. You can buy your tickets at the CineLife Entertainment website. Here is the synopsis for the movie according to Viz Media:

The Battle Olympia tournament at Heaven’s Arena is about to begin! Gon, Killua, Kurapika and Leorio plan on watching the matches along with the other Hunters and VIPs in attendance. As they wait, a raid by The Shadow ends the festivities. Skilled fighters fall one by one to their terrifying ability called On, a dark power derived from malice. When their leader Jed captures Netero and declares death to all Hunters in the name of vengeance, Gon and Killua rush to defeat him – will they prevail?!

Dead or Alive 6 game is delayed until March

Looks like a fighting game is getting delayed but with a good reason.

The upcoming Koei Tecmo fighting game Dead or Alive 6 will not be released on February 15th. Instead, the game will be released on March 1st. The reason why this game is getting delayed is because according to a tweet made by the game producer, the game is near complete in development, but the game is going to need the extra time to polish the gameplay and game mechanics. The game is set to be released on March 1st, 2019 for PC, PS4 and X1.


Anime News Network

One Piece 14th movie shows sketches of Straw Hat’s sports clothes

In my last post about the One Piece 14th movie, we were given a key visual image and the movie being titled as One Piece Stampede. While we still don’t know about the plot of the movie or we haven’t been given a full trailer, we did get some art sketches from One Piece creator Eiichiro Oda. Oda is back and he just revealed the sports gear on the Straw Hat crew in rough sketches.

This is the only information I found at Crunchyroll, but I will try to keep you guys up to date. One Piece Stampede is the 14th movie and it also commemorates 20 years of the One Piece anime

KonoSuba gets an English Dub!


Hallelujah! Thank God for this glorious news. I don’t thank Aqua for this, but I am here to inform you all that the comedy, isekai anime KonoSuba: : God’s Blessing on this Wonderful World! is getting an English Dub! Revea;ed in a tweet and at an article, KonoSuba is getting an English Dub. So far, the English Dub will be focused on season 1 and we only got four voice actors voicing the main characters.

Announced at Anime News Network, the anime will not only get an English Dub, but be prepared to watch this anime in Spanish and Portuguese. The dub will be at Crunchyroll and at January 15th. For now the dub is on season 1 and we will have to wait for season 2 dub.

Kazuma: Arnie Pantoja

Aqua: Fate Mata

Megumin: Erica Mendez

Darkness: Christina Vee

Tokusatsu version Spider-Man in Spider-Verse sequel?

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is becoming Sony’s greatest animated movie and the movie is already getting positive feedback from fans and non Marvel fans. It was mentioned a while back if there was a sequel, it might be a spinoff featuring the female versions of Spider-Man. However, we did get news from the producer of the movie saying that they promise to include this particular version of Spider-Man in a sequel. In a tweet, Philip Lord confirmed that if Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse makes over $200 million, the sequel movie will include the Tokusatsu version of Spider-Man also nicknamed Supaidaman. Just in case you missed out, in the trailers, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse included these versions of Spider-Men: Miles Morales (Protagonist), Peter B. Parker, Gwen Stacy, Peter Porker, Peni Parker and Spider-Man Noir. If a sequel is possible and it makes money, we could get Supaidaman.

This Japanese version is owned by Toei and it is a live action series in the 1970s. Here is what Anime News Network describes it:

Toei‘s Spider-Man starred actor Shinji Tōdō as Takuya Yamashiro, a 22-year-old motocross racer by day and Spider-Man by night. His superhero alter-ego faces the dangerous Iron Cross Army when he dons the Spider Protector suit he keeps in his Spider Bracelet. The bracelet also shoots webbing and can summon the Spider Machine GP-7 flying car and the Marveller spacecraft. The Marveller can also transform into the mecha Leopardon.

One-Punch Man S2 preview video and release date

Hello everyone, I hope everyone had a great New Years. 2019 is going to be another big year for us as anime fans. I got some news from Viz just in case you missed out. Revealed in a trailer, Viz Media revealed a short clip of One-Punch Man season 2. Returning characters like Saitama is back and based on the trailer, get ready to some characters get the spotlight such as King, the most powerful hero, and the hero hunter fighter Garou. One-Punch Man season 2 begins in April 2019.