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If Marvel can give us Deadpool Samurai, DC comics can do the same with Superman, Batman and the Joker. It’s been reported that three Japanese DC manga will be coming to English release on the DC Universe Infinite platform. Much like Marvel’s comic subscription, Marvel Unlimited, DC Universe Infinite allows users to pay a subscription to read digital comics from DC and Vertigo. Here is the three DC manga that will be localized for English readers:

  1. Joker: One Operation Joker
  2. Batman: Justice Buster
  3. Superman vs. Meshi

These three new manga will be available first on digital via subscription. The print version of the manga will be released later this year in 2023.

Joker: One Operation Joker

Joker: One Operation Joker

Joker: One Operation Joker is the Joker like you’ve never seen him before…as a single father?!

After a fateful encounter with Batman that results in the Dark Knight de-aging to a baby, Joker takes it upon himself to raise the child into the crusader of justice! But does the Clown Prince of Crime really understand what it means to be Batman—or, more importantly, what it means to raise a baby all by yourself? Joker: One Operation Joker is written by Satoshi Miyagawa (Uchuu Senkan Tiramisu) with art by Keisuke Gotou.

Batman: Justice Buster

Batman: Justice Buster

In Batman: Justice Buster, Gotham City has been under the protection of Batman for only a short amount of time, but since the vigilante’s appearance, crime has changed. It’s gotten more bold, more destructive.

As Batman tries to rise to meet these new threats, he develops a computer system, ROBIN, to help him analyze and subdue the rising criminal tide and hopefully one day put an end to crime in Gotham.

Batman: Justice Buster is written and illustrated by Eiichi Shimizu and Tomohiro Shimoguchi (Ultraman).

Superman vs. Mesh

Superman vs. Meshi

It’s hungry work being Superman! That’s why every day for lunch in Superman vs. Meshi, Superman makes a quick stop over in Japan to try a new chain restaurant. Whether it’s a hearty bowl of curry or conveyor-belt sushi, the Man of Steel loves to indulge in the delectable delicacies the country has to offer. He’ll even share a meal with the other members of the Justice League from time to time in the hopes of showing them an incredible culinary experience.

Superman vs. Meshi is written by Satoshi Miyagawa with art by Kai Kitago.




Unboxing: Aquaman Walmart exclusive Funko DVD set

Who would have thought that Aquaman would have an awesome movie good as Wonder Woman? Aquaman was a fun DC movie in 2018 in which tells the story about a man named Arthur Curry who is half-man, half-Atlantean who must step up in order to prevent an upcoming war between Atlantis and the people living in the surface land. Arthur will become not just a hero, but a king. As a Pop collector, I was eager to get this movie set; not only I got three copies of the movie (DVD, Blu-Ray and digital), but I also got the keychain Pop Funko figure. Just like my Alita post, this one is small enough to accessorize. Unfortunately, I wish they would have taken better care of the box set. It has some dents and bends, but at least the figures and discs were fine. This keychain counts as my 36th figure of my set.

Batman: Return to Arkham – Arkham City spoiler review

Image result for batman arkham city wallpaper

PSN synopsis:

Batman: Arkham City sends players soaring into Arkham City – a heavily fortified sprawling district in the heart of Gotham City. Batman Arkham City introduces a brand-new story that draws together an all-star cast of classic characters and murderous villains from the Batman universe, as well as new and enhanced gameplay features.

*Will contain spoilers

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DC comics TV show “Arrow” concludes in season 8

Image result for Arrow

What started in 2012 and started shows like the Flash and Supergirl, the TV show Arrow will be ending the series. Actor of Arrow/Oliver Queen, Stephan Amell commented that the series will be ending in season 8 with 10 episodes in this fall season.

Here is a statement written by executive producers Greg Berlanti, Marc Guggenheim, and Beth Schwartz:

“This was a difficult decision to come to, but like every hard decision we’ve made for the past seven years, it was with the best interests of Arrow in mind.  We’re heartened by the fact that Arrow has birthed an entire universe of shows that will continue on for many years to come.  We’re excited about crafting a conclusion that honors the show, its characters and its legacy and are grateful to all the writers, producers, actors, and — more importantly — the incredible crew that has sustained us and the show for over seven years.”

Whether you like Arrow or not, it was thanks to Arrow that we got DC shows connected such as Flash, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow and upcoming Batwoman pilot. All these shows are part of the same world which is commonly called Arrowverse. According to IGN, Black Lightning is also part of the DC comics world, but the TV show is not part of the Arrowverse.

What’s your thoughts on this news?



Warner Bros plans out DC movies

Step aside Marvel, DC is planning to release to their planned movies and get ready for people to show up at the movies.

