Pooh is back! – Another Kingdom Hearts III trailer has been unveiled!

With only 2 months away, Kingdom Hearts III is drawing near us. Released yesterday, Square Enix released another exciting trailer for Kingdom Hearts III. Returning to this game is 100 Acres Wood world where Pooh and his friends live. In this trailer, Sora returns to meet Pooh and plays minigames with him. Along with this trailer, we get more information on the game’s main story and the other Disney worlds like Tangled, Pirates of the Caribbean and Big Hero 6. The Keyblade War also makes an appearance and this shows that the game story has reached the climax. Are you guys excited for Kingdom Hearts III? This game will be released on January 29, 2019 for PS4 and X1.


MediEvil returns to PS4!

Hello gamers! I bring you a treat to those who enjoy classic games. It was recently announced on Halloween by the Playstation Twitter page that the classic PS1 game MediEvil will be back and entering the world of PS4. Just like past PS1 games like Spyro the Dragon and Crash Bandicoot, MediEvil was a classic PS1 game made in October 1998. This game starred a skeleton knight named Sir Daniel Fortesque who embarks a chilling quest to defeat an evil sorcerer named Zarok. This game was heavily inspired by Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas and the game was so good, it got a sequel in 2000 and then later a remake port for the PSP in 2005. According to the trailer, MediEvil for PS4 will be released in 2019. This game will be a reboot and built from the ground up. If you remembered playing this game in the PS1-era or even played a demo like me, brace yourself for this skeletal hero.


Disney streaming service name announced! Important news for Star Wars and Marvel fans!

Looks like DC Universe and other sites have met a new match in the business world of streaming. Announced yesterday, Disney has unveiled the new upcoming streaming subscription service. The streaming service will be called Disney Play according to what the news appears and the streaming service will begin on 2019. According to IGN, once the Marvel movie Captain Marvel is released in theaters, every Marvel film will be removed from Netflix will be on Disney Play. In regards to MCU movie on Netflix, the last MCU movie that will be on Netflix will be Ant-Man and the Wasp. Disney and Marvel agreed that Netflix exclusives shows like Daredevil and Jessica Jones will remain on Netflix and will not be on Disney Play. However, It’s also reported that Star Wars movies and shows that debuts in 2019 and beyond will appear on the service and the movies like The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi will not be on it due to Star Wars belonging to At&T Turner Broadcasting and giving them the rights to broadcast the films. Disney Play will be premiering instead the upcoming Star Wars Clone Wars season 7. It’s unknown what will be the price for the subscription, but if every Disney licensed title and franchise are being removed from Netflix, then that means they will be losing an estimated $300 million in annual revenue.

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Full details on what is going to be on Disney Play: