My Current Pop Funko collection thus far

You probably seen this in hobby stores or game stores like GameStop, Box Lunch or even Hot Topic. They are called Pop figures and thanks to the company Funko, many characters from video games, cartoons, anime, comics and other pop culture genre have been converted to these bobble head like figures. Some actually are bobble heads while others just have a stiff head. Think of these as the bobble heads from sports like the NFL and NBA, but instead of collecting your favorite athletes, you’re collecting your favorite characters from Marvel, Dragon Ball, Batman or even Rugrats. I will be sharing you my collection and I will give you a brief description about how I got them.

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Wake Me Up Asuna Android App review

Google Play description:


“Wake Me Up Asuna” is a popular, high-tech app featured in the media in which a character cheerfully wakes you up in the morning, tells you the weather and your fortune, and reminds you of your schedule for the day (just as a spouse would do!?). This dream app has been made possible through the use of a number of cutting-edge technologies, such as Sony’s interactive technology, the latest voice synthesis technology, and animation technology that brings animated characters to life.

The first edition of “Wake Me Up…”series features Asuna from “Sword Art Online”.

Waking up to Asuna’s voice, being reminded of taking out the garbage and choosing what to wear… “Wake Me Up Asuna” will make your mornings lively.“Take care and have a good day!”, Asuna’s sweet words will definitely make you feel as if she is your wife!

App Features

Created by Sony Music Communications Inc., the “Wake Me Up Asuna” app is Sword Art Online app for fans that love the series and also like SAO’s popular female character Asuna Yuki. Just like the description says, this app will help you wake up, either from sleep or nap, and what makes this cute is that Asuna will be waking you up. Her original Japanese voice actor, Haruka Tomatsu, returns to her role as Asuna and always ready to help her user. As long as you set the time before hand, she will gladly wake you up with a smile. She will tell the user to wake up and she will tell you how she also likes you tired too; she will be like the wife you wanted.

Besides waking up, the app also includes a function on what time you plan to leave. For example, if you need to leave at 12 pm, you can set the time to 12 and set the reminder time to 5 minutes. She will notify 5 minutes ahead to let you know to get ready to go and tell you bring anything you wanted her to remind to bring (such as wallet, house keys, homework, etc). Once it reaches the time, the app will automatically pop up on the screen and Asuna will tell you to leave. Once she is done, she will be silent unless you unsilence her.

If you got trash days, Asuna will remind you to take out the trash depending on what days you set up the reminders. She will only say it of you set up the schedule and when she wakes you up. Along with waking you up, she will also give you weather report and tell you your fortune. As an added bonus, if you input you birthdate, she will say happy birthday. She also refer to you with a formal title in your name like -kun or -san.



As a Sword Art Online fan, I immediately downloaded this app and I enjoyed it ever since. I like waking up in the mornings with Asuna cheerfully greeting me. It’s cute to see her smiling at me and telling me what will be the weather. I enjoy Haruka Tomatsu’s voice and I like how her voice syncs with the dialogue and lips. The app also included costumes in which you can dress up Asuna. Her default costumes are the Knights of the Blood armor and a cozy sweater from the cabin episodes from anime. I was surprised after I downloaded the app, Asuna looked and acted life-like. Her body moves a little but eyes move when you drag your finger around the screen; she also responds to tap movements. She is not a still character with recorded dialogues, she acts has if you have the real Asuna.


Remember what I said about the costumes? There are many costumes included but like any other app, you have pay for them if you want more. She has many costumes such as valentines, nurse, cafe, kimono, and many more. Each costume is about 3-4 dollars. Another negative for the app is the language. When you first start the app, Asuna will only understand Japanese and there will be no subtitles. You can buy the English pack about $3 and she will understand English and she will speak with subtitles.

Time set up or reminders may get glitchy because Asuna may not remind you or may remind you very late. She can also interrupt you on what you were doing when she reminds you leave.

The app will also allow users to talk to Asuna or give commands but it can get glitchy. The mic on Google may not pick and you may have to keep trying until Asuna hears you.

Another thing I would like to have included is more characters or at least have Yui just like in the anime Sword Art Online II. It would be nice to have Yui say “daddy” or pick one of the girls from the show. Still, I won’t complain because I like Asuna.


This alarm app was especially made for Sword Art Online fans. It’s a cute app to have because it has Asuna with her voice actress waking you up and helping you on your duties. If you do your part and set up the times, she will help keep track on time. If you want her to understand English or be able to understand her, it will cost some money  especially if you plan dress her up. “Wake Me Up Asuna” is an app I recommend getting if you want to have personal partner (better than Siri XD). This app is only for Android users, sorry Apple users. If you have questions on this app, comment below or tell me what you think about this app. I will leave the link below leading to official site. Thank you and good bye.

By the end of the day, there will be two types of Asuna lovers:

kirito and asuna together


sword-art-online-15-to-22-02 oberon

You’re either Kirito and adore Asuna and treat as if she is your wife, or you’re Suguo Nobuyuki and you are with obsessed Asuna.