Warner Bros and DC comics has announced some major plans for the future DC movies. First, it’s been announced that the upcoming Batman movie. The Batman, will be playing in theaters on June 25th, 2021. The screenwriter and director of the movie will be Matt Reeves. Also, it looks like we might be getting a new Batman/Bruce Wayne actor because it’s been reported that Ben Affleck will not be returning as the Caped Crusader. Ben Affleck played as Batman in the movies, Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, Justice League and briefly in Suicide Squad.

Besides Batman, get ready for a reboot movie. Revealed at Variety, former Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn is in the works of rebooting the 2016 movie Suicide Squad. The reboot Suicide Suicide Squad will be in theaters in August 6th, 2021.

Image result for james gunn

Image result for guardians of the galaxy

No full details yet, but we’re also getting a DC Super Pets movie in May 21st, 2021.

Image result for superpets

Competing against Marvel and Sony’s movie Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, we might be getting a Batman animated movie, but with a twist: the movie will be about Batman Beyond. According to ComicBook.com, a leak was discovered at the DCEU subreddit and it shows concept art of Terry McGinnis, current Batman of Batman Beyond after Bruce retired being a hero, and sketches of the Batcave. There is no release date yet.

Image result for batman beyond

Last but not least, in case you missed it, DC just released a teaser trailer of the upcoming Harley Quinn movie Birds of Prey. Harley Quinn actor Margot Robbie is back to play as this lovely antihero. Besides her, IGN reveals that other characters are joining the action such as Huntress, Black Canary and Black Mask.

Image result for birds of prey comic harley quinn



Matt Reeves’ ‘The Batman’ Gets June 2021 Release Date



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Wonder Woman sequel movie delayed!

Get ready for movie delays for this well-known superhero movie. Just like Fox-Marvel is doing with the Dark Phoenix and the Gambit movie, DC comics and Warner Bros have decided to delay a movie of their own. The upcoming movie Wonder Woman 1984 will be pushed back to June 5th, 2020. Originally, the movie was going to be released on November 1st, 2019, but Warner Bros and Wonder Woman actress Gal Gadot believe it will be more successful if it was a summer movie. Wonder Woman 1984 is the sequel to hit successful movie Wonder Woman from 2017 and this movie will take place in the Cold War.



Friday Funny 137: The Avenging League Team


Thank God it’s Friday. I bring good news on this blessed day in the month. As you may have noticed, it’s December, the most wonderful time of the year. Christmas is only 24 days away and I can’t wait for this loving holiday. Here is some news I want to share. If you are a fan of Hunter x Hunter, I got good news, the manga is coming back in January! In the movie news, Marvel just released the trailer to the upcoming Avengers movie, Avengers: Infinity War. This movie will finally feature a super hero cast filled with the Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, Dr. Strange, Spider-Man, Ant Man and Wasp, and Black Panther and all of them will face the dangerous villain, Thanos.

In video game news, Final Fantasy XV recently celebrated one year anniversary of release on November 29th. Announced in Square Enix blog from Square Portal, Final Fantasy XV will be receiving new updates such as Episode Ignis coming out on December 13th. This Episode will allow you to play as Ignis and the story will have multiple endings in which you can choose the outcome. Before we get there, Square will release an Anniversary Update where players can swap characters and play as either Prompto, Gladiolus and Ignis while the AI play as Noctis; however, this is only for the Comrades Multiplayer Expansion story. Also mentioned from game director Hajime Tabata, there will be at least three more Episode DLCs and two of them involves Ardyn and Lunafreya for 2018.

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Last but not least, the OWLS will be doing a new topic concerning “warmth.” Details will be explained soon but we as the members will talk about what is like to have warm feelins and the importance of care with anime and other media. I signed up for Dec 4th; stay tuned!

With all said, let’s kick December!


To end this post, I will be sharing these old superhero trailers from Marvel and DC of 2017. What was your favorite superhero movie of this year?


That’s the end of that my friends!

Friday Funny Episode 68: We’re all Mad!

TGIF! Thank God it’s Friday!

Hello my crazy friends and welcome to the madhouse! Today’s post will be about DC’s second film of 2016 “Suicide Squad.” In this movie, watch as Amanda Waller (played by Violet Davis) recruits a secret team of dangerous criminals in order to do dangerous missions. Margot Robbie will play as Harley Quinn, Will Smith as Deadshot and Jared Leto will be the new Joker. There is also word that Batman will also appear in this movie but as a cameo. Sorry Bats. If you plan to watch it or you already seen it, tell me how it is. Is it good or a let down? Don’t spoil the movie for us.

In other news, New York states that Pokemon Go is prohibited to registered sex offenders; it would be violation on parole and they have requested special permission from the app developers for hope they prevent more crimes. Also like the upcoming American TV show of Death Note, it’s been announced that Sword Art Online will also get a live adaptation and it will be done from an American company.

If everything goes well with my aniblogging friend and Captain of NinjaPirateers Arria of Fujinsei, Monday is the return of the blog carnival. Be sure to post and share at this carnival and meet other bloggers. I will be posting a special post to share with others for the carnival. Keep us in prayers.

I forgot to mention last week but one of my blogging friends Shay from Anime Reviewer Girl, 2 weeks ago, was guest star on a podcast called Anime Podcast of Some Sorts. In this podcast, she discussed about upcoming anime and gaming news of Sonic the Hedgehog with the crew. The podcast is here and you can explore around the team’s website here. Also, Anime Reviwer Girl (Shay) and LitaKino of LitaKino Anime Corner have come together to do a Podcast in Youtube on Saturdays. Listen as these two Sailor Moon fans discuss about anime and their interest. The Podcast is called Senshi Ani Girls and it will be on Saturdays at 7Pm PST or 9PM EDT. Please be sure to support and give them a like and subscribe. Let them know I sent you there. 😉

With that said, time to be insane!


Here is some fun videos for all of you!

Thanks to my college friend ToniAnne Erickson, I found this song. Thanks ToniAnne for being my first awesome friend when I started college. This is her favorite band. 😉

Here is to end this post, here is some ending songs from Bleach and Nisekoi. It’s time to say goodbye to two manga series. Thanks for the fun we had. Thank you Tite Kubo and Naoshi Komi.

Sayonara 🙂

Friday Funny 67: Stay in School

TGIF! Thank God it’s Friday!

Hey everyone! Today is another episode of “TGIF: Friday Funny” and I am here to bring you some daily dose of funny memes and videos. Expect the unexpected. In this episode, I decided to title this because this next week at August, there many people who have to go back to the “s” world, school. Whether it is elementary, middle school or high school, all students and teachers will have to go back to school and learn. This is also the time for school shopping and haircut appointments. This also means, it’s time to go back to doing homework or grading papers and dealing with obnoxious students or grouchy teachers. Fret not though, because I bring good news!

Announced at Comic-Con, Warners Bros announced and released the trailers to not one but two DC films. We got the Justice League and Wonder Woman! Zack Snyder, the director who worked on Man of Steel and Batman v Superman, returns and will be directing these titles at 2017. Justice League will take place after the events of Batman v Superman and Wonder Woman will focus on Diana’s early life as she fights in WWII.

In other news, SEGA announced some new upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog games that will be released in 2017. Sonic Mania is one of the new games and players will have to rely on their old skills and play this new Sonic game. Another game which is temporary titled as Project Sonic 2017, a new Sonic game with the return of classic and modern Sonic.

Also, the classic Marvel game Marvel Ultimate Alliance is back and re-release for PS4 and Xbox One. Both 1 and 2 are available for download. Each of the games cost $40 dollars but it will cost $60 for a bundle. Recruit and assemble your own Marvel team.

Without further ado, let’s begin this episode!


To end this post here is the opening theme songs to Nisekoi and Bleach. These two Weekly Shonen Jump series are ending real soon. Raku will make a decision on which girl he will love in Nisekoi and Ichigo and his friends will fight the final battle with Yhwach. What if these two switched? What Raku had to use gentlemen personality to defeat Ywhach and save the world and Ichigo had to find the promise girl?



Friday Funny (Order) 66: Golden Issue + Knuckles!

TGIF! Thank God it’s Friday!

Hello comic book lovers, or non-comic lovers! Today on this special episode, we got a busy weekend yet again. Here are my 3 reasons why.

It’s not Fanime, E3, or Anime Expo, it’s the Comic Con 2016! Comic Con begins on July 21 and ends on July 24, from Thursday to Sunday. It’s another special time where people go and meet actors and other fans who love Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, or even manga. Dress up as your favorite hero, villain or both and meet other fans all in one place. Get the latest scope on Superhero films and meet the actors or meet TV actors like The Walking Dead or Game of Thrones. If you plan to go to Comic Con, get ready to walk a lot and be careful out there. It will also be a hot weekend.

On July 23rd, Eiichiro Oda’s anime series “One Piece” will be getting another movie titled “One Piece Film: Gold.” The movie was made by the same creator of One Piece and he was in charge of designing the costumes and new characters. If you live in Japan, you wouldn’t want to miss this. According to recent news, an old enemy returns from the Water 7 Arc.

Way back at June 23rd, Sega announced that it was Sonic the Hedgehog’s 25th anniversary. The Blue Hedgehog was born in 1991 for the Sega Genesis. It was announced by Sega that there is a new Sonic project being developed and it will be out on 2017. On July 22nd through Twitch, Sega will provide details on this new project. It will be at July 22nd.

With everything settled, let’s begin young heroes!


Here are some Sonic songs from his past games:

One Piece FUNimation Openings:

That’s all folks. See you next time! 🙂

I am late to say this but Happy 25 Years Sonic and Thank You Sega!! – June 23, 1991 (NA)

Happy Birthday to One Piece!!! – July 19, 1997