YuYu Hakusho live action series release date reveal!

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Besides the upcoming live action series One Piece and Cowboy Bebop, get ready for another anime to get the live action treatment. According to the official Netflix Geeked Twitter, it is been announced that the manga series YuYu Hakusho is coming to Netflix and will be a live action series. The series will be streamed on December 2023.



Bleach final arc anime details will be revealed in December!

We’re already in the last few months of 2021 and we have yet to get any information in the return of Bleach. It was announced last year in March that the anime Bleach would be returning and the final arc, the Thousand Year Blood War, wold be animated. Today, according to Crunchyroll, Aniplex announced a special event called “Super Stage EX ‘BLEACH'”.

On December 18th, 2021, this event will give us details and new information concerning the final arc anime adaptation. This will take place in Jump Festa 2022 on Dec 18 and 19, but this Bleach event will be on the 18.

If you are were already excited for Christmas and Spider-Man, clear out your schedule and get ready for new information for Bleach.



Friday Funny 342: Chris Pratt is an Eternal


Thank God it’s Friday! Welcome everyone for Friday Funny and the first Friday of November. I hope everyone had a safe and fun Halloween this past weekend. Now that we’re in November, we are in the second to last month of 2021. I can’t believe this year happened so fast and here I thought we were just in summer. As always, let me cover you some news. This weekend is the theaterical release of MCU’s film Eternals. Taking place after the events with Thanos in Endgame, fans will experience who are the Eternals and what was their purpose of coming to Earth. This is the third MCU movie of this year and the final one for 2021 is going to be Spider-Man: No Way Home in December. Besides this, we also have an anime movie that came out this weekend called My Hero Academia: World Heroes, Mission. This is the third movie from the series and after seeing this with my girlfriend, it was an epic experience. Speaking of movies, it has been reported that actor Chris Pratt will be voicing another iconic character in an animated movie. This time he will be voicing Garfield from the comic book series, Garfield. The Star-Lord will be voicing the Italian Plumber Mario and now a lazy lasagna loving cat, Garfield.

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Let’s go, Eternals!

Check out the Eternals:

Check out these Sony movies like Spider-Man and Morbius:

See you next Friday!

Galations 6:7-8 (NIV)

7. Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows.

8. Whoever sows to please their flesh, from the flesh will reap destruction; whoever sows to please the Spirit will reap eternal life.

Neon Genesis Evangelion anime series and movies available in digital outlets

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Remember the news about GKIDS where they announced a blu-ray release of the cult classic mecha series Neon Genesis Evangelion? If you are unsure about buying the standard blu-ray or the limited edition set, but you want to experience the anime, I got some good news for you.

Reported by Crunchyroll, GKIDS are releasing both the anime series and movies Neon Genesis Evangelion in digital platforms. All 26 episodes along with the movies Death(True)² and End of Evangelion will be available in digital platforms like VUDU, iTunes, Amazon and others where you purchase digital shows/movies. They are sold separately for English Dub and Subbed.



Sword Art Online Progressive film gets 2nd movie announcement

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While fans like us have to wait for the Sword Art Online Progressive movie to come here on December, Japan gets the theatrical release early in October. Recently announced via the official Twitter account, fans was shown a teaser message stating that Sword Art Online the Movie Progressive will be getting a second movie.

According to Crunchyroll, the tweet shows the movie title along with the subtitled message saying “Scherzo of Deep Night” which is a reference to the 5th level in Aincrad in the fourth volume of the Sword Art Online Progressive light novel.

It’s unknown when will the second movie will be released in theaters or how many more Progressive movies will be getting. Sword Art Online The Movie -Progressive- Aria of a Starless Night will be coming to theaters world wide in December. Fans in United States will be able to see it starting on December 3rd and Australia and New Zealand will be getting it on December 9th. Other countries with release dates is still pending.

Are you planning to see this movie?



Joel 2:13 (CEV)

Rend your heart
    and not your garments.
Return to the Lord your God,
    for he is gracious and compassionate,
slow to anger and abounding in love,
    and he relents from sending calamity.

Friday Funny 341: Oogie’s Revenge



Thank God It’s Friday! Welcome everyone for a new episode of Friday Funny. I hope everyone is having a good week and are ready for the Halloween weekend. Before we begin, let’s go over some spooky, good news. If you are watching Toonami tonight, get ready for an anime marathon of Fena: Pirate Princess. No Batman movies this weekend. Next week we will be in November. In November get ready for some new fun. Besides Thanksgiving, we will be getting some movies in theaters. Marvel is going to be releasing the next MCU movie and it’s Eternals. I don’t know much about the Eternals, but based on what I heard about them, they are a celestrial beings that was hidden among Earth with incredible powers. They have come out of hiding when a powerful threat emerges and apparently, they didn’t get involved with the Thanos threat. If you are a One Piece fan, get ready for the theaterical screening of One Piece Film Strong World to celebrate the 1,000 episode milestone. Limited to two days, One Piece Film Strong World is coming to theaters on the first weekend of November in dubbed and subbed and it will also feature the 11th movie One Piece 3D Mugiwara Chase (also called Straw Hat Chase). This weekend, get ready for the third My Hero Academia movie. My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission is the third movie and it will feature Deku, Bakugo and Shoto in a race against time to stop a global threat.

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Time to scream!

With a roll of the dice, let’s play some scary songs:

That’s the end of it all. Goodbye goblins!

September 2021 Funko Pop Haul

Greetings Pop fanatics! I bring you another Pop haul from the month of September. As my collection grows, my bank balance shrinks, but not too bad. Sit back and relax because here is what I got in this first fall season.

124. Leafa from Sword Art Online

Just like Kirito and Asuna figures from my August post, Leafa is another new addition to the Sword Art Online Funko Pop lineup. Just like how I got Kirito and Asuna, I preordered Leafa. However, for unknown reason, Leafa was delayed and pushed back. While I got the first two on August, Leafa came in later in September. Leafa is from the Sword Art Online series and is actually Kirito’s cousin. Despite being cousins, Kirito treats her like a little sister and her real name is actually Suguha Kirigaya.

125+126. Roman Senator Deadpool and LARP Deadpool 

I grabbed these two Deadpool variations in one of my dates. I bought these two figures and a GameStop bag and a Venom t-shirt. With Deadpool being a popular Marvel character, it’s no surprise he will be entertaining the crowd with his random humor. We have here Deadpool dressed up as a Roman Senator. Can you imagine Deadpool being in charge of an ancient government? Finally we have LARP Deadpool. LARP stands for Live Action Role Playing. I guess Deadpool wanted to take a break from killing for real and wants to indulge in some fake killing. Deadpool ditches the real weapons for a handmade cardboard sword and overalls with a belt for a headband.

I have a total of 126 figures

Friday Funny 340: Next time on Dragon Ball Shippuden!


Thank God for Friday! Welcome everyone for another episode of Friday Funny. I hope everyone is enjoying the fall weather and smelling the pumpkin spice. Put down the Nintendo Switch and give me second to tell you a quick recap of news, and after I get done, you go back and play as Sora in Super Smash Bros Ultimate again. This past weekend, we had DC Fandome, a fan convention for DC fans for all the latest news in movies, video games and comic books. In the movie industry, on March 4, 2022, get ready for a new Batman movie called The Batman featuring Robert Pattinson. Also coming in 2022 is DC’s antihero/villain is Black Adam. Starring The Rock, get ready to see a dark counterpart of Shazam also known as Black Adam. Black Adam will be in theaters in July 2022. If Batman and Black Adam is not in your interest, maybe you’ll love the Red Streak himself, the Flash. The Flash movie will be joining 2022 as well and this movie will have Flash teaming up with Supergirl and Batman. Last but not least, I do bring in some sad news for anime fans. Voice actor Chris Ayres has passes away this week. In the Dragon Ball fandom, Chris is well-known for voicing Frieza in Dragon Ball Z Kai and up to Dragon Ball Super; he started in 2009 to 2019 for the series. He passed away due to COPD.

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With everything said, here are some memes to lighten the day!

Check out some DC games:

Tribute to Chris and his awesome performance as Frieza:

See you next Friday!